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     About Conversations With Sasquatch and author Richard Rensberry.  Setting wise, I live in the very rural countryside of Michigan near a four corner blinking-light village known as Fairview.  Call me a red neck, call me a hick or any derogatory name you would like, it will not change one iota of my knowingness, my experiences or what I write.  

     I have met Sasquatch in the flesh and blood, I have had numerous conversations with these benevolent beings.  My Conversations With Sasquatch series is all about just that, a book series hopefully leading to a brighter future.   2020 was a year straight out of the realm of a dark Science Fiction book.  We just didn't see it coming until the powerful elite hit us over the head with a concocted reality beyond our everyday perspective and unimagined experiences.

     2020 is thankfully now behind us and we have created 2021 in a much more optimistic and productive light.  Fortunately, there were many lessons I learned from my 2020 conversations with a Michigan Sasquatch known as Loquius. That is what my series of novels has to offer besides its grand adventure-- a life affirming philosophy from another dimension outside of ours.  A philosophy built for life enduring, with purpose and dignity, grace and natural law.  I hope you hear and take to heart the life lessons of The Bigfoot Parchments.  I hope you join me as I trek further and further into the world of Cross Over*, the magical land of the Bigfoot.

*Cross Over-  a parallel earth timeline populated by the Sasquatch.  

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     Over the course of many years I have gotten to know a little bit from my Conversations With Sasquatch.  Being a native of Michigan, I have spent a considerable amount of time traversing its pristine wilds into which I have ventured since I was a child.  I am at home in the woods and among the many creatures that roam and reside there.  It is a land of diverse ecologies and species, a land I gladly share with them all, including the elusive beings known as Bigfoot.  

     When I think about Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter, it is a Bigfoot Novel born out of the soul of the forest where I first encountered a Bigfoot as a young fishermen on the banks of the Thunder Bay River.  It is something you never forget or in any way negate, even in the face of disbelief and ridicule. You grow up from, but not out of your childhood certainties.

     I still spend plenty of time in the forest, trout fishing where no other humans have the will nor patience to venture.  I often catch my limit of beautiful native Brook Trout to be blessed and brought home for dinner.  I also have the opportunity to meet up with my Bigfoot friends.  Those meetings and conversations are part and parcel to my Sasquatch novels or as Amazon likes to call them, short reads.  

     One of my favorite authors was Robert Parker and his short Spencer novels became a standard on my book shelves to be read several times over.  That is the model for my books, though I doubt I write anything like that master of the Spencer series.

     My writing career has spanned my whole life, though I never took it seriously until I meet my soul mate, Mary, in 2012.  Love has a way of changing everything.  It is the one and only intoxicant for living a life to its fullest.  I have been writing full time since the day we co-authored our first book and formed QuickTurtle Books®.  Since that time I have authored approximately 40 additional books.  Many of those books are Books Make Booms custom books for small businesses and worthwhile causes.  A majority are rhymes for young readers with a couple of poetry books and a travel book thrown into the lot.  Recently, of course has been all about Conversations With Sasquatch.  

     The second book about Conversations With Sasquatch, is my novel Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over, just published this spring of 2021.  You can also follow my current novels in progress:  The Rising and The Beginning.  

     May we never view the future the way it was presented to us in 2020 ever again.