Cover to Bigfoot book, Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness by Richard Rensberry

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness is a practical exercise ebook to escape the Matrix and enter the River of of Good Intentions.  It is joy, it is bliss, it is the kiss of the Sasquatch.

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness
Episode 1

Sasquatch Novels by Richard Rensberry

The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness

     In order to enter The Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness let's take a moment to disagree with all the structures by which we normally conduct our lives.  That is what it takes.  When I say disagree, I mean we really have to disagree.  We have to say screw it and dive in, we can't get all hung up on how we appear to others or what someone might think about our decisions and sanity.  It does not matter.

     We are going to do this solo.

     To make the task easier we have to disconnect or unplug from the matrix (for those who do not know what the matrix means, it means the agreed upon confines of existence imposed upon us by our own thoughts, social structure, economics and government).  To momentarily cut the cord from these forces, we are going to remove ourselves from all the manmade confines in which we live.  Some of those things include our city, our house, our phone and even our clothes.  That's right, in this exercise we are going to get naked.

     This is important, for if we don't disagree enough to remove ourselves from the matrix, this exercise isn't going to functionally work and your are going to expose yourself to man's harsh penalties for violating the rules and regulations of said society and government, meaning you could very well get arrested, institutionalized or subjected to all manner of unpleasant punishments for your audacity to disagree with the norm.  

     We don't want that, so we are going to conduct this exercise outside in a realm where most humans fear to go-- into the wild or at least far enough out into the natural world where you do not have to be worried about the prying eyes and ears of neighbors or the matrix authorities.  I admit, I have an overwhelming advantage by living in the woods; I am free to disagree out my front or back door any time I so choose.  I actually have the opportunity to spend every day of my life in the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.  I know this opportunity does not exist for most people, so be cognizant and use common sense if you choose to try this while remaining tethered to the rules and regulations of a non empathetic system.  May your journey end at the road that leads to yourself.

The remaining episodes are now available in the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness eBook.  

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness Book Cover by Richard Rensberry.

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