Big Foot Healing Stones 
Get Me Banned
by Sasquatch Groups
on Facebook

If you are confined to believing in
the spoon fed lies of the Matrix, skip this page.  It is for those
with common sense and the ability to observe.

Below is the "Offensive" Facebook Post
That Got Me Booted! 

Bigfoot Healing Stones

     These Bigfoot Healing Stones have moved through the hands of time and the Sasquatch that collected them.  They have been imbued with the healing intentions of multiple Bigfoot Elders and Medicine Men through the ages.  They are beyond science and the invalidations of any and all nonbelievers.  

     They are also known as Karmic Stones, for their ability to flashback upon those that harbor ill intentions and evil purposes.    We are all captains of our own fate along with a little help from the other side.  May you be so blessed or cursed to possess one.

Richard Rensberry, author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter 

     That's it.  That's the entirety of the Bigfoot Healing Stones post, except it included an allowable link to this website.  How offensive is that?  Censor worthy?  Infuriating?  Hateful?

     Apparently, Bigfoot Healing Stones are not to be mentioned in certain Bigfoot company on the Internet.  My doing so resulted in belligerent attacks and then being banned from posting or commenting on several sites.   These same groups gladly allow stupid posts such as; "Why do we never see a penis in a photo or video of a Bigfoot?"   Now that's way more intelligent and important than a Bigfoot Healing Stone.  

     These depraved Facebook groups from which I have been exiled are comprised of more than eighty thousand people.  How many out of those eighty thousand are more dense than a stone?  I cannot say, but those that commented and got me banned certainly fit the bill.  Now, as they carry on denigrating the Sasquatch and I, as well as the healing ability of Bigfoot Healing Stones, we cannot even defend ourselves. 

     If there were ever a time for the sane and good people of earth to speak up, it is now, 2021.  It is time to put the writing on the wall before it gets branded into our foreheads for an eventual train ride to the gas chambers.  Free speech and wisdom in the United States is being extinguished by political and corporate agendas promulgated from a few career politicians and multi-billionaire elitists.  Jerry Seinfeld's Soup Nazis have arrived.

Please do your part, buy locally
from the small businesses
in your neighborhood or town.

     You can help!  Stop feeding the corporate monsters like Gates and Zuckerberg.  Bypass the fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King and eat at your locally, independently owned restaurants if you must eat out.  Heck, make and pack your own lunch like in the old days.  It is healthier, cheaper and a bagful of sense for the wise.  You don't in the least need Walmart, Dollar General nor Home Depot.  You definitely don't need Big Pharma outlets the likes of Rite Aid or Walgreens.  You might even want to consider Bigfoot healing stones over some of those illegitimate alternatives like the COVID jab.  I have found much superior help and products from local doctors and store owners that I know and cherish.  Just the money I save by packing my own lunch compensates for the difference in price between good local help and products, and the price of cheap Chinese goods.  

     A thousand small gestures by many all add up to a juggernaut of support in your local community.  These gestures saves thousands of dollars and jobs.  Their positive repercussions result in local prosperity and good will.  Bill Gates, Joe Biden or Marc Zuckerberg cannot say or do anything about what you say or believe if you bypass their Pinocchio noses.   

If this page pisses you off, then good!
It was meant to.