Sasquatch Poet Brian Bland

Sasquatch poet Brian Bland lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Along with his friend Michael Harrel, Brian hosts the YouTube channel Pork'n Beans, a show devoted to the benevolent nature of Bigfoot Sasquatch.   

I met Brian via an invite from Michael to appear on their Pork'n Beans show.  We went live on May 21, 2021 and talked extensively about my experiences with our Sasquatch Brethren.  Brian has spent a vast amount of time in the British Columbian Forests, just as I have spent immeasurable amounts of time in the back woods of Michigan.  

British Columbia has long been ground zero as far Sasquatch encounters go.  Brian has also had  communication with a Sasquatch and has been adopted into their clan.  His Sasquatch friend is known as Arrie.  As it turns out our experiences with the Sasquatch are not at all dissimilar as to their generosity towards humanity.  

Brian shared the following poem of which I have entitled Deliverance.

Sasquatch Poet Brian Bland Presents 

When the darkness fell

A small light came on

To remind the night

Of impending dawn

And the promise of something

Not far away

A sliver of hope

Proceeds a new day.

When the darkness fell

A small truth shone bright

To remind the darkness

Of impending light

And the nature of circles

That return to connect

And dream away

Our collective neglect. 

When the darkness fell

A small spark shone clear

To remind the darkness

That light cannot fear

Bless the warriors heart

Of those bearing light 

Guiding truths vessel

Through a perilous night.

When the darkness fell

A small truth appeared

Born on a tear

Resurrected from fear

With dawns waking promise

To vacate the night

And deliver the darkness

Into the light.

                  Brian Bland  March 25, 2020 

Sasquatch Poet Brian Bland
Presents a Poem of Truth 
Pertinent to the Times

Darkness cannot spread in light.

Hatred can not survive in love.

Lies cannot breed in truth.

Knowing cannot entertain fear.

You can lock me in my home.

But you cannot control my heart.

You can spread the virus of fear.

But you cannot diminish courage.

You can tell me we're divided.

But love knows not division.

You can lock the door between us.

But connection has no barriers.

You can tell me I can't speak.

But you can't stop me from speaking.

You can tell me that you can.

But your actions speak my words.

You can padlock my entry.

But energy flows free.

You can tell me that you own me.

But that's not what I see.

My life, my wife my truth.

That belongs to me.

                       by Brian Bland 12/31/21

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