Conversations With Sasquatch 
Fire Storm

     Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm has begun.  

     Man has never been alone in this universe nor on this Earth.  It is only his ego and masterful matrix programming that has brought him to arrive at this farfetched conclusion of "the only one" superiority.  There are many forces and supernatural entities that have here-to-for had a hands-off directive regarding their interference with human development, that directive is now blurring at the lines.  

     This is the age of the New Earth.  How man helps it unfold will prove to be the realization of man's vague concept of either Heaven or Hell. The Sasquatch Council of Elders and Bigfoot General Demarcus have no unfettered intentions of letting man further muck-up our multi-dimensional planet of which we all share and depend. 

     Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm is by far the pivotal inflection point that stands extant between the realities of Sasquatch and man.  

     Once again I have been assigned the duty of messenger and will I continue to tell the tale for those that will listen.

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Conversations With Sasquatch
Fire Storm 
Episode 1

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm Episode 1

     It has been two weeks since I delivered Ariah’s semi-bogus medical excuse to our night-shift boss at the machine shop.  I am anxious for word from the other side as to the status of her’s and Tecumseh’s training progress in the arts of the Sasquatch.   In fact, I am still feeling a bit put off for not being asked to participate in the training myself.  

    As I turn off the highway and pull into the machine shop parking lot to punch-in for my daily shift, I am surprised to see Ariah leaning against the machine shop door.  As usual, her face framed by her wild red hair is all lit up with humorous vitality.

     “I was just wondering about you,” I say, pulling my truck up beside her.

     “I know.  I was listening in.  Did you feel me inside your head?”

     “Tell me you’re joking,” I exclaim.

     “Not at all.  I heard you coming,” she says with a chuckle.

     “You were reading my thoughts?”

     “It’s probably not quite like you think it is, but yes.  It is like a language of vibration, I’d say.  It translates into a knowingness of what another person has on their mind.  Not quite the same as the direct telepathy that I experienced during my first Bigfoot Knocks encounter, but the results are similar.”

     “Okay.  Can you tell me what am I thinking about right now?”

     “It is not that simple, but I can tell you are conflicted.  On one hand you don’t want me to know what you are thinking, on the other hand you are projecting an image of a cup of coffee.  I’d say mostly you are craving a steaming cup of Joe.”

     “I’d say you are pretty darn good,” I tell her.  “I was pondering and picturing a hot cup of coffee.  It appears you have attained the ability to see into my mind?”

     “That’s the nail on the head, I can see the images you project.   I am also attuned to your intentional vibrations.  Now, just for the fun of it, I want to try it on you.  I am going to get a picture of something in my mind and project it over to you.  You tell me what you see.”

     “I have a clear image of our supervisor,” I tell her.

     “Amazing.  You can do it all on your own.  Demarcus said as much.  That is why you were not chosen to stay and participate in the Cross Over training, no need for it.  And by the way, no reason for you to feel left out.”

     “Yes, you are good, I was flirting with some jealousy on that issue.  You’re going to quit this job, aren’t you?”

     “Yup.  No need to work here anymore.  I don’t need a job to create money.  Believe it or not, neither do you.  Your connection to the Sasquatch has got me to this amazing juncture, now it’s my turn to get you the hell out of here.  I think it is time for us to get the show on the road.”

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
Fire Storm 
Episode 2

Fire Storm 2

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm Episode 2

     Joining Ariah in quitting the night shift job did feel exceptionally good.  How and where the survival money she’s spoken of will come from is a worry for another day.  Right now, I am floating on a cloud of adrenalized spontaneity.  I am looking forward to spending more time in the forest and conspiring with my Bigfoot friends in Cross Over.

     “Tecumseh wants to meet,” Ariah informs me.  “He is sending us a picture.  Can you see it?”  She asks me, tilting her head as if listening to something in the distance.

     I had been putting no attention on anything except acquiring a hot cup of coffee and relishing in my new found freedom, but when I intuitively look and listen, I immediately get a clear picture of both Tecumseh and the Lewiston Lodge.  

     “Got it,” I tell her.  “I see we are expected at the Lewiston Lodge.  

     “You’re quite the quick study, aren’t you?” Ariah chuckles.  “It took me days to get through the fog of self-doubts to where I could see and hear without my physical eyes and ears.”

     “I have been around the Sasquatch for quite some time,” I tell her.  “I guess it has rubbed off.  I have learned to trust my auric or intuitional perceptions as much as those of my body.”

     “Auric, other-dimensional, yes, that is a good description.  Our Cross Over training was designed to open all those channels here-to-for suppressed and hidden beneath the onslaught of programming perpetrated by the matrix.  With all the implanted booby-traps removed, Tecumseh, you and I are now capable of communicating  across time and distance without a tangle of wires and expensive technological devises.  Phones and computers are just physical placebos that usurp our natural abilities.  These devices have been intentionally put here by our controllers for financial and political control,” Ariah laments.  “Now I am beginning to sound just like you.  You do know I thought you were completely off your rocker before you arranged my enlightening encounter with Bigfoot Knocks, right?”

