Sasquatch Plasma Water

Sasquatch plasma water is a gift that truly keeps on giving.  I believe it may be from that magical fountain of which Ponce De Leon had sought to drink.   Best of all, it is now available to the human race for free.  Plasma water is within our grasp and understanding because the Sasquatch are helping to make it so.

Here is a quote from Loquius, Master at Arms for the Sasquatch Council of Elders:

"Water runs through us all as well as the earth. It is the blood of life. It is host to a wealth of nutrients, minerals and intentions for sustaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. Even love is soluble in water and passed from one creature to another. It can be blessed, cleansed and fortified by thought, or what we Sasquatch call “pure intention"."

"I am Loquius, member of the Bigfoot Council of Elders.  Authors Richard and Mary Rensberry, have not only become dear friends of mine, they are friends of the highest order to all of life and Mother Earth.  They are water spirits, divining rods for all that is good. They have taken on the responsibility of sharing with you the ancient wonders of how to make and use Sasquatch plasma water or energy to help yourself and others. This energy is as free as the wind. It is pure as an apple picked fresh from a tree. It is yours to drink and share as you please. It is your very own genie in a bottle."

What is Sasquatch Plasma Water?

I would call it a major breakthrough in creating and sustaining a healthy life.  If that sounds dramatic, well it is meant to be.  Plasma water is infused with the frequencies and vibrations of all the essential vitamins and minerals to help sustain life in all its myriad of forms.  It is also infused with Sasquatch pure intention to heal, cleanse and nourish not only our bodies but the universe itself.  Our good intentions and use of Plasma water technologies only enhance the vibrations and frequencies already present in the water.  These frequencies have been photographically proven to respond to human thought through experiments and pictures by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  

If you Google him, you will find the matrix media is taking steps to discredit him by calling him a pseudo-scientist instead of the genius he truly was.  The Sasquatch and I don't give one hoot about these pseudo-authority's opinions!  They are nobodies, destined for the dust bins of no-wheres-vil.  Pay them no heed.  

You may want to read Emoto's books on the magical properties of water for yourself, they are very enlightening. Here is the link to his books on amazon:    

More References to delve deeper into the science behind Sasquatch Plasma Water  

Free Sasquatch Plasma Water Pads to create your very own supply
of water at home

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