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Thought is not the house

of limitations.

I do not end

at my fingertips

and I can walk

further than my legs

can carry me.

I can see beyond the reach

of my eye sight.  I can

hear the bells

that ring the souls of the Sasquatch

and the chants of sweet angels

in the temples of the Universe.

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Sasquatch Book Blog 1/5/22

The Well

The heart is a magical place…                                            it is the home to angels                                                     and the domain of violins,                                                    it is the songstress of hope                                                      and the truth of man, the mighty, mighty well                  from which love and joy have sprung.  

Happy New Year! 

From Conversations With Sasquatch, Bigfoot Book Series author Richard Rensberry 

Sasquatch Book Blog

Here in our world, we have calendars and clocks.  On the other side, time is a river that runs forwards and backwards and even sits still as a rock.  Sasquatch time is like Amish time and applies to this Blog as well.  To me, it was just yesterday when I posted something here.  But for those of you operating on earth time, it has been a couple of months.  

During that pause in this Blog, I have been busy inside the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness and have enjoyed myself immensely.  I have also learned new things and made new friends.  The mechanics of keeping up with cyberspace continues to become an afterthought rather than a vocation.  But here I am.

I equate this Blog to the Sasquatch Message Rock where I receive gifts and messages on a sporadic basis from the big guys when I get too wrapped up in my writings and responsibilities as a messenger instead of spending time with them in the woods. 

My message at this time is recorded and available in my new eBook called Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.  

EBook cover to Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness by Bigfoot novelist Richard Rensberry.

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     I have been ridiculed for writing and posting the following Bigfoot poem.  It so happens, I did not even post it broadly, but because of the flack that it and I received from that small posting, I have decide to bring its message to light on a broader scale.  

     The ridicule came two fold: one being that Bigfoot does not have political enemies nor interests in the human world, and the other is-- that because I wrote such "nonsense" nothing else I have written should be believed.

     I've got news for these one dimensional views that uniformly seem to purport the false idea that Bigfoot is nothing but a Neanderthal or dumb ass ape.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Those of us that have had much more direct contact with these beings don't need photographs, videos or foot print casts as evidence of their supernatural existence.  Nothing wrong with this one dimensional research, but physical evidence means next to nothing in the big scheme of things.  What means much, much more are the Bigfoot's intentions, actions and purposes.  All the physical rigamarole is nothing more than a game of hide and seek, which the Sasquatch are remarkably adept at playing.  Humans will always be "it" in this sphere of gamesmanship.

     As far as politics and technology goes, they are both aberrant human affairs at which the Sasquatch "throw stones".  All of life has its impact upon all other life, and man's politics and technologies push hard against the sanity of Bigfoot's natural world of ethics and reason.

     The degradation of our shared planet via man's political, chemical and electronic malfeasance is being challenged mentally and somewhat physically by Bigfoot at this time.  We are at a crossroads, and that is the subject and point of the poem called "Throw Stones".  You can believe what you want to believe, I am simply the messenger for those beings that exist on the other side.

Throw Stones

Like all free beings

the sasquatch keep an eye on their enemies;

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates fill that bill.

And today the portals are closed.

Those that came yesterday

have nothing to do

but toss pebbles and fuzz photos.

It’s just a silly game to pass the time.

But be careful, Bigfoot can throw stones

two hundred forty miles per hour;

if they so choose.  Joe Biden

doesn’t have a clue

of what’s waiting on the other side.  

Richard Rensberry, 8/21/21   

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     After a period of quiet, the Big Creek Bigfoot portal is once again active.  I have received a message on Message Rock where the Sasquatch and I trade this for that, and that for this.  Being fresh wintergreen (pippsissewa) is abundant near the rock, I picked and left them a paper bag full of the pungent leaves.  I also picked a container of fresh, wild huckleberries to go with them.  I look forward to hearing more from my Bigfoot friends from the other side.

This particular message seen in the accompanying photo is meant to be shared.  It means the stairway to Heaven has aligned itself and tranquility in the forest is the order of the month.  Two coveys of ruffled grouse and a woodcock seconded that motion.  I am the only human to witness this momentary union of time and space.  Wherever you are, I hope your moment was as magical and fulfilling as mine.  

Richard Rensberry, author of Conversations With Sasquatch series of books.  Store    

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     I have been gifted my second Sasquatch smiling stone.  These stones are wish stones.  They are meant to help bestow the wishes of others rather than one's own.  By wishing the best for others instead of seeking one's own selfish wishes, one's karma is multiplied.  That is the Sasquatch way.  

     I love these stones.  As you can see, the one on the left I have had for quite some time.  I have wished it smooth.  The one on the right, is the brand new stone I received in exchange for a peach pie.  Hopefully, all the best wishes I have for you, will rub it smooth!  

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In the labyrinth of time

and the maze of living, there is a dichotomy.

