The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness

The Sasquatch Stream
of Consciousness
Episode 7,
The End of the Stick

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness 10/16/21

     Connected atomically to the earth and the universe, I have no boundaries.  I am not bound by the fixed ideas nor the rules of the matrix.  I have precisely chosen my time, place, form and event to spend in this special place.  As an independent being instead of a matrix manipulated person, I have much greater power beyond physicality.   This out of body journey inside the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness is completely by choice and by no means random.  It is my intention and reality, not that of matrix encumbered thought processes and the restrictive rules of group agreement.  

     That is the miracle of self determined intention.  Without my intention, those things that are vibrating at certain frequencies cannot be contacted nor experienced even though they are always there.  They simply do not exist without my intention and agreement with them.

     An example in human terms of what I have just explained would go something like this: Say for example, the grocery store shelves are suddenly empty and you don't have enough knowledge to grow an abundant and prosperous garden to feed yourself nor your family.  That knowledge and those willing to help are actually in total abundance all around you if you decide and intend to attract those things to yourself, but without your intention to do so, you will be totally blind to the reality of that abundant existence of knowledge and help.  Someone could literally walk up to you and offer you that garden on a silver platter, and you would not be able to see it.  You would hold it away from yourself with fixed ideas and counter intentions that occupy your thoughts.  That is the power of thought and intention.

     I am lying here naked in a meadow in the depths of night on my own volition.  It is my decision to be here in the microcosm of atoms, energy and thought intention.    Telepathy, transmigration, awareness, and freedom do exist in our world in proportion to and in accordance with your and my reality of their vibrational existence. 

     Why can't the existence of Bigfoot currently be proven?  They have existed in our consciousness for eons, but just like love, many seekers continue to look in all the wrong places.   

I find it humorous.  I must say, so do the Sasquatch.  They do like to laugh.  They are the consummate tricksters.   

Which end of the stick will you choose to be on?  

I have chosen the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 6

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness 10/10/21

     Before I continue to the meat of this exercise, I am aware there are those that think I am bonkers.  That is fine.  You can have your reality from which you can snicker and point fingers.  You can call me crazier than a ball of sun heated snakes.  Just be aware you are pointing at no other than yourself.

     There are no spectators in the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness that we are about to enter.  If you don’t or can’t disagree with the thought police and their programmed illusions of everyday life, then you are bound by your agreement to them.  So be it.  You do not belong here.  Your doubts and fears will only attract a case of poison ivy, stinging nettles, a colony of fire ants or a swarm of hungry mosquitos hell bent on draining you of your blood.  Go home, the Sasquatch realm is out of your league and grasp.

     I have fully acclimated to the forest.  My night vision is twenty-twenty and I am completely in disagreement with the matrix narrative while standing in a stream bed meadow.  The tree toads, crickets and frogs are performing one of nature's splendid operas.  It is a glorious moment.  There is no artificial light pollution here, so the roof above is a miasma of glowing heavenly bodies.  I can sense the presence of interstellar travelers from unknown dimensions and universes.  The Sasquatch are calling me.  It is awesome and overwhelming at the same time.

     Nearby is a stand of majestic pines, their pungent scent in combination with the dew laden Indian Paintbrush and wintergreen on the meadow floor is intoxicating and invigorating to my awakened senses.  There is a slight breeze from the southwest fingering and caressing my face.  I am honored and elated to be here in this magical spot to which I have been drawn.

     The first articles of clothing I remove and discard are my shoes and socks.

     Barefoot, the ground is soft and spongy, cool and damp as the moisture from a carpet of moss seeps between my toes and tingles the skin of my ankles.  I can feel my body’s wanton thirst for the earth’s energy as my legs act like wicks to draw its nourishment up into my trunk.  I breath deeply as I absorb every drop to its fullest.

     Energized, I remove my shirt.

     Though the air is amply warm, the night’s breath raises goose flesh on my arms and back.

