Bigfoot Country

Bigfoot Country near Lewiston, Michigan, setting for Conversations With Sasquatch by Richard Rensberry.

In Northern Michigan's Bigfoot Country, I have   ready access to thousands of acres of State and Federal land.  I have roamed these lands on foot ever since I was a kid of six or seven years old.  With the logging of so much time in the woods, you find and see some wild things.  A few places that strike a chord deep in the heart of an outdoorsman like me, are those places that cannot be explained by normal observations and perceptions.  

I have no explanation for how a creek would run backwards or be there one day and not the next.  But these are actual phenomena that I have experienced.  In the case of the disappearing creek, I even marked my trail so as to make sure it wasn't a misstep or two that had somehow led me astray.  It wasn't.  This creek is there or its not there according to whatever forces are present or absent at that location at that time in the forest.  When I followed my marked trail, I ended up at the creek about 50% of the time in 2020.  The other 50% of the time the creek did not exist.  When this happens to you, it is so discombobulating that you cannot let it go.  I searched a half mile in both directions before concluding it had nothing to do with any of my markings or my navigation skills.  I wasn't crazy though I have been called that a thousand times.

It is even stranger when you arrive at the creek and it is running in the complete opposite direction from which it is supposed to be.  Your first inclination is to explain it away by telling yourself you hit the creek at a loop and it's backwards flow is just part of normal stream meandering.  Impossible from a marked trail, and when I say marked trail, I mean a marked trail.  I took a can of spray paint and dotted trees all the way to the stream.  Unlike conspicuous ribbons tied to limbs, no one can change painted marks on trees.  I was exactly where I was supposed to be for the creek to exist and flow South to the river.  At times, it just wasn't there or it was flowing North instead of South.

This is Bigfoot country, a place where your internal and external compass cannot be trusted.  This is the land of Cross Over.  

Bigfoot Country Poem,
The Portal

Bigfoot country photo at sunset by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

 The Portal

There’s an anomaly

where the compass fails

in the old woods

near Big Creek.  North ain’t north

and south ain’t south.  East and west

get flipped on their heads.

I, who never gets lost

got lost here…. where the water runs 

backwards, then repeats itself

over and over

like a line in a song.

It’s where the hairs

on your neck get tickled….

where your mouth grows dry

and you hold your breath.

It is the longitude

and latitude of Bigfoot—

my Sasquatch friend.  

                    Richard Rensberry 3/12/20

Bigfoot Country Poem, The Forest

Michigan forest in wintertime.  The setting for the Conversations With Sasquatch Series by Richard Rensberry.

The Forest

The tranquil hush

of heavy wet snow, no breeze

in a rush to intrude, just beauty

conceived and born

in the house of the Sasquatch.   

              Richard Rensberry  1/16/21

              Author of Conversations With Sasquatch

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