Conversations With Sasquatch Newsletter 11/10/21

Sasquatch Lightning Stone

Message Rock

Early Autumn was an electric show.  We had some humdinger lightning storms, and after one particular doozy I went for a hike to visit message rock. 

I love the smell of the forest floor after a fresh rain when the earth is damp and the sun rays dance in misty enchantments.  It is magical see a warbler drink from a brimming cup of a leaf, then sing with joy: and an intricate gossamer web collecting tiny water droplets to create a rainbow as fleeting and illusive as the Sasquatch that have left me a beautiful striking lightning stone.

I am filled with gratitude and trade out the gift stone for the Granny Smith apple that I had brought along for a snack.  That is the way of the forest people and all our family of friends that come to visit message rock from the other side.

This November has been unusually mild here in Michigan. We went to the beach with our Sasquatch friends .

Sasquatch Happy Hour by Mary Rensberry

Great News!   Brand New Books that you can read along with are now in the making! 

     I have begun book 4 in the Conversations with Sasquatch series, called The Rising.  You can read along for free as I write this book in weekly installments online on my website at:  

     I have also begun book ground zero called Conversations With Sasquatch, The BeginningYou can also read along as I write this book in weekly installments online on my website at:

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness book cover

  Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness   

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Bigfoot Parchment # 7

Truth cannot be added to nor subtracted from to make it what it is

The bigfoot Parchments Book Cover

Conversations With Sasquatch Newsletter 10/08/21

Water runs through us and the earth.  It is the blood of life.  It is the host to a wealth of nutrients, minerals and intentions for sustaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Even love is soluble in water and passed from one living creature to another.  It can be blessed, cleansed and fortified by prayer, or what we Sasquatch call, the purity of intention.

I am Loquius, Master at Arms for the Bigfoot Council of Elders.  Richard and Mary Rensberry have not only become dear friends of mine, they are friends of the highest order to all of life and Mother Earth.  They are water spirits, divining rods for all that is good.  They have taken on the responsibility of sharing with you the ancient wonders of how to make and use plasma energy water.  It is free as the wind.  It is pure as an apple picked fresh from a tree.  It can be yours to nature and drink.  It is your Sasquatch genie in a bottle.

Stay tuned, great things are on the horizon!

The Mackinac Bridge of the Great Lakes.  Home of the Bigfoot author Richard Rensberry.

A Conversations With Sasquatch Newsletter Poem

The Mission

I wake to whispers

from conifer fronds,

feel cool, wet moss

beneath my feet.

Flashes of heat lightning

turn spruces into ghosts

and apparitions of Bigfoot.

There’s a fragrance

of honeysuckle rose

that tickles my nose.  I sneeze,

and the heavens open

wide with the eyes of the night.

“It is time,” A Bigfoot says.

“To escape from your illusion.”

A glowing white owl hoots

backlit by the moon.

It swivels its head

as a chorus of crickets 

and tree toads sing.  A red fox 

bounces from a thicket

and smiles.

The Bigfoot says, “It is time.

The heart is bigger

and louder than the mind.

Listen, it is the voice

of your conscience awakening.”

A blackbird ‘top a cattail whistles.

Then Dan Ackroyd appears

full of grins and jolly.

He has a look of innocence and hope 

written across his face.  

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I’m on a mission from God.”

                               Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch image

Just Squatch It!

In these perilous times, I have been focused on how to build and fortify my immune system against the deadly man made pathogen we are currently doing battle with.  Our natural immune systems are key to this fight.  There is no vaccine, nor is there likely to ever be one, that will be effective against this man made Frankenstein.  It is a relative to the common cold virus and will never be stopped by anything but a strong, natural immune system.  

The precious roots that were gifted to me by the Sasquatch Council of Elders have very high concentrations of immune building minerals.  I am working with a naturopathic doctor to make a combination of these super minerals available for use by everyone in the future.

I am not a scientist, I am a writer.  I just happen to be fortunate enough to have spent considerable time amongst the great and wonderful forest people that are immune to all of our diseases.  I have never encountered a physically ill Bigfoot.

These magical beings have an abundance of basic knowledge that has been lost to the human race.  It is their and my intention to help us regain and use their Bigfoot wisdom to reawaken our compromised immune systems.

Once again, stay tuned.  I see a bright and magical future just around the bend.

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