Bigfoot Stones Gifted From The Other Side

Heart Stone received from Pureesis

     Bigfoot stones are one of those things any Bigfoot enthusiast who has befriended a Sasquatch has come to know.  Stones are a currency of communication and affection, of defense and warning and even antagonism towards those with ill intentions.

     I have received a multitude of gifted stones over the course of time.  Some of them are very special beyond being a stone and some are just that, stones with no special powers or significance beyond being a Bigfoot stone of communication.

     I have pages on this website devoted to gifted Bigfoot Stones. Some of these special stones include Smiling StonesHealing Stones, Medicine StonesMoon Stones, Blood Stones and others. 

     Sasquatch children are especially fond of the rock game.  They will spend hours searching for special stones and getting their elders to imbue them with good intentions for all kinds of positive influences on us and our environment.  The children and their stones are a special joy for all who choose to open themselves to the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.    

Bigfoot Healing Stones

Bigfoot Stones
and Bigfoot Parchment #18

"Worlds exist as manifestations of intent."

This Bigfoot Parchment is the key to the workability of Bigfoot stones.  Intention or intent can be said to be akin to the "word", as in God's creation.  Whatever one's intent and intentions, a person's actions and creations in the world will follow.  He will create or manifest the physical realities of those intentions.  They are his word.  

A Bigfoot stone exists as the result of intent, and intentions are a form of energy or vibration that is transferable to the quantum alignment of particles of a stone.  That stone, like a tuning fork, can then vibrate with the same energy as the intent put into it.  The strength of the stone is dependent up the strength and number of the intenders.

If you are frowning and scoffing at this point, save the arguments for those around you with like mind, I have heard them all.  If such doubts and arguments possess your world, then that is the basis from which your intent is born and the actions that go with those doubts and arguments will follow in your path.  There is no way around it.   The stone will not help you if you do not intend that it can do so.  This manifestation of intent can be seen in the outcome of placebos used in medicine.  Several people with the same ailment will unknowingly be given a sugar pill.  Those that believe it is a cure, will often recover from the ailment, those without sufficient intent will not get better.  That is the power of intention.  A very difficult concept, and yet so simple.

If you add your healing intentions to the intentions of a healing stone, it can help.  That is a major part of the workability of a Bigfoot stone.  If you can get many other people to add there healing intentions to the stone, all the better.  

The Stone Without Time

Stone Without Time

     Of the Bigfoot stones that I have been gifted, The Stone Without Time is by far the most precious.  Its vibrations allow it to act similar to a cell phone that can deliver messages to me from Cross Over.  It also contains a vast history of the past that can be tapped for knowledge and important information through intentions.  It was given to me by the Sasquatch elder Loquius during our first encounter on the ridge near Big Creek.  

A Bigfoot Medicine Stone

Lightning stone

These Bigfoot stones are also known as lightning stones.  They are quite striking.

Bigfoot Stones Called Smiling Stones

Smiling Stones

Bigfoot stones like smiling stones show the bent towards humor that the Sasquatch possess in abundance.  The one on the left, which I hold very dear, reminds me of the lips of a beautiful women smiling with a touch of demur deviousness.  The one on the right is a true to life laughing icon.  

Bigfoot Throw Stones 
and Bigfoot Weapon Stones

     Bigfoot stones come in different sizes, shapes and purposes.  I don't think people realize that antagonizing a Sasquatch could result in a weapon stone whistling through the air at two hundred forty miles an hour.  These stones range in size from baseballs to softballs and are capable of removing body parts at a wink of an eye.  So before you run off with your cameras and guns to capture this mystical being, you had better take heed as to what you may actually find.

     Some stones are simply warning stones or toss stones.  These stones are not meant to harm anyone but are tossed as a boundary or warning to those that are encroaching on sacred or family ground.  There could be a portal in the vicinity and a toss stone is meant to dissuade you are distract you away from its presence.

     Like any parent, a Bigfoot will protect their children with stones tossed or weaponized, depending upon the circumstances.  If you are a follower of David Paladies, then you are aware of those that go missing.  I cannot confirm nor dispute such occurrences.  What I can confirm is the reality of portals and Bigfoot stones consisting of many different purposes and outcomes.  Your intentions and purposes toward a Bigfoot is a major factor in determining which stone you might receive.

Weapon Stones

Throw Stones

Heart Stones  

     Bigfoot Stones in the shape of a heart don't come by accident.   Bigfoot Parchment # 3 states, nothing occurs by coincidence, and it is no coincidence if you receive one. Being gifted one of these stones is a sign that you are part of the clan in one form or another.  You are recognized as having heart and courage, an integrity worthy of trust.  They are often accompanied by bloodstones, signifying a bond for life.    

Blood Stones

blood stones

Heart Stone        

Bigfoot Heart Stone

Bigfoot stones are often accompanied by Bigfoot glyphs made from sticks or leaves.

Bigfoot stones are often accompanied by Bigfoot glyphs made from sticks or leaves.  These glyphs can often be hard to distinguish from the natural surroundings, but again, if one has an eye for humor or the unusual, you will often see them in a comical composition.  I am not in any way an authority on these glyphs, many others in the sasquatch community are much more conversant with these than I.  

The Sasquatch and I trade messages and gifts at a place called Message Rock.  It is like a bulletin board for staying in communication on a regular basis.  I gift them foraged fruits and beautiful natural art items I find during my wanderings in the forest.  Things like feathers or abandoned bird nests along with my cattails and pussy willows make for interesting presents.  I often leave small bouquets of wild flowers with a handful of wild strawberries or gooseberries.  There is much creativity and diversity from both sides.  

Message Rock