Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem,
Peach Pie

Sasquatch Poet Richard Rensberry 9/6/21

Peach Pie

The Sasquatch children

bring me peaches

ripe and warmed by the sun.

They bring rain water,

nasturtiums and honey comb.

They leave me a stone

rolling pin, a hollowed stump

with ground kenaf flour 

and a huge carved bowl

for mixing fruit,

cinnamon, and cloves.

I heat my stove

to three hundred fifty degrees; 

crack an egg of quail

and glaze the crust; then

clove and cinnamon dust

the honied peaches.  I bake

and whip fresh sweet cream.

Done, I set the steaming pie

on the kitchen sill to cool.  Patiently 

I wait for their little feet.  I can hear them

whisper as the porch boards creak,

then a giggle and a hand

reaches up

to steal my heart.  

Richard Rensberry, author of                  Conversations With Sasquatch  

Peach pie baked for the Bigfoot children of Big Creek

Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem, 
Blood Stones

Sasquatch Poet Richard Rensberry 8/27/21 

Big Creek Blood Stones

At the heart of good intentions

the Sasquatch leave bloodstones.  

These gems are brothers

to the forests and sisters to the rivers

that run through them.  They are cleansed

by the hands of the worthy

and kissed by the mouth

of fate.  They are gifts

from our Bigfoot friends

from the other side.    

Richard Rensberry, 8/21/21

Big Creek Bloodstones, gifted by the Sasquatch to author Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem, 
The Mission

The Mission

             by Richard Rensberry 6/23/21


I wake to whispers

from conifer fronds,

feel cool, wet moss

beneath my feet.

Flashes of heat lightning

turn spruces into ghosts

and apparitions of Bigfoot.

There’s a fragrant spice

of honey suckle rose

that tickles my nose.  I sneeze,

and the heavens open

wide with the eyes of the night.

“It is time,” A Bigfoot says.

“To escape from your illusion.”

A glowing white owl hoots

backlit by the moon.

It swivels its head

as a chorus of crickets 

and tree toads sing.  A red fox 

bounces from a thicket

and smiles.

The Bigfoot says, “It’s time.

The heart is bigger

and louder than the mind.

Listen, it is the voice

of your conscience awakening.”

A blackbird ‘top a cattail whistles.

Then Dan Ackroyd appears

full of grins and jolly.

He has a look of innocence 

and hope written 

across his face.  

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I’m on a mission from God.”

Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem,
Throw Stones

THROW STONES                                                                                  by Richard Rensberry 8/20/21

Like all free beings

the sasquatch keep an eye on their enemies;

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates fill that bill.

And today the portals are closed.

Those that came yesterday

have nothing to do

but toss pebbles and fuzz photos.

It’s just a silly game to pass the time.

But be careful, Bigfoot can throw stones

two hundred forty miles per hour;

if they so choose.  Joe Biden

doesn’t have a clue

of what’s waiting on the other side.  

Bigfoot Throw Rocks

Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem, 
The Language of Stones

The Language of Stones

              by Richard Rensberry 7/12/21

In the center of the circle

is where the Sasquatch sit…

and like the sun

their heart is a source

of warmth and light.

Compassion exists.

And fun.  A humor

that speaks through the glyphs

and stones they leave

on my porch.  A language

of empathy, telepathy

and trust.    

Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem, 
The Bigfoot Bet

 The Bigfoot Bet

The world is full of skewed ideas,

third eyes blind, false witnesses

and negative vibes

from those who fear what they can’t comprehend.

It takes denial and a simple mind

to conceive that sasquatch

is simply an ape.  If Bigfoot were such

they’d populate our zoos.  They’d leave their bones

and scat to the Smithsonian,

pose for photos and care nothing

of being video taped.

Bigfoot is not an ape!

Bigfoot is an enigma,

ancient as the stars

from dimensions unknown.  Shapeshifters

that can create and uncreate physically

with their minds.  Sasquatch always

finds you, you never find them.

If you naysay, prove it.

The Bigfoot bet

is that you can’t.  

Sasquatch Poet 
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem, 
Spear Fisherman

  Spear Fisherman


Spring fed McKinley

holds rainbows and browns*

in a bosom of silence

broken only by loons.


Big trout slurp

the surface near shore

where Bigfoot stands

dead still as a stork….



             Richard Rensberry  08/11/19

             Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter and Book 2 Cross Over

             The Encounter available on Amazon at:




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*rainbows and browns-  two species of trout   

Sasquatch spearfishing illustration for Poem from The Bigfoot Parchments by Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch Poet
Richard Rensberry,
Bigfoot poem,
The Bee Keeper

   Bee Keeper

From flowers to bees

laden with pollen,

the woodlands are blessed

with hollow tree nests

and underground combs

of lip licking best

honey.  Honey

is currency

in the Bigfoot bank.

Honey buys passion

and honey buys thanks.

Honey gives Bigfoot

bee keepers rank.

From the wildest blossoms

of pink and red rose,

to the bumble of bees

and the caw of the crows,

the forest is Bigfoot

bee keeper’s gold.  

Sasquatch Poet Richard Rensberry

Author of the Bigfoot Parchments

available on Amazon:  The Bigfoot Parchments

Cover to the Sasquatch book The Bigfoot Parchments by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

The Portal

There’s an anomaly

where the compass fails

in the old woods

near Big Creek.  North ain’t north

and south ain’t south.  East and west

get flipped on their heads.

I, who never gets lost

got lost here…. where the water runs 

backwards, then repeats itself

over and over

like a line in a song.

It’s where the hairs

on your neck get tickled….

where your mouth grows dry

and you hold your breath.

It is the longitude

and latitude of Bigfoot—

my Sasquatch friend.  

               Sasquatch Poet Richard Rensberry 3/12/20

               Author of Conversations With Sasquatch 

                available on Amazon:  


Sasquatch Poet Richard Rensberry Presents Bigfoot Poem
The Awakening

Sasquatch Novel, book 1, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

The Awakening

The journey

from the beginning

was to begin

our sacred role as caretakers

of life in the forests, of rivers that cleanse

and the seeds that feed us.

It is our duty to imbue

life not death…. to grant sentience 

to stone and bird alike.  Yes, it is Sasquatch duty

to respect and give space

even to the weasel and snake.  But most of all

it is our burden to wake 

the human race. 


Title poem for Book 3 in The Conversations With Sasquatch Series of Sasquatch novels, The Awakening 

by Sasquatch Poet Richard Rensberry.


Book 1, The Encounter is available in our online store: