Bigfoot Barter Town

Bigfoot Barter Town

     Bigfoot Barter Town is basically a trading post of goods and services where the Sasquatch meet on Saturdays.  Each barter town is located on a river for easy access to all the villages in its vicinity.  

     It is a market place for anything and everything.  It is also a festival of music and food much like a human festival of sorts.  After experiencing the festivities I decided to call our new ministries products and services center "Bigfoot Barter Town" as well.  It is not yet functional but will be in the future as our membership grows.  The price of a membership in New Earth Ministries is currently free along with email sign-up to our newsletter.  In fact, when you become a member, you will get a valuable free copy of our eBook:  Conversations With Sasquatch, Seeds for Life.  All you have to do is email us at: and we will send you our eBook all about the New Earth Plant, kenaf.  

New Earth Ministries 
Bigfoot Barter Town

     Bigfoot Barter Town is where New Earth Ministry members will be able to meet and trade products and services with other New Earth Ministry members without interference from government entities because we are a Private Member Association.

     It is our goal to build a living directory of all members along with their products and services for which they will accept trade from other members.  Trade among New Earth Ministry members is in the private domain and not governed by any federal or state taxation regulations.   That is one of the benefits of membership.  This service has no PMA (Private Membership Association) fees of any kind, whatsoever, when you are a member.  

     In Bigfoot Barter Town, cash is last.  It is unneeded when two willing parties enter an agreement to exchange products or services for other products or services at an agreed upon value.  For example:  You are a New Earth Ministry Dentist in Northern Michigan and you need a local plumber.  If that plumber is a New Earth Ministry Member and in need of any dental care, an agreement can made to trade a certain amount of plumbing for a certain amount of dental care; as simple as that.  It is the old handshake and written agreement signed by both parties.  It is the responsibility of both parties to make clear their side of the contract.  It is life as it should be!  

     If you are interested in exchanging goods or services under the umbrella of New Earth Ministries, you must be a New Earth Ministry member in good standing with a member number and card attained through New Earth Ministries by purchasing a membership or a quantum energy product from our store.  Once you have a membership, you will be asked to submit your goods and services to be included in our Barter Town Directory.

     Bigfoot Barter Town is a service only available to New Earth Ministries Members in good standing.  All agreements and contracts are between directory members and should be written and signed by both parties in the event a disagreement should arise.  New Earth Ministries will intercede with justice actions only when a contract is clearly violated.  Justice actions are per our bylaws and membership form agreements.  Any contract entered into by members implies they have read and understand those bylaws and membership agreements contained in those New Earth Ministry documents.       

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