Sasquatch Sounds

Don’t pigeon hole Bigfoot Sasquatch sounds through a few witnesses of chance encounters that have occurred on our physical universe plane.  These supernatural beings actually have a repertoire of sounds that would make our heads spin.  Not only do they have their own sophisticated language where many of the sounds are beyond the range of the human ear, they are also excellent mimics of all sorts of animals, and to the skepticism of man, the many human languages.  They can speak fluent western as well as eastern tongues.  They have been around much longer than the human race can even conceive.

I touch on this in my second book, Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over.  Time is an illusion.  We have trapped ourselves within the framework of a short span of “time” called a lifetime. We associate time with a body and its identity.  To a Sasquatch that is a blink of an eye.  Can you get the concept that the United States of America is basically an infant in the broad scheme of things.  This country isn’t even 400 years old.  The Sasquatch have been around for billions of years.  I would think they have learned a thing or two.  One of those things has been to shy from human creatures as much as possible.  Geniuses.  

Conversations With Sasquatch reference photo by Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch Sounds Span Eons

To get back to their vocabulary, it is humanly unfathomable to grasp if you think in terms of days in a human lifetime.  If you think of life as living the life/death cycle of one body and one lifetime you will fail to understand the Sasquatch concept of immortality.  The Sasquatch body is not subject to the rules of human thought or human death.  It constantly renews and rebuilds itself, thus their vocabulary spans a unit of time equal to many millions and millions of human lifetimes.  Humans have come to conceive of themselves as superior to all other lifeforms when that is just an egotistical illusion.  Life at its basic structure is immortal.  The human body and the bodies of animals are not, they are extremely frail compared to the Sasquatch and the laws by which they subscribe.

Sasquatch sounds encompass every sound any human has ever made or heard, that means every single language spoken on planet earth.  It includes every animal and all the sounds of the physical universe like the wind, water and trees.  You can add all the span dangled contraptions invented by man.  So the next time you are out in the forest and hear a rustling tree, a chainsaw or a woodpecker, don't take it for granted that it is a tree, a machine or a bird that speaks.  

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