Sasquatch Novel 
The Rising

New Cover The Rising

Sasquatch Novel The Rising is Book 4 in the Conversations With Sasquatch book series.  It is the author’s and Tecumseh's Cross Over through the Dead Horse Sink portal to where Exiled Bigfoot General Demarcus has established his renegade outpost.  The author and Tecumseh find humans here, humans working in conjunction with the General's Bigfoot army of young Sasquatch set on altering the path of the disturbing human technologies that are adversely affecting the ecologies of planet earth and the alternate Sasquatch dimension of Cross Over.   

Final Episode of
Conversations With Sasquatch,
The Awakening
to refresh your memory from my previous book.

Sasquatch Novel The Rising Begins

     As the pond water enveloped us, everything went dark.  The water felt like warm pudding as it pressed my arms to my sides like a straight jacket. I clung to Tecumseh’s hand.  In the back of my mind I was beginning to wonder if I had made a serious mistake.  Could it be possible that Tecumseh would not be able to cross over and I had unwittingly led him into a death trap?  My lungs were beginning to burn and I was struggling desperately to find traction with my heavy boots.  I had the sensation that my feet were a pair of cement blocks stuck to the pond’s muddy bottom.  My grip on Tecumseh’s hand had loosened and I could feel his fingers slipping away when I was abruptly yanked from the water into the glare of a blinding light.  My stomach did a somersault as I gulped to suck in a lungful of fresh Cross Over air.

     As my eyes adjusted and came into focus I was looking directly at Demarcus.  His big hand twitched and swung me wildly up over his head.  He had hold of my ankle and I was soon dangling fifteen feet in the air.  I looked helplessly into his big brown eyes and saw my own worried reflection before he gingerly lowered me to the ground.  Tecumseh was directly deposited next to me.  

     As I stood shaking, I was immediately struck by a gathering of humans.  There were several men, women and children standing just beyond Demarcus in what looked to be a well kept vegetable garden.  They were wearing simple look alike clothes, straw hats, and smiles like a family of Amish.  In unison they all paused and raised their hands in greeting.

     Tecumseh and I waved back.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising Begins)

Episode 1 of
Conversations With Sasquatch
Novel The Rising

                             Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     The Dead Horse Sink portal did not deposit us into its Cross Over counterpart.  Our immediate surroundings appear as far from a swamp as one can possibly get.  We are standing instead, in the midst of a well organized and prosperous Cross Over farm.  I can see rows of mature vegetables that I have no difficulty recognizing as huge carrots, pumpkins, green peppers and squash.  There is an assortment of utility buildings and even more humans engaged in a multitude of crop harvesting tasks.

     The Amish looking fellow has broken away from his wife and children, and with long strides has descended upon us with a big smile.

     “My name is Dr. Anthony Walker,” he graciously announces  and reaches out with a large hand.  His grip is gentle, but sure.  His warm eyes have a profound twinkle that pulls you in like a magnet.

     “Richard,” I respond.  “And this is my dearest friend, Tecumseh.”

     “Nice to meet the both of you,”  he says with a hand gesture encompassing the farm and its activities. “Welcome.”  

     “Thank you, we are happy to be here.”

     “Demarcus has been telling us of your coming.  He says that you have been to Pariseema and have spent time with the Council of Elders.  He has assured us that you can be trusted with what you may see and hear while spending time among us.  I trust this is the case?” he questions with a raise of his eyebrows.

     “We have no agenda,” I answer.  “We are here at the invitation and behest of your Bigfoot host.”

     “Excellent.  You are a writer I understand, a messenger.”

     “Yes.  I have taken it upon myself to deliver much Sasquatch  knowledge to our world.  I have established a relationship with a Sasquatch by the name of Loquius and other members of the Council of Elders.  They have given me the role of a messenger as well as gifts that are being researched to help mankind.  I unfortunately, do not yet know the role that Demarcus has in this rather bizarre game.”

     “To quail any confusions or doubts that you may be harboring concerning our presence here, I want you to know that it is all voluntary.  There are no humans in Cross Over living under any Bigfoot Duress.  We are not slaves nor captives of the Sasquatch as some human Bigfoot hunters may have proposed.”

     “Why are you here, may I ask? 

     “To help.”  Dr. Walker states.  “We have chosen to be here as both students and teachers.  It is important for you to understand that the inflection point is upon us.”

     “What do you mean by inflection Point?” I ask.

     “The Rising,” he answers.  “It is the Age of Awakening for the masses of humankind.  It is imperative for man to realize the consequences of playing God with living genomes, electronic frequencies and artificial intelligences.  The Sasquatch have seen it all before.  They know where the road leads and ends, and it is not anywhere near Utopia.  That is why we are here.”

     A lightbulb goes off in my head.  “Ted Kaczynski?” 

     “His hypothesis to the dismay of many was correct,” Dr. Anthony Walker states with a nod, then adds.  “It may surprise you, but there are some of the greatest minds of our time that have come to Cross Over.”

Episode 2 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising


“What are your thoughts, My Friend,” I ask Tecumseh after we have been deposited into a cozy but roomy dome structure to refresh ourselves.  We are bathed in diffused sunlight reminiscent of being inside a green house.

“Intrigued,” Tecumseh answers, looking about and absorbing the situation.

Each of us has been given dry clothes that are soft and light.  My guess is that they are woven from the plant kenaf that is so prized and prevalent in Cross Over.  On the table before us are plates of vegetables and spices similar to my first meal eaten in the land of Sasquatch when I had been the guest of elder Loquius and his family.  To satisfy our thirst there is also an ewer of steaming tea that smells of ginger and raspberry.

“I wasn’t sure my body was going to survive its journey here into your land of the forest people,” Tecumseh says.  “But, here it is in one piece, and I admit that now that I am here, I have grown hungry.”   He rubs his belly, eying the vegetables and aromatic spices.  

I take hold of the ewer of tea in both hands and pour ourselves a steaming mug of pink liquid.  Like all the Sasquatch teas I have tried, this one is also zippy and zingy.

“I am a bit perplexed,” I tell him.  “I wasn’t expecting Dr. Walker or any other humans to be present here.  It contradicts the information I received from the Council of Elders.  As for the coveted spirits of your ancestors, they may or may not be here in Cross Over, but I can assure you that the place is very real and you will find the food much to your liking.”

“This Dr. Walker,” Tecumseh questions, “Are you sure he is not a ghost or a spirit?”

“I am sure he is as solid and human as we are,” I tell him.  “How he got here and what he is up to besides farming, I can’t say, but I believe we are about to find out in our meeting with Demarcus.”

“Ah yes, Chia Tanka not so friendly friend in the flesh,” Tecumseh says and sketches the Bigfoot’s shape with his hands.  After a moment, he nods and the lines on his forehead soften.  He closes his eyes and takes my hand, then invokes a sing song blessing of thanks to the powers and wonders of that which has brought him here and put fresh food and tea on our table.

“Dig in,” I say when he opens his piercing eyes and looks at me.  

“For some reason I feel we are going to need it,” he adds.

(Sasquatch Novel, The Rising has now been published and can be purchased on Amazon.)