     “No matter, I arranged that encounter because I perceived you as someone special.  And special you have turned out to be, you have proven that specialness beyond a shadow of a doubt.  So heck, I’d say the reward has proven to be much more than the risk.”

     “Thank you, I am so glad our paths were able to cross and come together.  I am grateful to be here with Bigfoot Knocks, you and Tecumseh as my friends.  Up until now I was beginning to think life had little to no significant purpose.”

     “Speaking of purpose, just how are you planning to create money to live on, out of thin air?”

     “Not a problem,” Ariah proclaims, “and not your worry.  The Bigfoot training I have received has enabled me to take care of that issue in a way that would tickle your funny bone.  Just call me Ariah Robin Hood.  I take from the Matrix and give freely to the Resistance.  I turn bad money into prosperous good.  No karmic harm, no karmic foul.  When you get a chance, check the balance in your bank account.”

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
Fire Storm
Episode 3

Episode 3 Fire Storm image

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm Episode 3

     Tecumseh is seated at the bar facing the door when we enter the restaurant.  He stands and tips his hat.  He is wearing his brown derby with a hawk's feather stuck in the band.  He greets Ariah with a gentle kiss to the forehead and embraces me warmly.

     “Able to guiltlessly caress my first beer in eons,” he exclaims.

     “How about you Ariah, care for a Poet?” I ask her.  “Only place in the known universe that I know of that serves up this exquisite dark elixir.  It’s become my favorite.”

     “Please!  No harm, no foul in my opinion.”

     We sit at the bar and relish in the beer as well as a slideshow of each other’s mental image pictures:  Landscapes filled with birches and gangly oaks, Big Creek meandering its way toward Twin Lake like a giant silver serpent.  A Bigfoot wading in a pristine pool, a squirrel chattering from atop a deadfall and killdeers scampering across a sun dappled meadow.  I glimpse Black-eyed Susans and purple vetch dancing in the breeze.  I close my eyes and intentionally fill the air with the sweet smell of wild rose, take a sip of my Poet and grin.  It is a blissful moment of new possibilities.  It is a Bigfoot and human paradise.

     “Wow!” I say.

     “Sweet!” adds Ariah.

     “Let’s eat!” Tecumseh proclaims.

     A strong whiff of bacon exudes from the lodge’s kitchen. It makes my stomach growl.

     “I’ll toast to that,” I say, and lift my bottle of Poet to clink with theirs.  

     We decide to stay at the bar and order the bacon burgers with a side of sweet potato fries.  

     “So how do you deal with the onslaught of thoughts from of all of these people?” I ask Ariah, gesturing to the other patrons populating the bar.

     “I don’t listen,” she says.  “I could care less what’s on their minds, it would be mostly inconsequential noise anyway.  It would be like listening to the comings and goings of heavy traffic on the freeway.  But if a particularly menacing vibration should present itself, my antennae would go up.  Then I’ll take a peek, and if anyone is putting another in any kind of imminent danger, I will potentially interfere to handle it.”

     “Handle it how?” I ask.

     “Take that teenager over there,” Tecumseh offers. He nods towards a scowling kid playing pool.  

     “He is going to cheat,” he tells me.  “Not that cheating is especially dangerous to anyone or anything.   It’s just a technique for stealing a few bucks from an unsuspecting drunk.  For our purposes, it just happens to present us with a good opportunity for a demonstration of how we might use our newly acquired skills.”

     I watch the kid nonchalantly leaning on his pool cue.  His eyes are surveilling his opponent though he’s making it appear that he is watching a basketball game on a nearby TV.  His opponent takes his shot and scratches the cue ball in a corner pocket, shakes his head in frustration and turns his back on the kid, he then takes a long pull from his bottle of suds.  The kid meanwhile, sinks an easy shot and with a slick backward swipe of his hand, sweeps another of his striped, colored balls into the pocket next to himself.  He looks at his dismissive opponent and then surreptitiously moves the cue ball into position for a perfect shot for the win.   A two-for and a gimme all in an instant even before his opponent has finished putting his beer back down on the table.  The kid easily sinks the eight ball and shrugs, scoops his ill-gotten winnings off the rail and asks the guy if he wants to give it another try.  Unless you were sober and paying attention, the kid’s scam was pretty foolproof.

     “Now watch,” Tecumseh says.  “This won’t take long.”

     “Fifty bucks,” the kid’s opponent abruptly challenges.

