Sasquatch Bloodstones

Sasquatch Bloodstones                                                   by Conversations With Sasquatch author, Richard Rensberry  

    I have returned to Message Rock several times in the past week.  No new messages appeared until today or should I say last night, since the Sasquatch come in the night ninety-five percent of the time.

     I have never encountered a Bigfoot at the rock, only their gifts and messages.

     A bloodstone is a reflection of inviolate trust.  To receive such a gift is not something to be taken lightly or for granted, for trust is the domain of the karmic enlightened.  Trust broken cannot be easily restored. It often takes lifetimes.  

     The following poem was written immediately upon receiving the stones.  

        Big Creek Blood Stones

At the heart of good intentions

the Sasquatch leave bloodstones. 

These gems are brothers

to the forests and sisters to the rivers

that run through them.  They are cleansed

by the hands of the worthy

and kissed by the mouth

of fate.  They are gifts

from our Bigfoot friends

from the other side.    


Sasquatch Bloodstones are portals into the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness

When it comes to communication with the Sasquatch, symbols are very meaningful in order to deliver a virtuous concept without words.  Sasquatch Bloodstones are a symbol of trust.  This trust must be protected at all costs if one wishes to be accepted and remain in the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.  These gifted stones then on act as portals that allow a direct line into their otherwise closed dimension should one be construed as worthy of such trust.  

A heart shaped bloodstone designates that final decree of trust.  

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