Guest Author
Mike Bodewitz
gives us a glimpse
of his Spiritual Relationship and Conversations With Sasquatch

This message is an excerpt from a book guest author Mike Bodewitz is writing. This message was given to him in 2016. 

Picture courtesy is from Letters from the Big Man.

Chapter 45

     In this meditation session with my eyes closed I saw a shadow move across in front of me.  I instinctively opened my eyes and saw nothing.  I closed my eyes and began again.  I felt a presence envelope me like a blanket. What came next was a message.  I got a vision of a Sasquatch sitting on a log.  All I could see was from the waist down.  Long hair coming off his legs as he rocked his legs back and forth.  Then a message was given to me in a download of information. 

It went like this:

     “Freedom. Lets talk about freedom. You say America is the land of the free but you are not truly free. We know what true freedom feels like. It is living in this beautiful home free from your pollution. It is running through the forest with bare feet. It is standing in the rain as it pours down on you. It is not having anything we have to do. It is exploring and going where we want. It is being self sufficient and not needing anything but our body and spirit. You humans are not truly free. You are prisoners and don’t even see it. You drive around in your moving machines and polluting the earth. You eat and drink bad food and water. You are so busy running around thinking you are free but you don’t truly know what freedom feels like. We are free and even that you try to take from us. Our way is beautiful. Our way is pure. Wake up silly humans and SEE what your people are doing to each other. We can show you true freedom. You can experience it. You must wake up and realize you are prisoners of your own race. Seek us and you shall find us. Liberate yourself from your oppressors. Come with a heart yearning for true freedom and we will show you.” 

    Then just like that he was gone.  I didn’t get his name or see above his waist.  He was just sitting on a log and felt my frequency and decided to send an eye opening message.  I felt it was a little harsh, with some attitude, but the truth of it rang true within me.  We are not truly free as we think we are.

Mike Bodewitz:     

Guest Author Mike Bodewitz

     Guest author Mike Bodewitz lives in Oregon.  Oregon Sasquatch Encounter is the name of a service he provides. This idea was given to him by the Sasquatch themselves. He acts as an intermediary between the Sasquatch and people who seek a higher relationship with them. The goal is to help you at whatever level you are currently at and develop a close spiritual and peaceful relationship with them. 

     The Big Creek Sasquatch of Cross Over and this website Conversations With Sasquatch give guest author Mike Bodewitz much thanks for his dedication to Sasquatch noble intentions in the creation of understanding and a New Earth.