Bigfoot Guardian Stones,
What Are They?

Guardian Stone

Bigfoot Guardian Stones, What Are They?

Guardian Stones can weigh a few pounds to several tons.  They contain the many troubles sourced to them over a mountain of millennia by the Sasquatch.  They also contain the brilliance of answers.  The Sasquatch have used and cared for these stones since the beginning of time.  

The largest Guardian Stone I have ever seen is a public stone in the rotunda of Pariseema.  It guards the House of the Sasquatch Counsel of Elders.  It is black in color with many veins of reds, pinks and whites.  All who wish to enter the house must give their troubles to the stone.  

In the sunshine this Guardian Stone sparkles with inviting delight and is warm to the touch.  In the warmth and light it takes all your troubles graciously and then fills your heart with answers to almost anything.  

However, on a dark day the stone can be very begrudging, stubborn and cold as its store of bleak fears and sadnesses from worlds gone by.  It seems then to exist only to test your constitution and certainty in self.  

All Sasquatch possess personal and family Guardian Stones.  The end result of these trouble stones is the virtually trouble-free land of Cross Over.  If humans weren’t so busy creating masses of problems that at present are bleeding into the Cross Over dimension, the Sasquatch would have no troubles at all, only answers.  

I also have a guardian stone.  When first acquired as a gift from the Bigfoot, I did not know what it was.  I called it a Thumb Stone because it has a distinct impression worn into its surface the size of a large thumb.  It only became clear to me that it was a Guardian Stone when I finally began to regularly thumb the stone myself.  My troubles soon disappeared.  I started replacing my doubts with a certainty that no problem was bigger than my ability to solve it.   

I have been blessed to receive it and hold it dear to my heart.

Demystifying Bigfoot Guardian Stones

BigFoot Guardian Stone Black

     Scalar waves were first given real credence and proven to exist by a man named Nikola Tesla and then another man named Albert Einstein.   If you happen to Google scalar waves and end up at Wikipedia, you are going to be mostly propagandized.  Wikipedia unfortunately, is a matrix controlled outsource of much false information that is purposely created to keep the general population from the real truth of many, many things.  Regarding scalar energy or waves, Wikipedia will give you a bunch of pseudoscience justifications from the same matrix "scientists" that created the COVID virus and the purported mRNA vaccines that totally fuck with your DNA instead of helping it like a scalar wave can.   

What in truth is a scalar wave? 

Scalar waves are being used to restore human DNA structures back to their original unbroken structures that existed before modern technologies polluted our environment with all kinds of poisons and electromagnetic frequencies destructive to our DNA itself.  Natural medicine centers like the one near me in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, use scalar waves to help one restore the bodies' natural ability to fight disease and heal itself.  That is real medicine.

What does this have to do with a Bigfoot Guardian Stone?  The Sasquatch operate and do much of their perceived and invisible mysteries by way of scalar waves.  These wave frequencies are much higher than what most humans can perceive or produce.   This is the power behind a Guardian Stone because the laws of quantum physics include the scalar wave phenomenon.  The scalar wave frequencies can be employed to put intention into the very molecules that make up the stone.   Humans are capable of creating scalar waves though seldom achieve doing so in the current reality in which we are trapped.  Shamans and yogis are the few that do this on a regular basis, but it is very rare among others.  In professional sports it could be the state called getting into the zone whereby they can achieve what appear to be superhuman feats to others.  

Bigfoot Guardian Stones by Bigfoot Knocks

Bigfoot Knocks

Guardian Stones


One can experience living

going from trouble to trouble

until troubles retain

a life all their own.  Emboldened,

they’ll sit down at our tables

and sleep in our beds.

They’ll pour us a whiskey

and reside in our heads.

If they are really big

they might offer a syringe

or slit our wrists.

That is the way of troubles.

For eons, the Sasquatch have known

that even the strong

need a Guardian, a gatekeeper

near hearth and home

for those he cherishes

and loves utmost.

Every Bigfoot is aware

to take special care

to glean all his thoughts

and leave his troubles with the stone.

He trusts that these problems

can seek and find answers

all on their own.   

Bigfoot Guardian Stones

Guardian Stone 3

It is very easy for humans to scoff at the idea of a Bigfoot Guardian Stone, let alone actually trying and applying such an alien concept to their lives.  

First off, the stone does not have to come from the Sasquatch in order to be a Guardian Stone.  You can find any worthy stone and create one for yourself with your own intentions.  If you are not close to nature there are rock shops all over the United States where you can choose a stone for this special purpose.  

As in all Bigfoot Stones, intention is by far the most basic concept that needs to be grasped.  It's root meaning is to stretch out for, aim at.  It's common use definition is a determination to do a specified thing or act in a specified manner.  There is much more regarding intention that the Sasquatch are masters at, but all we need for a Guardian Stone to begin to work, is the simple definition given above.

Once you have chosen your stone, it should be placed outside your home.  It should never enter your home sanctuary. This is important because we do not want the problems to go with you into your sacred space.  We INTENTIONALLY leave our problems with the stone.  Any problems you may have, just put them into the stone.  Do this intentionally with each trouble separately.  Let the stone worry and ruminate over your problems for you.  You can move on, find something or someone you love and intentionally demonstrate that love.  Love and affection are way more important than your problems.

Bigfoot Guardian Stones
and Solutions to Your Problems

Guardian Stone 4

Hopefully you left your troubles with the stone and you had a worry free fun time with the things and people you love while inside your sanctuary.  But oh boy, you need to get back outside into the world and that stone with all your problems is the first thing that greets you outside your door.

Let me clue you in as to what that stone has been doing with your problems.  Does it look worried?  Is it chain smoking a pack of cigarettes?  I know for certain it is not.  That stone has no problems of its own and what it did with yours was solve them. Those solutions may not be immediately or readily available to you at that very moment, but they are out there in the world waiting for you to recognize them.  Your job is to just be open to seeing the solutions when they present themselves.  LOOK and LISTEN throughout your day. For surely as the sun rises that problem's solution will appear to you as long as you intentionally gave that problem to your Guardian Stone.  You just need to recognize the solution when it presents itself.  LOOK and LISTEN.  LIVE.  LOOK and LISTEN.

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