Sasquatch Novel
The Awakening
Book 3 in the
Conversations With Sasquatch Series

Book Cover for Conversations With Sasquatch, The Awakening by Michigan novelist Richard Rensberry.

Sasquatch Novel The Awakening

by Richard Rensberry

     Book 3 in the Conversations With Sasquatch book series, The Awakening is now available on Amazon.  Once again, the episodes of Sasquatch Novel The Awakening which were available here on my website through the entire writing process have now been taken down except for the look inside feature presented below. The fourth book in the Conversations With Sasquatch series, The Rising has now been completed and is slated for publication this December 2023.  

A Look Inside Sasquatch Novel
Conversations With Sasquatch
The Awakening

Sasquatch Novel The Awakening


     It is full blown winter on the ridge beside Big Creek and the cedars and pines are dressed in cloaks of the purest white snow.  It is beautiful, though its beauty is disguised in an undercurrent of deceit.  The muffled silence is but a trick up the sleeve of a polar wind that is building to blow.  For now however, I take solace in the fact that Big Creek is a wonderland to behold.

     It has now been over two weeks since Demarcus terrorized Decker and sent him packing back to Detroit.  This is my first trek into the woods since then, with hopes that Loquius and I might meet for a wintery escapade out of Big Creek into Cross Over.  I have been suffering from a case of cabin fever and my body needs a good stressing to awaken from its winter complacency.  

     Despite the harsh cold I have worked up a light sweat trudging around in the woods with my snowshoes.  My legs are screaming in pain and beginning to cramp from the unusual motions and exertions.  It’s no mystery to me that I shouldn’t get all sweated up in the cold, so I pause and prop my 30-30 against a tree and take a breather.  I am about a quarter of a mile from where I met Loquius for the first time in the spring of 2020.  

     As I wait, I can feel The Stone Without Time growing warm in my pocket.  It has been turning on and off for the past several days.  I have caught glimpses of Rutheeus and some of the other Sasquatch elders rustling about in the stone’s depths.  To my dismay, however, Loquius has been totally absent from all these wavering visions and I am becoming concerned.  Where is my friend?

     I pull the stone out into the cold, hoping he might be there for my benefit, but all I see is a swirling fog without any discernible shapes.

     I feel torn, especially about the gun.  I have never brought one into the Big Creek woods to meet with Loquius for fear it would cause mistrust.  But with winter set in, I don’t feel secure without it.  There are just too many uncertainties and dangers to being alone in the woods in February.  Even coyotes or wolves present a present time danger I would never consider in the summer.  

     With my body cooled down, I pick up the 30-30 and move towards the destination of our previous meeting site.  I am very aware that I am the only movement and sound in the area.  As has been the case many times before, the hairs on my arms and back begin to prickle from the looming presence of a Sasquatch.   

Episode 2, Sasquatch Novel
The Awakening

Episode 2 Sasquatch Novel The Awakening

     In a flash I find myself face to face with Demarcus.

     I flick the safety off on the 30-30 and it suddenly feels like a pea-shooter instead of a weapon.  

     I have no qualms about shooting if I have to, but I promise myself I will only do so in self-defense.  

     Demarcus is standing motionless about ten yards away.  

     Any aggressive move towards me and I am afraid the bullets will fly.  I am very aware that I will have little time to land a fatal shot before his big strides would overtake me. 

     “Demarcus,” I say.  “I have no idea why you were exiled here, but I have no fight with you.”

     Demarcus swivels his head and looks about.  

     “Loquius with you,”  he manages to utter in a clipped and guttural way.  At least that is what it sounds like he is saying, though I cannot tell for sure or if it is a statement or a question.

     “Loquius my friend,”  I say with my hand over my heart.

     Demarcus looks around once again, seemingly searching for any sign that Loquius might be about.  

     “Fire stick,”  he says and points a finger at my 30-30.  

     “Yes,” I say to him. 

     He shakes his head very slowly as if contemplating the consequences of the gun.  Then very slowly he reaches behind himself and lifts Decker’s bent rifle up for me to see.

     “Yes.  I saw you do that.  I am aware of your strength and power.  I will not use the fire stick as long as you intend me no harm.”

     Demarcus once again nods very slowly.  I am watching closely for any tension in his legs that would signal the intent to pounce.  I am not nonchalantly taking anything for granted, but I am not seeing any signs of imminent aggression.  

     “You help Chiha Tanka.”

     Again, I cannot tell if he is asking or stating.

     “Yes, at the bequest of Rutheeus,” I say to him.

     Once again, Demarcus is dead still with his deep set eyes locked on mine.  

     “No hurt,” he says, “Humans teach us how to speak.”  He raises a hand and points in the the direction of Dead Horse Sink.

     “You hurt humans?” I ask.

     “Not hurt,” he says.  “We make cross.”

     Demarcus makes a cross with his huge index fingers.

     “You promised the humans?” I ask.

     “Yes.  We promised.  We make cross.”

     “Thank you, Demarcus.  Can the two of us make cross?”

     Demarcus once again raises his arms and makes a cross with his index fingers.  I slowly set down my 30-30 and return the gesture.  

 Cover to Sasquatch Novel
The Awakening from a painting by Michael Payton

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