     I undo my belt and remove my blue jeans.  

     Next I add my skivvies to the rumpled pile of discarded clothes.  

     Standing naked, I raise my arms in honor and thanks to the heavens.  My skin lends itself as a conductor to all the molecules and atoms of the galaxy.  All of my body’s cells are open antenna to the universe and I begin to vibrate with the energy of billions of stars.  

     I have shed the matrix like a snake sheds its skin.  I have dismantled all of the world’s intrusions, its worries, its fears and its disheveled pictures of pain and woe that once occupied my mind.  

     I lower my arms, kneel in gratitude, then lie prone on my back, cradled like a newborn in the damp moss.  I am completely transcended from the physical to the ethereal as I inhale and exhale in sync with the living earth.    

(to be continued) 

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 5

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness 9/25/21

Bigfoot Parchment # 24  

Reality essentially becomes that to which we agree

     If we have learned anything from computer science, it is that garbage in equals garbage out.  The human mind is no different.  We are as trustworthy as the truths on which we agree and operate.

      In the United States the average person enters the world of institutional or matrix indoctrination at about the age of four and remains there until the age of eighteen, and for many, many young people these days, you can add another four to eight years of "higher education" in order to get labeled with a Masters or Doctorate Degree from a university.  By the time a person has graduated from college he has undergone at least eighteen years of matrix programming, mostly all of which is devoid of any real life practical experience.  

     If all that programming were made up of useful truths like those garnered from the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness, the world around us would be filled with geniuses and we would be living the most advanced and productive lives that you could ever imagine.  Reason would prevail.

     Hmm... maybe we should take heed and take a good look around.  I see a world that is far from a productive paradise based on reason, in fact it looks more like a freaking mess.  It is a mess because so much of the matrix data being entered and acted upon by human beings is false data.   

     What is false data?  It is simply ideas and actions built on lies.  It is hyperbole. 

     For example, let's take our current earth reality or should I say "earth matrix program"?  It is called COVID.  It is not that the existence of COVID is the lie, for its existence has come to be, however, it is the hidden fact that COVID was created from a lie, and remains extant in our universe because of that lie that is the real problem. 

     The truth is, COVID DID NOT COME FROM NATURE.  IT WAS INTENTIONALLY CREATED IN A VIROLOGY RESEARCH LAB from the minds and monies of institutionally programmed people who have a high opinion of themselves after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and eighteen plus years sitting in a classroom absorbing tomes of false data which they consider as gospel.  These charlatans then embarked on a matrix funded false purpose and built COVID in a lab under the guise of providing valuable research information IN CASE SUCH A VIRUS SHOULD EVER INFECT humanity.  They then purposefully or by "accident" unveiled their Frankenstein to the world as an infectious virus that they proclaim evolved from an innocent bat.  


     Everything that has transpired in regards to COVID ever since is the result of that gene altered batshit lie.  No matter how much spin some of our scientists and the media feed the populations worldwide, it is still a lie.  If you look into medical journals, research magazines, patents, etc., you will find that proof abounds to back up the fact that this virus is a manmade experiment out of control. 

     All the media and medical spin cannot change a lie into a fact and vice versa.  Billions of dollars are now being poured into keeping this biological atrocity deeply buried beneath all the resulting false data and hoopla being perpetrated by interested parties in order to obfuscate the true facts behind this virus.  Fauci and the CDC are nothing but mouth pieces for this matrix fraud.

     In order to undo COVID we will have to fully expose these untruths and their creators to the bright light of day.  In order to accomplish this daunting task, we have to take our attention off all the hoopla and put it on the sources of this vicious, virus lie.  In other words, forget about all the after programming such as the need for masks, vaccinations, shutdowns, what have you.  All that stuff was created as a cover up and reaction to the lie.  It is misdirection.  In other words, those things are all diversions away from the truth and are the real mask that is protecting the people and organizations that committed the crime.  These misguided individuals and organizations need to be brought before the world for their crimes against humanity.

