New Earth Ministries,
A Private Member Association

New Earth Ministries

     New Earth Ministries is a Private Member Association that operates as an unincorporated ministry, established 11/24/2021.  This ministry is created and organized to operate within the private domain as a Private Membership Association and a spiritual ministry reliant upon a faith in nature and Nature’s God.  

     Through the conscious intentions and collaborations between Humans, Sasquatch Elders, Extraterrestrials,  Guardians and Mother Earth, a new era is upon us, an era of quantum energy, intentional healing, intentionally created frequencies, plasma energy, sustainable living, regenerative agriculture, and a deep connection to source, which we call Nature’s God.  

     New Earth Ministries is organized for better health (spiritual, mental, and physical), education, beneficent purposes, and reliance upon and cohabitating with nature, and is established under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Law of NEW EARTH MINISTRIES, for furthering the uplifting and enlightenment of all people who voluntarily choose to associate with this ministry throughout the World and the betterment of life on planet Earth.  NEW EARTH MINISTRIES must and will always remain an unincorporated ministry dedicated to this higher purpose.   

Growing Onions

New Earth Ministries 
Organic Garden and Orchard Project

Some Photos of Our Organic Garden Project Pilot, 1 Family Plot

Growing Garden

Growing Garden



Growing Melons

Growing Melons

Growing Tomatos

Tomatoes Beginning to Blossom

Weeding and Thinning our Carrots and Beets

Weeding and Thinning, Leaving the Volunteer Potatoes

Beginning To Harvest

Beginning to Harvest

Vegetable Harvest Sample

Vegetable Harvest Sample

Sample Vegetable Harvest

Ready to Eat

Heirloom Yellow Tomato

Heirloom Yellow Tomato



Garden Sample For Canning

Garden Harvest Ready to Eat and Can


Huckleberries for a Pie

New Earth Ministries As One Unified Conscious Energy Source

Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness Art

     As our understanding of this universal energy source, Nature’s God, continues to expand, we are soon confronted with the idea that it is intelligent, that it can directly interact with our consciousness. The entire Universe is composed of a unified field, or One Unified Conscious Energy Source, and we are a part of that field; our consciousness can interact with it at many levels. And when we strip away the religious and denominational distinctions of various belief systems on the planet and try to weave a single thread through their teachings, we are left with the simple fact that the fundamental nature of God’s Energy is intentional Love and Light.

     And since its nature is loving, we are told that it seeks to have everyone else feel the same way; it is continually striving to have each conscious life form in the Universe reunite with that Love and Light as much as possible. Hence, Jesus taught us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We are told that God is evolving, through the free-will decisions of its apparently separate participants. The whole universe changes as we choose to reunite in Oneness.

     So, in the simplest possible sense, we can either have faith or simply postulate that the entire universe is One Being with One Mind, and that both the nonphysical aether and physical matter is all a fundamental part of that interconnected being. The world’s spiritual teachings all tell us that God seeks Oneness, unity and connection, and they also associate this quite directly with the concept of vibration. (One Unified Conscious Energy Source excerpted from ascension glossary)

  New Earth Ministries 
in the Zero Point Field

1.   New Earth Ministries has attained the ability to “charge” objects  with zero point energy (Nature’s God) frequencies.  Those frequencies combined with various positive intentions from us and others go into all Quantum Energy Products we produce and offer to New Earth Ministry members.  This is accomplished via a quantum energy cube combined with our own and other's high frequency intentions.  

     The Sasquatch and other higher dimensional beings have this quantum energy in abundance.  You find their pure intentions imbued into all things they touch.  Gift stones, glyphs, seeds and even people can receive and manifest quantum energy and intentions.  All Sasquatch and extraterrestrial gifts naturally contain intentional energy and good vibrations from their source.  I personally have received many such gifts and continue to receive them regularly.  New Earth ministries is now capable of further enhancing those gifts (our Ascension Stone Collection and Unity Tumbler Collections) with zero point energy.  This is accomplished through the use of the quantum energy cube developed through research in the field of quantum physics.  

     Thus we are currently able to unveil our quantum energy enhanced Stones and Tumblers and make them available to members.  These stones are intentionally enhanced by the Sasquatch with intentions of love, healing, courage, mental sharpness, etc., then quantum energy charged in our quantum energy cube with zero point (Nature's God) energy.  They are meant to be used to help bring about a New Earth frequency.  In the near future we have plans for many other quantum energy charged products and services for our New Earth Ministry members.   

2.  New Earth Ministries strives to be a source of truth in education.  If we do not understand and believe something to be true, we do not use it, nor pass it along.  We will try our best to share information and links that are of great value and help.  

3.  We partner with our members by sharing and helping you in your New Earth endeavors on this and other websites.  We believe the sharing of truth and help is the only way to bring about a New Earth connected to Nature’s God in the true sense of the word.  

4.  We are new on this earth.  We will prosper and grow together as God, Sovereign, and Free Beings.    

New Earth Ministries