Sasquatch Poems

Sasquatch poems are a valuable asset in the describing and understanding of these legendary beings.  I have written several books of poetry over the years and I have now completed a book of Bigfoot poems called The Bigfoot Parchments.  This book of Sasquatch poems and Bigfoot knowledge is a companion to my Sasquatch Novel series Conversations With Sasquatch.  

If you would like your Bigfoot or Sasquatch poem to be published here on this page, I'd love to hear from you on that regard.  You can email me at to submit your poem.  Upon receipt, I will take them seriously into consideration.  Please limit your submission to no more than 3 poems.  

Sasquatch Poem
Absence by Richard Rensberry


As we wend our way

through the matrix, the traps are multiples

of much and many, but money

is the ultimate

quicksand for the soul; it is the neediest

of the needy

hands of darkness,

for even I have accidents, vehicles

to repair and surgeries to heal.

The lack of dollars

is what lies at the crux

of my long absences, my bottomless

falls into forgetfulness.  But sooner or later

we all hit bottom and realize

we are only wounded

not dead.

So here I sit, once again

on the edge of Cross Over,

as if months had never been spent

but accumulated

for one final assault on making the future

vibrant and bright.

Richard Rensberry 10/15/23

Sasquatch Poem Courage

Sasquatch Poet RiverMonk on behalf of General Demarcus Spoken before the Sasquatch Council of Elders 2/22/22


Time and space

cannot detain thought,

they are but gossamer

to truth and intent.

Our spirit exists

beyond the gravitational pull

of humanity.  No long arm

of government, no human tyranny 

has power to mandate 

or stop anything

but their own actions

or inactions.   

Our weapons

are infinity, telepathy,

and the frequency of love, 

perfect perfection 

without compromise,

without fear

of consequences.  

                Sasquatch RiverMonk 2/22/22

Sasquatch Poem
by Sasquatch RiverMonk,
Poet in Residence
at the Sasquatch Temple of Myrrh,
Lake Pariseema, Cross Over


With the electricity of love

that flows through our hearts...

With courage and certainty

in Infinite Spirit…

with benevolent thought

and healing intentions… 

With the granting of help

and the spark of compassion…

we create light

to conquer the dark...  

              Sasquatch RiverMonk 2/6/22

Sasquatch Poem
by Richard Rensberry


Thought is not a house

of limitations.

We do not end

at our fingertips

and we can walk

further than our legs

can carry us.

We can see beyond the reach

of our eyesight.  We can

hear the bells

that ring the souls of the Sasquatch

and the chants of sweet angels

in the temples of the Universe.

                  Richard Rensberry 2/3/22

Sasquatch Poem
Peach Pie
by Richard Rensberry


The Sasquatch children

bring me peaches

ripe and warmed by the sun.

They bring rain water,

nasturtiums and honey comb.

They leave me a stone

rolling pin, a hollowed stump

with ground kenaf flour 

and a huge carved bowl

for mixing fruit,

cinnamon, and cloves.

I heat my stove

to three hundred fifty degrees; 

crack an egg of quail

and glaze the crust; then

clove and cinnamon dust

the honied peaches.  I bake

and whip fresh sweet cream.

Done, I set the steaming pie

on the kitchen sill to cool.  Patiently 

I wait for their little feet.  I can hear them

whisper as the porch boards creak,

then a giggle and a hand

reaches up

to steal my heart.  

                 8/6/21 Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch Poem
The Mission
by Richard Rensberry

The Mission

             by Richard Rensberry 6/23/21


I wake to whispers

from conifer fronds,

feel cool, wet moss

beneath my feet.

Flashes of heat lightning

turn spruces into ghosts

and apparitions of Bigfoot.

There’s a fragrant spice

of honey suckle rose

that tickles my nose.  I sneeze,

and the heavens open

wide with the eyes of the night.

“It is time,” A Bigfoot says.

“To escape from your illusion.”

A glowing white owl hoots

backlit by the moon.

It swivels its head

as a chorus of crickets 

and tree toads sing.  A red fox 

bounces from a thicket

and smiles.

The Bigfoot says, “It’s time.

The heart is bigger

and louder than the mind.

Listen, it is the voice

of your conscience awakening.”

A blackbird ‘top a cattail whistles.

Then Dan Ackroyd appears

full of grins and jolly.

He has a look of innocence 

and hope written 

across his face.  

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I’m on a mission from God.” 

Sasquatch stone message with a heart at the center.  Left in Michigan's Big Creek forest.

Sasquatch Poem
The Dance
by Richard Rensberry 6/20/21

The Dance


I have the world

in my hands and soul.

It was gifted to me

in the song of a bluebird.

It was gifted by the wind

to fill the sails in my heart.

It was gifted in fruits

like the apple that blossoms

in the lane near home.

It was gifted in essence

by the lilac and rose.

It was granted by chance

in a dance with Sasquatch…

     my precious smiling stone.  