     I will reiterate Bigfoot Parchment # 24:  Reality essentially becomes that to which we agree

     Sorry to have to inform you, but if you don't disagree with the COVID lie, then you by default, agree with it.  In order to change the current COVID reality extracted from that lie, each of us has an obligation and duty to ourselves, our family and friends, our country and the world to disagree with its false matrix narrative. 

     If this duty makes us unhappy, angry or afraid, it is because we are agreeing to feel that way about ourselves.  Our matrix programming tells us that we should abandon common sense and knowingness in order to pursue the dictates and temptations of an authoritative matrix induced false purpose.  Don't do that!  Look for your center, your courage and your rebel yell.  Disagree!  Now is the time.  It is the Sasquatch way!

     The world's social programmers have devised over the eons an endless supply of these false purposes.  Liars are very good salesmen and will use all means of these falsehoods in order to trap us in their lie.  For example, one decides to abandon good sense and take any number of mind-altering drugs because he agrees with the drug producer's illusion that drugs or alcohol lead one away from unhappiness and into a state of happiness.  Goofy outside in, ass backwards computation.  It is false data no matter how loud anyone screams that it is not.  

     The power of disagreement lies in the ability to discern and disagree with such lies.  If we disagree with the lie, our reality simply and profoundly becomes the living of the truth.  Conversely, if we disagree with a truth, our reality simply and profoundly becomes the living of a lie.  

It is our choice.  Always has been, always will be.  Lies have no place in the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.  It is time to disagree!

(to be continued)     


The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 4

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness 9/24/21

     I did not sleep much last night.  There was a gentle, cleansing rain and the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness was very, very strong.  

     Maybe, you too could feel it, and your thoughts today will be more at peace and in tune with life's universal and positive vibrations, instead of focused on the constant noise from the matrix narrative.

     The Awakening is at hand as we continually build in worldly numbers like a giant tsunami of cicadas.  Our voices are rising in volume and harmony with the universal stream.  Our good intentions are being heard.  

     The enemy is on the doorstep to Hell.  

(to be continued)

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 3

                       Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness 9/17/21

     I hope you are relaxing and acclimating to the reality of being able to open yourself to alternate universes.  I hope you are a believer in the presence of omnipotence and the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness, for we are about to enter that high resonance of vibration that few modern day humans have the courage and opportunity to experience.  Maybe, just by taking a brave departure away from all things matrix, you are already frolicking in the ethereal dimension of the Sasquatch.  If so, well done!  It can happen just by turning off the TVs, the smart phones and the computers.  If that is the case, you may feel secure all on your own and no longer need me as your Bigfoot guide.  For everyone else, I will continue with to the completion of the exercise.

     If you are old enough to remember the words of Neil Armstrong when he stepped out of the lunar lander and set foot upon the moon, that is where we are delving here— we are taking one small step for ourselves and one giant leap for mankind.

     We as individuals are natively free beings, but with modern comforts we are prone to flip the switch that puts our lives and realities on automatic.  We succumb to being trained into living through group agreement, to think life is a certain way, and then live in accordance with the boundaries of those trained and acceptable routines.  These ideas and routines can only be inspected and changed from the inside out by a free being, meaning individual enlightened thought is the only thing that can disagree with and break away from the trained patterns that hold so many of man’s bad ideas in place.  As a species we remain stuck in thousands of these bad ideas by continuing to agree with and propagate them on a daily basis.  

     A simple example of a bad idea is how we accept and allow the psychiatric and medical industries to manufacture and then prescribe mind-altering chemicals such as Ritalin, Adderall, Xanax, etc. to vulnerable children of all ages, even babies.  Absolutely a horrible idea, yet it has become reality through billions of dollars of profit driven, false advertising.  These chemicals are physical and spiritual poisons, they block any hope of true mental health and serve to squelch any possibility of entering the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.     