There are people that will

and people that won’t.  Those that believe 

and those that don’t.  People that build

and some who destruct.  It’s a battle between

Bigfoot the dumb and Sasquatch-

celestial traveler through the open heart.

       Richard Rensberry, author of the Conversations With Sasquatch Series


Sasquatch Book Blog

     This Sasquatch Book Blog is about the Stone Without Time that was gifted to me by Loquius on our second encounter when I presented to him a bag of fresh wintergreen leaves.

     This lapis lazuli stone is not only resplendent with beauty, it is a strong container of magic.  These stones were favored even by the ancient Egyptians.  They believed the stone held a powerful connection to immortality.  And that is exactly what is present in my precious gifted stone.

     Lapis lazuli is also known as a powerful amplifier when one is outside the realm of the physical.  This stone has within it, the memories and images of those that have possessed it in the past.  In the case of my lapis stone, it has the wonderful images of the Chippewa Indians from whom the stone first came.  It went from a Chippewa medicine man to a Sasquatch Elder, who then passed it on to me.  

     Lapis Lazuli enhances the mind's abilities in channeling other beings, it is a protector while on our spiritual journeys and a conduit into the world of our dreams.  Thus, it is a foundational bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

     Before possessing or borrowing my Stone Without Time, I paid little mind to what I assumed were superstitions.  But I soon found out, is that what is there is there whether one believes it is or not.  The ability to "HAVE"* unbelievable things has been all but wiped out in our modern society.    

*HAVE-  this means to take in or possess.  You are capable of seeing it or having that actuality instead of the fears and doubts that those actualities produce in the minds of others as well as your own.  Instead of "Having" the fears and doubts, one is able to transcend those automatic responses and see and "HAVE" what is actually there.  You can own it instead of disowning and/or negating it.

     The Bigfoot Parchments are one of those things.

Sasquatch Book Blog


              by Richard Rensberry 7/12/21

In the center of the circle

is where the Sasquatch sit…

and like the sun

their heart is a source

of warmth and light.

Compassion exists.

And fun.  A humor

that speaks through the glyphs

and stones they leave

on my porch.  A language

of empathy, telepathy

and trust.  

More Bigfoot Poetry can be found at:     

Sasquatch Book Blog

The Bigfoot Parchments gifted to mankind  by the Sasquatch Council of Elders

Bigfoot Parchment # 22

In the center of the circle

compassion is born,

it is where the heart sits…

and like the sun

it is the source of light.  

The Bigfoot Parchments by Michigan Author Richard Rensberry

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The Mission

             by Richard Rensberry 6/23/21


I wake to whispers

from conifer fronds,

feel cool, wet moss

beneath my feet.

Flashes of heat lightning

turn spruces into ghosts

and apparitions of Bigfoot.

There’s a fragrant spice

of honey suckle rose

that tickles my nose.  I sneeze,

and the heavens open

wide with the eyes of the night.

“It is time,” A Bigfoot says.

“To escape from your illusion.”

A glowing white owl hoots

backlit by the moon.

It swivels its head

as a chorus of crickets 

and tree toads sing.  A red fox 

bounces from a thicket

and smiles.

The Bigfoot says, “It’s time.

The heart is bigger

and louder than the mind.

Listen, it is the voice

of your conscience awakening.”

A blackbird ‘top a cattail whistles.

Then Dan Ackroyd appears

full of grins and jolly.

He has a look of innocence 

and hope written 

across his face.  

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I’m on a mission from God."

Sasquatch message of a circle with a heart at the center, left in Michigan's Big Creek forest.

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It has been awhile.  So I will use the first Bigfoot Parchments precept-- The Secret of Time.  My take on this precept is that time is created.  We have as much or as little time as we create.  I have created time for many things in the last month or so, this Blog was not one of them.  I am creating that time right now.  

Controlling time is an art.  The Sasquatch can control it to the degree that they can appear and/or disappear at will.  This is a known phenomenon even to the most cynical in the Sasquatch community.  They just can.

As humans, the general population has not yet conquered the space time continuum.  I can't say that is not the case with the deep state military complex.  They have long suppressed not only the Sasquatch, but their research and discoveries associated with the abilities of the mind over the physical universe.

I don't know what it is with the military.  I have long considered those of service as trusted friends.  Those I personally know and interact with still are.  It's all the top secrecy and disinformation campaigns that has me questioning the true intentions of those in charge.  My viewpoints have been attacked, by trolls or plants? (military oversight and/or secret police) for saying Bigfoot isn't a bumbling ape, but rather a supernatural being capable of powers beyond most human comprehension.  Apparently the military does not want this viewpoint forwarded nor subscribed to.  All the more reason to remain steadfast to The Awakening. 

 The Bigfoot Bet

The world is full of skewed ideas,

third eyes blind, false witnesses

and negative vibes

from those who fear what they can’t comprehend.