Sasquatch Poem 
Sleep Little One
by Sasysquatchgirl

Sleep Little One

                 by Sasysquatchgirl 

In this vision I see

This baby…whose soul deep trusting eyes are looking at me

Looking at me with aww and wonder

And I think, how could this be?

This magnificent, magnificent creature

I need to make sure he always stays free

Not an experiment in some sterile cruel cage

Like we’ve done to every other wondrous creature no matter the age

It’s the littlest thing I could do

Because I know what humanity will do to you

Would that I could keep you in your mother’s arms

Safe and loved away from harm

No “I told you so” to the science community

Would ever be worth

Having a young snatched from their momma soon after birth

Feelings are feelings

Love is love

Life is so precious

And fragile like a dove

So sleep little one

Snuggle in tight

Mamma will protect you till the time is right

Maybe someday I’ll see you when I’m wide awake

So you may see what wonder and aww looks my eyes make…

For all the creatures under humanities thumb..

Poem by me copyright 6/21

Piece inspired by the art of Jonathan Dodd #cryptidpoet #monsterwordslinger

You can reach Johnathan Dodd for commissions or to see his other wonderful pieces at:    

Sasquatch Poem
The Bigfoot Bet
by Richard Rensberry 6/18/21

The Bigfoot Bet

The world is full of skewed ideas,

third eyes blind, false witnesses

and negative vibes

from those who fear what they can’t comprehend.

It takes denial and a simple mind

to conceive that sasquatch

is simply an ape.  If Bigfoot were such

they’d populate our zoos.  They’d leave their bones

and scat to the Smithsonian,

pose for photos and care nothing

of being video taped.

Bigfoot is not an ape!

Bigfoot is an enigma,

ancient as the stars

from dimensions unknown.  Shapeshifters

that can create and uncreate physically

with their minds.  Sasquatch always

finds you, you never find them.

If you naysay, prove it.

The Bigfoot bet

is that you can’t.  

Sasquatch Poem Dawn
by Richard Rensberry 6/5/21


Today I awoke

in an abyss of bad thinking,

a void fully absent

of the spirit of hope.

The voices of reason

have abruptly gone mute

as if the Sasquatch have sat down to pout.

The portals are closed.  Reality

has descended into a pool of uncertainty...

I wade the results.

Then a bird sings

and the horizon smiles with a glimmer of light.  

Sasquatch Poem Deliverance
by Brian Bland 3/25/20


When the darkness fell

A small light came on

To remind the night

Of impending dawn

And the promise of something

Not far away

A sliver of hope

Proceeds a new day.

When the darkness fell

A small truth shone bright

To remind the darkness

Of impending light

And the nature of circles

That return to connect

And dream away

Our collective neglect. 

When the darkness fell

A small spark shone clear

To remind the darkness

That light cannot fear

Bless the warriors heart

Of those bearing light 

Guiding truths vessel

Through a perilous night.

When the darkness fell

A small truth appeared

Born on a tear

Resurrected from fear

With dawns waking promise

To vacate the night

And deliver the darkness

Into the light.

Sasquatch Poems 
by Conversations With Sasquatch
author Richard Rensberry

                           Spear Fisherman

                         Spring fed McKinley

                         holds rainbows and browns*

                         in a bosom of silence

                         broken only by loons.


                          Big trout slurp

                          the surface near shore

                          where Bigfoot stands

                          dead still as a stork….


                         Richard Rensberry  08/11/19

                Author of Conversations With Sasquatch

                         available on Amazon at:


Wolves Sasquatch Poem


You can’t fool a wolf

even with scents

like pine tar or sage

on boot bottoms.

They smell your intent

and perk their ears

at the beat of your heart.

They are the forest’s skin

covered with fur.  They are

the howl of the wounded

and the carnivore’s teeth…

but bow to the pet

and coo of Bigfoot.   

                     Richard Rensberry 12/1/20

The Bigfoot Parchments Sasquatch Poem


The Bigfoot Parchments


There are no hieroglyphs 

nor painted rocks in caves;

no fossils of Bigfoot remains.


The Bigfoot exist

in the dimension of trees

and speak the language of rivers

and meandering streams.


They are seers and poets….

sculptors with gifts

from a world of dreams.  They are philosophers

of source.  They have deciphered the secrets

of where thoughts were born.


I have the parchments to prove it….

the inherent wisdom of their ancient souls,

their knowledge of seeds,

roots, and livingness.  They hold the keys

to the holy grail.  


Richard Rensberry, author of Conversations With Sasquatch

Book 1, The Encounter can be purchased here

Secrets Sasquatch Poem


If you believe Sasquatch

to be an animal,

he most likely will accost you.

If your mind is made up

that he smells like a skunk, he’ll blatantly

stink you.  If you treat him

like a dumb ass, he’ll deceive

and elude your presence

forever.  If you treat him as an equal

he will tell you secrets

of the universe.  

                  Richard Rensberry  11/18/20 Lewiston, Michigan

                  Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter:


Tea Sasquatch Poem

Cover of The Bigfoot Parchments by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.


