Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlets

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlets are where anyone can purchase copies of some or all of my books in the Sasquatch Sasquatch Book Series.  These Businesses are generous  supporters of my book series by displaying and selling them at a price lower than Amazon.  I hope some of you are able to take advantage of these book outlets and become patrons of these friendly businesses.

    The Lunchbox Restaurant

Lunchbox restaurant Conversations With Sasquatch book outlet

     The Lunchbox restaurant in Curran has been carrying the Conversations With Sasquatch Book Series of books for a couple of years now.  They have sold many, many copies for which we give them much heartfelt thanks.  It is through the support of generous businesses like the Lunchbox that we are able to easily reach Bigfoot fans we would otherwise not be able to find.  We have found these Conversations With Sasquatch book outlets to be invaluable in our promotional program.  This one business, The Lunchbox has sold more books than even this website since its inception.

      Au Sable River Outfitters

Ausable Outfitters
Au Sable River Outfitters Store

     One of our Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlets includes Au Sable River Outfitters of Mio, Michigan.  They carry all of our Conversations With Sasquatch series, including "Sasquatch" our kid's book.

     Au Sable River Outfitters is a great store for all your Michigan outdoor needs as well as a place to purchase one or more of our books.  I hope you have the opportunity to visit their brand new store located at 225 6th Street in Mio, Michigan.

     I am a huge supporter of Au Sable River Outfitters and make it a point to purchase my outdoor needs for fishing, hunting and camping at their beautiful store.  

  Tom's Mug & Jug Party Store

Mug & Jug Party Store

     Another of our Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlets is Tom's Mug & Jug Party Store located at 2 N Mt Tom Road, Mio, Michigan.  Tom has been carrying our books for several years now and has sold a boku of copies over that period.  We thank Tom for his unwavering support.  He has not yet stocked a beer named Sasquatch, but hopefully the future will bring one to his shelves.  

     This is where I purchase my fishing bait before heading out to trout fish and meet my Bigfoot friends.  I can hear Big Creek calling as I sit here at the computer laminating pain up and down my back.  See you soon, Tom.  

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlet Bob-A-Lu Market

BobaLu Book Outlet

Bob-A-Lu Market is located at 10010 Worth Road in Herron, Michigan and is one of our Conversation With Sasquatch Book Outlets.  This market is near where I grew up and had my first Bigfoot encounter at the age of seven.  It is close to my heart and childhood home.  Terry has been stocking my books for two years now, and has sold out several times.  We thank him for his generous support in our endeavors.  If you are headed up M-65 towards M-32, Werth Road begins at the Spratt Tavern Corner.  Bob-A-Lu is a couple miles down the road.  I don't have a picture of the store at this time, but I will snap one on my next visit.

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlet A-1 Woods and Waters

A-1 Woods and Waters Hillman

     Hillman, Michigan is the home of A-1 Woods and Waters and has been a Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlet for over a year.  We thank them for the opportunity to offer our books to the outdoorsmen of the area.  They carry outdoor supplies for that neck of the woods.  If you are ever in Hillman, check out this sporting goods store at 141 State Street, Hillman, Michigan.  

     We thank them for their support of my books!

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlet Fairview Foods

Fairview Foods of Fairview

In downtown Fairview you will find Fairview Foods on the corner of M-72 and M-33.  They carry Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter in the book rack near the cash register.  We thank Dan for making our book "Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter" available to his patrons.  This store is a friendly alternative to the big grocery conglomerates.  They have excellent service and high quality products.  

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlet, K & T's Party Store

K&T Party Store Outlet

     K & T's  Party Store is located on M-32 West of Alpena near Manning Hill.  They are a Conversations With Sasquatch Book Outlet for the little community of Heron, Michigan.  This is where I first started in Little League at the age of 6 when there used to be a go-cart track right behind the store.  Besides baseball, I loved the go-carts and soda at the store afterwards.  It was a year later that I encountered a Bigfoot on the banks of the Thunder Bay River.  This little store has a long history in the area and still gets my patronage after all these years.  I thank them for carrying my first book, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter.

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