Bigfoot at the Mall

Skyline Booth Photo

     Being the author of the Conversation With Sasquatch series of books, I decided on a whim to invite Bigfoot to visit my Bigfoot at the Mall vending booth in the Grand Traverse Mall.  To my surprise, Bigfoot honored that invitation and made an appearance on Saturday, March 9th.  He inconspicuously strolled into the Mall through the Corridor 4 maintenance doors, transmigrated and cloaked as an old man with stooped shoulders.  He wandered in with a crooked, silly grin on his face.  At first he just took up a position and stood there unobtrusively observing the passerby’s while leaning on a walking stick that had his true Sasquatch image intricately carved into the stick’s gnarled crown.  But, as his eyes sought and met mine, his demeanor ignited with a recognition that sent a lightning bolt of pure affinity straight into my heart.  He graciously nodded and winked.  I almost levitated out of my chair.

     The Mall’s flow of patrons took no notice of him nor I, they weaved and swirled about us as if we weren’t there.  As I watched this circus of mental vacuity, I juggled the ideas of whether they were seeing and ignoring us or if they were just seeing nothing at all.  Then a little girl abruptly stopped right in front of Bigfoot.  She raised her tiny arms toward him and burst into a big smile, happiness cascaded over her princess face and her body vibrated for the Bigfoot’s attention.  At that moment her mother grabbed her by the arm and yanked her away from whatever imagined threat was occupying her mind.  As the little girl was unwillingly being dragged away, she longingly looked over her shoulder at the teddy bear smile of Bigfoot, her mouth trembling on the verge of tears.  Bigfoot simply beamed at her and waved.  Then, like prior to the little girl’s arrival, no one gave him any notice.

     I know the spooked mother only saw what she wanted to see while closing herself off to the awesome joy that had so captivated her daughter.  That is the nature of how blind a frightened soul can be, it is the epitome of all the nervous chuckles being thrown in my direction by those passing patrons unable to confront “the Bigfoot messenger” sitting in his vendor’s booth.  They don’t believe in Bigfoot’s or my existence and thus can’t perceive nor experience our reality.  That simple truth was made perfectly apparent by the little girl whose uncorrupted and innocent soul was able to clearly acknowledge and experience the absolute reality of Bigfoot’s presence. 

     As I watch and ruminate on these profound thoughts, the old man (Bigfoot) takes a seat on a bench positioned near the Corridor 4 exit.  As before, his presence remains invisible to all but the awakened.  His wry grin reappears as he watches all the Mall’s blind souls wander about in an abyss of human weirdness.  Body piercings have become extremely popular, accompanied by bazaar accoutrements of multicolored and damaged hair, as well as a penchant for accentuating unattractive body attributes with clothes that are much too tight and skimpy to please the eye.  Bigfoot pays these human zombies brainwashed and polluted by TV and the Internet little heed.  As they parade by, gorging on fast-food and carbonated drinks unfit for consumption, Bigfoot has his undivided attention focused on the brave little children who openly accept and acknowledge his existence with unfettered hearts.  Bigfoot returns these little being’s admiration with a warm smile that grants them the same unfettered recognition.  To these children there is no denying he exists.

Glossary of Words in order of use in Bigfoot at the Mall

  1. whim-  a sudden fancy; idle and passing notion; freakish idea
  2. inconspicuously-  attracting little attention; hard to see or perceive
  3. transmigrated-  passed into another body; the passing of the soul into another body
  4. cloaked-  disguised
  5. unobtrusively-  without force or forward thrust of self
  6. demeanor-  outward behavior; conduct or manner
  7. affinity-  close connection,; mutual attraction
  8. patrons-  regular customer as of a store
  9. vacuity-  the quality or state of being empty in mind; lack of intelligence, interest or thought
  10. cascaded-  spilled over as a waterfall
  11. captivated-   captured attention or affection of
  12. epitome-  typical of the characteristics or general quality of the whole
  13. uncorrupted-  unchanged from a sound or ideal condition
  14. ruminate-  to turn over in the mind, reflect on
  15. penchant-  a stone inclination towards
  16. accentuating-  to emphasize; heighten the effect of

Bigfoot at the Mall Soundtrack, Prophecy

Prophecy Song

If you haven't heard this Bigfoot Knocks song, now is your chance.  It is available here:   

There is also a new song by Bigfoot Knocks on the near horizon, it will appear here on the website once completed.  It is titled after the fourth book in the Conversations With Sasquatch series, called The Rising.