     Enlightened thought is the direct opposite of operating from externally motivated training routines (institutional and media manipulated realities) and implants (brainwashing).  One can hardly exercise his own innate free will and worthwhile purposes from within the confines of a blind agreement with bad ideas.  One needs to step outside of the overwhelming forces and structures of big media, big tech, big medicine, economics and institutional education in order to become attuned to our innate self governance and the alternate universes such as that of the Sasquatch.  Space is not confined, it is infinite in scope, and yet we humans continually agree to live sequestered in a tiny little world of self-imposed obstacles and barriers engineered from the outside in by an agenda of the elite.  That is slavery.   

(To be continued)

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 2

                         Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness 9/10/21

     Okay, hopefully we are now off the grid and out of the matrix so to speak.  At the very least, I hope you were able to cast off the spiritually debilitating chains such as TV, Twitter, Facebook and most of all-- that damn phone we keep trying to substitute for our third eyes.  Phones, cameras and Bigfoot are simply not compatible.  In fact, any and all microwaves block our third eye perceptions as well as the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness for which we are striving to tap into.  

     Bathing in the sunlight is an essential and powerful tool, but for this exercise we actually want to bathe in the darkness to turn on our sleeping perceptions.  We want to awaken as many of our 52 perceptions as we can.  Yes, we have a least 52 senses.  I am not going to get into a diatribe on what all these senses are, but I guarantee you will discover a reawakening of a several of them before this exercise is put to rest.

     The dark and depth of night is the time and place when thought pollution is at its very lowest level.  So wake up!  I am speaking to you from three o'clock in the morning.  Your potential at this hour of solitude is exponentially increased while the thought police and their decibels are fast asleep.

     Listen to yourself.  Take heed of the human silence and your own voice.  You will find this early morning exercise is valuable even when you remain fixed inside the matrix.  It will help.  Just try it!

     If you have disconnected as suggested, the resulting shock of standing alone in the dark wilds at three o'clock in the morning, may be by itself, enough to blow all your matrix circuits.  Don't panic, this is a good thing, you don't need that Xanax, a nicotine fix or a toke of marijuana.  You don't need your phone or reassurance from your friends.  You need to take a deep breath of pure and sweet night air... those ghostly trees, bushes and wildflowers are creating oxygen out of exuberant, living joy... just for you.  

(To be continued)

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 1

Sasquatch Novels by Richard Rensberry

     In order to enter The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness let's take a moment to disagree with all the structures by which we normally conduct our lives.  That is what it takes.  When I say disagree, I mean we really have to disagree.  We have to say screw it and dive in, we can't get all hung up on how we appear to others or what someone might think about our decisions and sanity.  It does not matter.

     We are going to do this solo.

     To make the task easier we have to disconnect or unplug from the matrix (for those who do not know what the matrix means, it means the agreed upon confines of existence imposed upon us by our own thoughts, social structure, economics and government).  To momentarily cut the cord from these forces, we are going to remove ourselves from all the manmade confines in which we live.  Some of those things include our city, our house, our phone and even our clothes.  That's right, in this exercise we are going to get naked.

     This is important, for if we don't disagree enough to remove ourselves from the matrix, this exercise isn't going to functionally work and your are going to expose yourself to man's harsh penalties for violating the rules and regulations of said society and government, meaning you could very well get arrested, institutionalized or subjected to all manner of unpleasant punishments for your audacity to disagree with the norm.  

     We don't want that, so we are going to conduct this exercise outside in a realm where most humans fear to go-- into the wild or at least far enough out into the natural world where you do not have to be worried about the prying eyes and ears of neighbors or the matrix authorities.  I admit, I have an overwhelming advantage by living in the woods; I am free to disagree out my front or back door any time I so choose.  I actually have the opportunity to spend every day of my life in the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.  I know this opportunity does not exist for most people, so be cognizant and use common sense if you choose to try this while remaining tethered to the rules and regulations of a non empathetic system.  May your journey end at the road that leads to yourself.

(To be continued)

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