Sasquatch Novel The Encounter is Book 1 in the
Conversations With Sasquatch Series

Book cover for Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

Sasquatch novel The Encounter starts the saga of Conversations With Sasquatch.  

What is the significance of this mysterious creature's presence amongst the human race?  Who are these Beings and why is so little known about them? How do they continually escape the Bigfoot hunters and chasers so dead set on creating or finding Sasquatch remains?  Richard Rensberry's close encounters and conversations with Sasquatch may have answers to some of these universal questions.  They tell a much different story than a wild man-ape terrorizing the woods. Meet Loquiis, Leeitus, Pureesis and Loquiili, a Sasquatch family living in harmony with nature and undetected right under the noses of those that can't find them.

Sasquatch Novel The Encounter Sample Conversation
With Loquius a Friendly Bigfoot

Loquius a talkative Sasquatch from the Sasquatch novel, Conversations With Sasquatch The Encounter by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

 “This is your planet in Cross Over,” he states.  “You will not be able to stay.  There are those in the Council that feel man is undeserving of Sasquatch help.  They want nothing to do with your rapid descent away from natural law and your selfish ascent into narcissism.  They believe you are committing suicide.”

I am caught off guard and offer no defense to these blunt charges coming from a Sasquatch.    

“Some members of the Council do not think that your demise will effect our demise,” Loquius continues, “but I believe differently.  I have supplied to the council, indisputable evidences of the technological poisons that have been seeping through at the Cross Over edges.  There is evidence that shows that man-made poisons are rapidly eroding and shrinking not only your world but ours.    Your human selfishness, pesticides, herbicides, 5G microwaves, pharmacopeia and genetic engineering are rapidly destroying your world and will destroy ours along with it.” 

      I decidedly want to wake up and get back to a place called Sanity.  This is nuts!  I am being lectured by a Sasquatch.

     “Do you recognize the name Ted Kaczynski?”  Loquius asks.

Sasquatch Novel The Encounter Family

Sasquatch Novel The Encounter Family was discovered in the land of Cross Over, the alternate Earth path of the Sasquatch.  Like humans they can be many faceted, from serious to playful, and their symbiotic relationship between themselves and nature is far advanced to ours and a joy to see.  

The youngest child of Loquius and Loquiili is a darling Sasquatch by the name of Pureesis.  After meeting her, I wrote this little poem to describe our formative relationship.

                                   The Gift

                   A stone shaped like a heart

                   was left on my doorstep.

                   It came in the night

                   without fanfare or noise,

                   it came as a gift

                   on little feet, by way of the forest

                   and a child named Pureesis.  A princess

                   of a smitten Sasquatch.

Richard Rensberry, Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

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