Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots
for a Close Encounter

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Some Basic Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots
of Engagement

     These Bigfoot dos and do nots are very important if you are truly interested in having a life changing Bigfoot Encounter.  Following or abusing these basic tenants can make or break any opportunity for a profound Bigfoot experience.  Just for reference, I had my first encounter with a benevolent Bigfoot at the age of seven years old.  Any further benevolent contact would not have been possible without adherence to these basic Bigfoot dos and do nots.

Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots #1

Dead Horse Sink Command Post

The biggest barrier one can create between oneself and these magnificent beings are bad or covert intentions.  All intentions carry a frequency or vibration readily readable by a Bigfoot.  They cannot be fooled.

The Sasquatch have little or no tolerance for any human with the intentions to capture their existence via a video or a photograph.  And to say the least, anyone brandishing a gun or other weaponry is as likely to have a close encounter with a Bigfoot as I have the likelihood of winning the State lottery jackpot.  All the Hollywood scripts in the world have never amounted to any real-life Bigfoot footage and most likely never will because of mis-guided intentions.

So the first paramount thing to remember is that your intentions are critical.  When you enter into the realm of the Bigfoot, be good intentioned, insouciant, unselfish, positive and respectful.  Leave your cellphones, cameras and weapons at home.  Do not intend these beings nor their environment any harm or disrespect.  Aggressiveness or disrespect will only beget the same for you, or most likely nothing in return at all.  

Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots #2


"Searching" for Bigfoot is nothing but a fruitless exercise of ego.  You do not find Bigfoot, they find you.  If they deem your intentions as non-threatening and feel so inclined, they will let you know.  They do so by leaving little messages in the form of gift stones or glyphs created from sticks, or maybe even tree sculptures or structures.  Be observant, and I suggest you leave a gift in return.  These small gestures of communication are a giant step in gaining a Bigfoot's trust.  A full blown encounter will often happen when you are least expecting it, when your mind and heart are at their freest.

Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots #3


Absolutely do not give the Bigfoot the impression you are superior.  A human cannot hold a candle to the higher intelligence and wit that the Sasquatch possess.  If you feel yourself to be superior, you can forget it; if they interact with you at all, it will be strictly for their own amusement.  You will be the brunt of some Bigfoot joke, like the wrong end of a throw stone.  It's a warning to get your ass out of their domain.  You are not smarter nor stronger than then they are, they have proven that fact over and over a million times.  

Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots #4

Transmigrating Sasquatch

The Bigfoot understand all human languages  and are telepathic.  Your thoughts are an open channel to the Sasquatch.  You cannot fool them no matter how smart you think you are.  Your mind and heart need to be pure and giving before any worthwhile contact can occur with these supernatural beings, for they are supernatural, they are not an ape or a gorilla.  They possess an array of supernatural abilities such as cloaking, telepathy, thought implantation and transmigration.  They are far beyond the physical and mental restrictions imposed on the human experience at this time.  

Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots #5


To the Bigfoot, life is a game.  It is not a descent into a digital reality we now call the matrix.  To the Sasquatch, life is not lived as a spectator.  It is lived up close and personal with all things animate and inanimate deserving respect and a rightful place in the universe.  It is living in accordance with the natural order of things.  Our universe is made up of an allness where everything it contains supports and hinges on everything else in a symbiotic relationship that can appear rather violent and/or magical.  The Sasquatch are at the pinnacle of our earthly hierarchy.  They exist in a realm all their own, a realm of magic, and there is no defense against their offensive game except an awakened heart and mind.  You cannot and will not enter their realm with anything less.  That is the bottom line, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

So there you have it.  My Bigfoot Dos and Do Nots.  I wish you the best on your journey.  I am not the message, but only the messenger.  May the light always shine through  your soul.  

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