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Bigfoot and Kenaf
Bring Answers to Seeding,
Feeding and Housing
Our World

     Bigfoot and kenaf have an important lesson for mankind.  That lesson comes with a robust answer to many of our basic human concerns, such as food, clothing, and housing which the Sasquatch have completely conquered in their land of Cross Over.

     The Kenaf plant (as referred to in my Conversations With Sasquatch Series) has successfully been used by the Bigfoot Sasquatch of Cross Over for hundreds of essential needs. Kenaf is similar to hemp in its structure, in that all parts of the plant have a basic purpose with essential qualities.  Its young leaves can be eaten by humans and animals and provide essential nutrition.  Its stalk's fibers can be used for making clothing and the kenaf core can be used to create a cement like substance called Kenafcrete for our housing industry.  

     This next growing season I will be planting the kenaf seeds that were graciously gifted to me by the Big Creek Sasquatch of Cross Over.  I look forward to sharing my further adventures with Bigfoot and kenaf in the future.

     The rarity of kenaf seed (though it does exist) in our human  world is at this time a huge stumbling block to making this miraculous and important plant a household name.  But, once farmers and investors understand the financial and humanitarian benefit of growing, harvesting and marketing kenaf, the floodgates should open, and its uses will quickly expand into all areas of our lives. It is cheap and renewable.  It is fast growing, nutritious and multi-dimensional in its myriad of uses.

      In the early days of automobiles, Henry Ford somehow got his ingenious hands on a sample of kenaf and was able to process it in order to build and shape a car body that was known tom be virtually indestructible from the kenaf plant's elements.   It was known as the kenaf car but never gained a footing in our modern auto industry because of political and corporate pressures. Though in the near future, kenaf could revolutionize the auto industry.

     Northeastern Michigan is now home to a brand new venture called Kenaf Partners USA, which is a short distance down the road from Fairview, Michigan, in the community of Onaway.  The Sasquatch portal through which I gained access to Cross Over is about forty minutes from that strategic location.  

     For everyone’s immediate benefit, my wife and I have taken it upon ourselves to write two simple books on the subject: Conversations With Sasquatch, Seeds for Life and Conversations With Sasquatch, Seeding the World.  These eBooks explain what kenaf is and how it can be used agriculturally and environmentally for the benefit of all of mankind and our planet, now and into the future. The Sasquatch are very interested in how we conduct ourselves in response to this extraordinary gift they have graciously bestowed upon our sleeping world.  It is part of my blood brother promise to the Big Guys to see what I can do to spread the word.  It is proving to be an upstream battle against a formidable current, but we shall persist.

     I'm an old man now, but I love and respect this planet and hope to see kenaf begin to thrive and prosper before I move on. I hope to see flourishing kenaf fields, thriving processing plants, kenafcrete construction and multiple other useful dimensions of this plant incorporated and utilized into everyday use.  I'd love to drive a kenaf car.  That is the Bigfoot and kenaf dream for our future.  

Bigfoot and Kenaf
Transcend the Past to the Future in our eBooks on the Subject

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Kenaf Seeding the World

Bigfoot and Kenaf Update,
Autumn of 2022

     With the growing season complete, we had successes and failures with our test crop of Kenaf.  Huge successes in regards to seed germination and plant growth.  I was able to grow fourteen foot kenaf plants with plenty of fiber and wood core for successful production of products; the failure came in the plant's flowering and seed production.  We didn't get any seed.  Being seed production is my initial purpose, the production of fiber and wood core for processing has little value until seeds can be produced in a viable enough quantity for major crop production.  

Kenaf cannot survive a frost.  That is the major issue in the northern latitudes of Michigan where I am located and able to grow my test crops.   So as of 2022, still no important seed production is plausible in the north with the kenaf variety just tested.  I am sure this variety would do well in the Southern States with longer growing seasons and is being researched.  

Though much progress has been made, much more research needs to be realized for the advancement of mankind in his relationship with the Bigfoot and kenaf.