Sasquatch Poems

Sasquatch poems are a valuable asset in the describing and understanding of these legendary beings.  I have written several books of poetry over the years and I am now at work on a book of Bigfoot Sasquatch poems to be published sometime in 2021.  This book of Sasquatch poems will be a companion to my Sasquatch Novel series Conversations With Sasquatch.  

The descriptive vocabulary of the American Indians has often described these elusive and supernatural creatures poetically.   Their lyrical works and stories of lore are a treasure to anyone seriously interested in Bigfoot.  Hopefully I can include some of their wonderful words here.  

If you are a writer and would like your Bigfoot or Sasquatch poems to be published here on this page, I'd love to hear from you on that regard.  You can email me at to submit your poems.  Upon receipt, I will take them seriously into consideration.  Please limit your submission to no more than 3 poems per month.  

Sasquatch Poems 
by Conversations With Sasquatch
author Richard Rensberry

The Awakening Sasquatch Poem


The Awakening


The journey

from the beginning

was to begin

our sacred role as caretakers

of life in the forests, of rivers that cleanse

and the seeds that feed us.

It is our duty to imbue

life not death…. to grant sentience 

to stone and bird alike.  Yes, it is Sasquatch duty

to respect and give space

even to the weasel and snake.  But most of all

it is our burden to wake 

the human race. 


Title poem for Book 3 in The Conversations With Sasquatch Series of

Sasquatch novels, The Awakening 


Book 1, The Encounter is available in our online store:  

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The Forest Sasquatch Poem

Michigan winter scene for Sasquatch poem, The Forest by Conversations With Sasquatch author Richard Rensberry.

                                   The Forest

                            The tranquil hush

                            of heavy wet snow, no breeze

                            in a rush to intrude, just beauty

                            conceived and born

                            in the house of the Sasquatch.   

              Richard Rensberry  1/16/21

              Author of Conversations With Sasquatch



The Gift Sasquatch Poem


            The Gift


A stone shaped like a heart

was left on my doorstep.

It came in the night

without fanfare or noise.

It came as a gift

on little feet, by way of the forest

and a child named Pureesis.  A princess

of a smitten Sasquatch.


         Richard Rensberry 10/12/20

         Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter 


Pureesis-  daughter of Sasquatch lovers Loquius and Loquiili 

smitten-  love struck 

The Feast Sasquatch Poem

                                       The Feast

                               When harvests are bountiful

                               and the horizon glows,

                               the Sasquatch gather

                               with fiddles and bows.

                               They chant and clap

                               each rhythm and rhyme,

                               gossip and sip

                               spiked juice of the lime.

                               They sing old songs

                               of passed down soothe….

                               nurture the hopes

                               of love struck youth.

                               They pat sore backs

                               of friends and foes,

                               snap their fingers

                               and tap big toes.

                               There’s plenty for all

                               when they stomp their feet,

                               hoot and holler

                               to come and eat.  

                   Richard Rensberry   10/02/20  Lewiston, Michigan

                   Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter



soothe-  truths 

Sasquatch Poem The Feast

A Spearfish Sasquatch Poem

                                        Spear Fisherman

                                      Spring fed McKinley

                                      holds rainbows and browns*

                                      in a bosom of silence

                                      broken only by loons.


                                      Big trout slurp

                                      the surface near shore

                                      where Bigfoot stands

                                      dead still as a stork….


                                Richard Rensberry  08/11/19

                                Author of Conversations With Sasquatch

                                available on Amazon at:




*rainbows and browns-  two species of trout   

Sasquatch fishing.  Spearfish Bigfoot by Michigan artist Mary Rensberry.

A Sasquatch Poem for Christmas




On Christmas Day

put an ear to a maple

or birch and listen…. you’ll hear

the bells of Cross Over ring

through the trees of the forest

where the Bigfoot reign.


They are the bells from a hammer

and a chisel on stone, the bells of a miracle

being carved out of bone.

They are the bells of Leeitus

and the bells of Pariseema, the toll

of Awakening in a brand new world.


They are the bells of the Elders

from the Temple of Myrrh…. the bells of a harkening

and the bells to concur

the best is yet to come.  


                                      Richard Rensberry  12/21/20

                                      Author of Conversations With Sasquatch  


Cross Over-  The Sasquatch world


Leeitus-  Son of the Elder Sasquatch Loquius


Pariseema- Sasquatch center for Ethics and Common Sense


Awakening-  The Winter Solstice high frequency energy of enlightenment


Elders-  Council of the Sasquatch Elders who are many thousands of years old 


Temple of Myrrh-  Temple located in Pariseema for spiritual celebrations.  

Sasquatch celebration at Christmas.  Sasquatch art by Michigan artist Mary Rensberry.