From the mighty forest’s

stores of raspberry,

jasmine and dandelion,

Loquiili makes tea.

From the fruits

of pear, sweet apple

and pin cherry,

from the stores of juniper,

rose and burdock,

from the mighty forest’s 

kenaf and licorice,

peppermint and chamomile,

sap of maple,

birch and bitters,

Loquiili makes tea.  

The Sasquatch sip

and dunk their biscuits.  


                       Richard Rensberry  2/6/21


Loquiili-  wife of Sasquatch Elder Loquius, from Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter   

The Awakening Sasquatch Poem


The Awakening


The journey

from the beginning

was to begin

our sacred role as caretakers

of life in the forests, of rivers that cleanse

and the seeds that feed us.

It is our duty to imbue

life not death…. to grant sentience 

to stone and bird alike.  Yes, it is Sasquatch duty

to respect and give space

even to the weasel and snake.  But most of all

it is our burden to wake 

the human race. 


Title poem for Book 3 in The Conversations With Sasquatch Series of

Sasquatch novels, The Awakening 


Book 1, The Encounter is available on Amazon:  

The Forest Sasquatch Poem

Michigan winter scene for Sasquatch poem, The Forest by Conversations With Sasquatch author Richard Rensberry.

                                   The Forest

                            The tranquil hush

                            of heavy wet snow, no breeze

                            in a rush to intrude, just beauty

                            conceived and born

                            in the house of the Sasquatch.   

              Richard Rensberry  1/16/21

              Author of Conversations With Sasquatch



The Gift Sasquatch Poem


            The Gift


A stone shaped like a heart

was left on my doorstep.

It came in the night

without fanfare or noise.

It came as a gift

on little feet, by way of the forest

and a child named Pureesis.  A princess

of a smitten Sasquatch.


         Richard Rensberry 10/12/20

         Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter 


Pureesis-  daughter of Sasquatch lovers Loquius and Loquiili 

smitten-  love struck 

The Feast Sasquatch Poem

                                       The Feast

                               When harvests are bountiful

                               and the horizon glows,

                               the Sasquatch gather

                               with fiddles and bows.

                               They chant and clap

                               each rhythm and rhyme,

                               gossip and sip

                               spiked juice of the lime.

                               They sing old songs

                               of passed down soothe….

                               nurture the hopes

                               of love struck youth.

                               They pat sore backs

                               of friends and foes,

                               snap their fingers

                               and tap big toes.

                               There’s plenty for all

                               when they stomp their feet,

                               hoot and holler

                               to come and eat.  

         Richard Rensberry   10/02/20  Lewiston, Michigan


soothe-  truths 

Sasquatch Poem The Feast

A Spearfish Sasquatch Poem

                                        Spear Fisherman

                                      Spring fed McKinley

                                      holds rainbows and browns*

                                      in a bosom of silence

                                      broken only by loons.


                                      Big trout slurp

                                      the surface near shore

                                      where Bigfoot stands

                                      dead still as a stork….


                                Richard Rensberry  08/11/19


*rainbows and browns-  two species of trout   

Sasquatch fishing.  Spearfish Bigfoot by Michigan artist Mary Rensberry.

A Sasquatch Poem for Christmas




On Christmas Day

put an ear to a maple

or birch and listen…. you’ll hear

the bells of Cross Over ring

through the trees of the forest

where the Bigfoot reign.


They are the bells from a hammer

and a chisel on stone, the bells of a miracle

being carved out of bone.

They are the bells of Leeitus

and the bells of Pariseema, the toll

of Awakening in a brand new world.


They are the bells of the Elders

from the Temple of Cheer…. the bells of a harkening

and the bells to concur

the best is yet to come.  


                                      Richard Rensberry  12/21/20


Cross Over-  The Sasquatch world


Leeitus-  Son of the Elder Sasquatch Loquius


Pariseema- Sasquatch center for Ethics and Common Sense


Awakening-  The Winter Solstice high frequency energy of enlightenment


Elders-  Council of the Sasquatch Elders who are many thousands of years old 


Temple of Cheer-  Temple located in Pariseema for spiritual celebrations.  

Sasquatch celebration at Christmas.  Sasquatch art by Michigan artist Mary Rensberry.

My Bigfoot Parchment and
Sasquatch Poetry Book;
The Bigfoot Parchments
is now available on Amazon

Cover for The Bigfoot Parchments by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

The Bigfoot Parchments were given to me during my journey and prolonged stay in Cross Over, the land of the Sasquatch.   Rutheeus, Member of the Sasquatch Council of Elders, entrusted me with the Bigfoot knowledge contained in these parchments as a means for helping mankind.  The nature of these parchments and their significance to helping mankind is the subject of Book 3, The Awakening, in my Conversations With Sasquatch series of novels.  The Bigfoot Parchments delivers the Parchments in the raw along with a store of Bigfoot poems that evolved from my connection to the Sasquatch Council of Elders.