     The kid smiles and jumps on the offer like a fox on a mouse.  Each of them dig warily into their wallets and lay fifty bucks on the rail, then the kid eagerly chalks his cue for the break.  He looks all puffed up like a peacock as his opponent carelessly racks the balls.  As the kid lines up the cue for his break, he appears to suddenly go blank and waver off balance as if struck by a case of vertigo.  I notice a tremor and a twitch in his hand as the cue stick moves forward towards the cue ball.  There’s that unmistakable crack of a miscue and the cue ball just barely rolls forward to gently kiss the one ball.  The kid shakes his head in disgust and looks around the room in embarrassment.  And that is how the game progresses, no opportunity for cheating and an easy win for the kid’s opponent.  

     “What did you do to him?” I ask Tecumseh.

     “I simply put faulty pictures there and the kid acted them out.  He really didn’t have a clue nor a choice in the matter, he’s mentally very weak and unable to overcome the debilitating images I easily implanted into his mind and physical field.  I just wanted to show you a simple example of where we are headed in our war against the matrix.  Ariah and I have been very well trained.  There will be many more of us to come.  Our power and numbers will grow like the fields of kenaf now flowering in Cross Over.”

     I am thunderstruck by the fact that my abilities are not anywhere on a par with Ariah’s and Tecumseh’s.  Yes, I sometimes have flashes of such abilities, but mostly they surface under stress or when I’m in close proximity to the Sasquatch.  Otherwise, I’m pretty much just another floundering humanoid.  

     “Your concerns of inferiority are unfounded,” Ariah offers.  “It was you that got us here.  We are now a team.  Think of us as a special forces unit where the sum total of all is exponentially far greater than any one of us alone.  Bigfoot Knocks will also be joining us very shortly.  Your abilities, as well as all of ours, will expand like a chain reaction in a nuclear explosion.  The matrix machine isn’t going to know what hit them.”

     “Now you guys are freaking me out.  It’s as if I don’t even know you anymore.  No, that’s not fair, I think it’s actually the heavy burden of responsibility your abilities entail, that has me feeling off-kilter.”

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
Fire Storm
Episode 4

Fire Storm Episode 4

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm Episode 4

     We of the newly formed special forces unit are all gathering at Tecumseh’s trailer near Comins for an introductory strategy session.  In the past, I would have feared federal interlopers like Agent Smith readying to crash our party, but now I am aware that any consideration or intention on our government’s part would easily be detected and thwarted by my unit.  Bigfoot Knocks alone could easily give agent Smith and his cronies hallucinations enough to cause them to put their revolvers to their own heads and pull the trigger.  Directed mind implants by a determined Bigfoot are most certainly unimaginably powerful things.

     We are blessed with a beautiful spring day, it is the Eve of the equinox and the opening of a rare solar eclipse.  In fact, I am sure the Big Creek Sasquatch are rejoicing and celebrating with the arrival of the Solstice.   I envision them out picking morel mushrooms for a celebratory feast to be held in the rotunda of Parissima.   I feel nostalgic for their company, especially that of Loquius and Pureesis.  The Big Creek portal where I first crossed over to meet the Council of Elders is less than 50 miles from our rendezvous point as the crow flies.  Speaking of crows, there are an abundance of them perched atop the poplars and sugar maples surrounding the trailer.  How many of them might be transmigrated human or Sasquatch children out practicing their Dead Horse Sink maneuvers, I can only guess.  I do sense the air is crackling with their youthful, enthusiastic presence.   

     Tecumseh is busying himself with lighting a fire in his cooking pit.  Ariah is patting down some fish fillets with a paper towel, while I dump a bag of ice into the cooler we’ve filled with an assortment of goodies.  As I close the lid, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck unexpectedly wriggle and rise to attention.  I am overcome by a distinct contraction in my chest that begins to pull my breath away, and then I hear an audible pop as the air vibrates next to me.  Bigfoot Knocks shimmers and materializes just a few feet away.  

     “Tidings my friends,” he booms. 

     As I gain my breath and composure, a disheveled Dr. Walker unexpectedly wobbles and staggers out from behind the huge Bigfoot.

     “I’m still a bit of a novice in this transmigration stuff,” Dr. Walker  proclaims.  “I had to ride in the wake of Bigfoot Knocks.  I have come because I have some important data and a sample regarding how to accelerate the mental and physical powers that the Sasquatch have so generously decided to gift to humankind.”

     “First things first,” Bigfoot Knocks rumbles.  “Your human  resistance has the blessings and support of all of the Big Creek Sasquatch.  The once reluctant Sasquatch Council of Elders is no longer harboring doubts nor balking regarding the use of our help and  powers to disarm your human overlords.  I can proclaim that a  Bigfoot moment of cohesiveness and decisiveness has now arrived.”

Conversations With Sasquatch Fire Storm to be continued

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