Bigfoot Badasses



Like any other group of beings, I admit there are anti-social or criminally minded Bigfoot as much as I’d like to believe otherwise.  Though, I myself have never had the misfortune of encountering such a badass Sasquatch, it is apparent others have.  It should be expected that any ill-intentioned humans are going to be treated proportionally to those ill-intentions by even the best intentioned Bigfoot, but on the other hand, sometimes Bigfoot bad behaviors have not always been preceded by such bad human intentions as provocation.   

So who are these unprovoked Bigfoot Badasses?

If you have ever had other paranormal visitors such as human or animal ghosts, you may have some inkling of the kind of ill-intentioned beings that can come to visit our world from the other side.  You can meet all kinds.  I have encountered playful ghosts, friendly ghosts and badass ghosts.  It is apparently no different regarding the Bigfoot that show up in our realm.  I have heard an abundance of aggressive stories from the experiences of innocent and not so innocent victims.  Though I have not heard instances of outright violence, I have heard stories of threatening behavior.  Because I have not had such a bad experience with a Bigfoot (mine all being the direct opposite) I can only empathize.  They are huge beings, intimidating from just their size alone.

As for the origins of Bigfoot Badasses, it has been revealed to me that they are here as exiles from the Bigfoot dimension of Cross Over.  These exiles are guilty of capital crimes for which they have then refused to take any responsibility.  Thus they have been deemed unredeemable and permanently exiled to our human world.  Our earthly dimension is accessed easily by the Sasquatch via portals from their dimension of Cross Over.  

For the most part however, these exiles are more of a rarity than common place.  Like I said, I have only met benevolent Sasquatch.  I have no reason to fear for any Bigfoot aggression and these exiles have surely done nothing to provoke me into changing my Bigfoot understandings and behavior.  The Bigfoot I have met are well-intentioned with a purpose to help the human race.  I will continue to conduct myself in a manner that will not create the possibility of any karmic backlash.  That is my basic tenant regarding my interactions with the Sasquatch.  I am dismayed when I see so many “Bigfoot Hunters” go looking for trouble.  They do so by arming themselves with lethal weapons and cameras in a provocative attempt to capture a Bigfoot Badass off guard.  Sorry, it just won't happen that way.  

Bigfoot Badasses Take No Prisoners

Bigfoot Warrior

So why is it next to impossible for a Sasquatch to be caught off guard?

They are ultra perceptive with telepathic abilities that go far beyond the stealth of any human.  Humans are kidding themselves if they believe they can sneak up on a Sasquatch without the Bigfoot's knowledge.  The sasquatch are aware of the human presence long before a human becomes aware of the Bigfoot.  

On the other hand, the Bigfoot do enjoy playing games.  They will sometimes show themselves when they are in a playful mood or especially when angered by an ill-intentioned human. That is part of their defensive nature, just as it is ours to protect and defend our space, family and friends.  

All Sentient life follows the same natural laws across the galaxies. There are no exceptions to the protective drive except for the insanity that exists inside the rank and file of the criminal mind.  No one nor anything harms or kills those closest to themselves unless they are insane.  The Sasquatch sometimes show themselves and act out in the presence of human threats for the benefit of those closest to them, but they will not be caught off guard.  If anyone gets caught off guard, it will be the hunter not the hunted.

Bigfoot Badasses Video

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Beginning 12:00 PM 2/24/23

Bigfoot Badasses Poem

Bigfoot Badass for poem

    Bigfoot Badasses

Are you looking for a fool

in the brambles near the wood?

Test the feet inside your shoes

until the who is understood.

Bigfoot badasses exist for real!

They’ll pick scabs off your fear

then comb your ego for a deal

between your face and a mirror.

Are you looking for some proof

in the dimension of the physical?

They’ll deceive you like a spoof

from the shadows of the mystical.

Do you have hankerings for trouble?

Just go gun bothering Sasquatch,

he’ll oblige by giving you double

and crank it up another notch.

Are you looking for a stone

you can catch between the eyes?

Snap a photo with your phone

and fail to duck when it flies.

Bigfoot badasses exist for real!

They’ll pick scabs off your fear

then comb your ego for a deal

between your face and a mirror.

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