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The Sasquatch Seeds for Life
 Project is Born

Help Your Community and Help Mankind

     It is the goal of this Sasquatch Seeds for Life project to help reinvigorate and bring prosperity to rural Northern Michigan and beyond through the farming, product development and processing of the revolutionary plant called KENAF.

     This near and far reaching project has been set on the launch pad by New Earth Ministries, a non-profit, unincorporated Private Member Association, founded and maintained in Fairview, Michigan and Amarillo, Texas.  

     Much research is currently underway regarding the hundreds of uses afforded by this plant’s cash crop and its role in shaping the future of Northern Michigan farming and commerce.  Spearheading this research and development is Kenaf Partners USA located in Onaway, Michigan.  

     To acquaint yourself with KENAF and its many products, please visit: or visit our store for our introductory books on kenaf: Seeds for Life and Seeding the World

Bigfoot Art Seeds

This Sasquatch Seeds for Life project
cannot be done
without community support!
Get Involved!
We Need Your Help!

1.    Become a member of New Earth Ministries.

2.    Give a cash donation in support of the Seeds for Life and Seeding the World project.

3.    Donate to the Sasquatch Seeds for Life and Sasquatch Seeding the World projects by donating farm land, residential or business properties, buildings and farm equipment in the Fairview, Onaway area in order to forward getting this project off the ground. Once we become operational in the initial phases of growing and harvesting a large scale kenaf crop, we will be moving into creating and maintaining large scale growing operations as well as locally owned processing plants across Northern Michigan.  This will inspire local hiring and training of skilled workers to build and maintain these growing and processing facilities.   

All cash and non-cash donations to the Sasquatch Seeds for Life project are Tax Deductible!

     This project cannot be done without the awareness and support of local communities.  Being a Private Membership Association non-profit, New Earth Ministries is unincorporated and exists entirely in and for the private domain.  We are unencumbered by the government or corporate interests.

     It will be no small undertaking by a free and sovereign community to accomplish such a far reaching goal of this scale.  It takes small steps to build a stairway to the stars.  We are on the third or fourth rung.

     To consult with us and get more information about the Sasquatch Seeds for Life and Sasquatch Seeding the World Projects, to make a donation or to take part in the project, please email us at:   

     We’d be happy to discuss how you can help as well as how we can help you and the community.  

We are on a mission from God,

The Board of Directors for New Earth Ministries