Sasquatch, The Bigfoot Book for Kids

Cover for Sasquatch, A Rhyme for Young Readers by Michigan author, Richard Rensberry.  Illustrated by Mary Rensberry.

The Bigfoot does not live alone and this  QuickTurtle Books rhyme for kids tells the tale.  All creatures, in order to survive, have to have families.  That is the one thread that runs through all of life.  A bigfoot has to be accompanied by little big feet pattering around on the forest floor, somewhere.  We all know, if it were not for the existence of a female, a juvenile, and a baby sasquatch, there would be no possibility of a big Sasquatch.  The legend of bigfoot would simply be a myth instead of a legend.

The magical existence of the sasquatch family is wonderfully portrayed in Mary Rensberry's bigfoot art.  Any bigfoot lover as well as Bigfoot himself would be intrigued to read Sasquatch, the bigfoot book for kids.  It is about family and the inevitable presence of Sasquatch love.

A Look Inside The Bigfoot Book For Kids

A family of Sasquatch in the kid's book Sasquatch by Richard Rensberry.  Illustrated by Mary Rensberry.

If I were a Bigfoot,

I'd be daddy of three--

nine little big feet

all happy and free.

Illustration from Sasquatch by Richard Rensberry.  Illustrated by Mary Rensberry.

If I were a Bigfoot,

I'd play hide and seek

with legends and myths 

all done on the sneak.

The Bigfoot Book For Kids Finds A Home
In Our Local Grocery 

Cover for Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

When you enter the Fairview Food Market in Fairview, Michigan, you will find Sasquatch there as you approach the cash register.  Not only is Bigfoot trying to grab the attention of curious kids that look up, he has a lot to say from the book right next to him.  That companion book for teens and adults is called, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter, a new short read novel about a Sasquatch encounter in Lewiston, Michigan.   

So you can literally check-out my books when you stop by our local grocery in downtown Fairview.  

The Bigfoot Defined

The Bigfoot is said to be a large, ape-like creature that lives primarily in the forests stretching from the West Coast of British Columbia to Northern California, and to a lesser extent throughout North America. Sasquatch Bigfoot is a cryptid — a creature whose existence is suggested, but has not yet been confirmed by the scientific community. Like the Yeti of Asia or the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, bigfoot is rooted in Indigenous legend and is commonly researched by cryptozoologists and enthusiasts. Some believe Sasquatch is a nearly extinct species of hominid that survives in isolation, while others consider the creature to be the product of folklore and magic.

I am in the latter category.  The thread that runs through all my books is the one of magic and folklore.  The Bigfoot are magical supernatural creatures with a very high intelligence and strong empathy for life.