It takes denial and a simple mind

to conceive that sasquatch

is simply an ape.  If Bigfoot were such

they’d populate our zoos.  They’d leave their bones

and scat to the Smithsonian,

pose for photos and care nothing

of being video taped.

Bigfoot is not an ape!

Bigfoot is an enigma,

ancient as the stars

from dimensions unknown.  Shapeshifters

that can create and uncreate physically

with their minds.  Sasquatch always

finds you, you never find them.

If you naysay, prove it.

The Bigfoot bet

is that you can’t.  

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Cover to Book 1 in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series

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Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over is now available on Amazon.  It is book 2 in the series.  

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In conjunction with other writers you can now download copies of one of our books for free at this link:   

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Cover to Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Michigan Author Richard Rensberry.

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The road to Cross Over by Richard Rensberry author of the Conversations With Sasquatch series.

I have been on the road to Cross Over for the last several weeks.  There is no Internet on that road and sketchy phone service at the most.  Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over will be published to Amazon next week.  

We will be on the road to the Michigan Bigfoot Conference come July 17, 2021.  We will have plenty of copies of Cross Over as well as our other books The Encounter and the Bigfoot Parchments at our booth.  Now is the time to put the event on your calendar.  

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How time has passed from my last update!  Busy, busy, busy with getting these books to press.

I am happy to announce the The Bigfoot Parchments is now available in our store as of today.  

Cover to The Bigfoot Parchments by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

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Sasquatch Fishing Expedition Greeting Card from the Conversations With Sasquatch collection by Richard Rensberry.

Sasquatch Book Blog Fishing Expedition

From the Conversations With Sasquatch collection of greeting cards available in our store.

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Michigan author Richard Rensberry outside the Michigan Store.

Michigan is home to the Big Creek Sasquatch.

The Michigan Store in Atlanta, MI is now home to Richard’s Conversations with Sasquatch Book 1. The second book is due to come out soon so keep posted!

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog

Sasquatch Book Blog Poem


You can’t fool a wolf

even with scents

like pine tar or sage

on boot bottoms.

They smell your intent

and perk their ears

at the beat of your heart.

They are the forest’s skin

covered with fur.  They are

the howl of the wounded

and the carnivore’s teeth

but bow to the pet

and coo of Bigfoot.   

                      Richard Rensberry  12/1/20

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog

Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over, Book 2 in the Sasquatch series of novels is now complete.  It will be published this Spring of 2021 along with The Bigfoot ParchmentsSasquatch poems and philosophical truths to help the human race.

Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over, book 2 has now been taken down for publication.  

I have not yet begun work on the third book in the Sasquatch novel series.  Book 3 is entitled The Awakening.  It will be available here on my website sometime in the future as I write it in real time.  Until then, please enjoy my Parchment postings here.

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog

Sasquatch Book blog Poem


The Awakening


The journey

from the beginning

was to begin

our sacred role as caretakers

of life in the forests, of rivers that cleanse

and the seeds that feed us.

It is our duty to imbue

life not death…. to grant sentience 

to stone and bird alike.  Yes, it is Sasquatch duty

to respect and give space

even to the weasel and snake.  But most of all

it is our burden to wake 

the human race. 


Title poem for Book 3 in The Conversations With Sasquatch Series of

Sasquatch novels, The Awakening 

by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.


Book 1, The Encounter is available in our online store:  

and on Amazon:  

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog

The Bigfoot March


In the near future

protests will no longer be recognized

as leftist warfare, they’ll be known

as The Insurrection of the Sasquatch.

Darrel and his platoons are coming

to save America from the socialist devils

in Washington.  They’re organizing

and leaving the forests in droves… soon

their feet will be afoot in the Capitol.


                             Loquius Bigfoot   1/20/21

                             Sasquatch Council of Elders

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog

The Forest

The tranquil hush

of heavy wet snow, no breeze

in a rush to intrude, just beauty

conceived and born

in the house of the Sasquatch.   

              Richard Rensberry  1/16/21

              Author of Conversations With Sasquatch



Come Join my Conversations With Sasquatch
Group on MeWe

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog


            The Gift


A stone shaped like a heart

was left on my doorstep.

It came in the night

without fanfare or noise.

It came as a gift

on little feet, by way of the forest

and a child named Pureesis.  A princess

of a smitten Sasquatch.


         Richard Rensberry 10/12/20

         Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter 


Pureesis-  daughter of Sasquatch lovers Loquius and Loquiili 

smitten-  love struck 


Sasquatch Poetry Page:      

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Sasquatch Poems image to submit poems to Conversations With Sasquatch by Richard Rensberry

I have a new webpage on my Conversations With Sasquatch website called Bigfoot and Sasquatch Poems.

If you are a writer or just a lover of Bigfoot and have written a poem or lyric on the subject, I’m encouraging submissions for publication and inclusion on my website:

This is a totally free service to help writers and Bigfoot enthusiasts gain more recognition.  I will gladly include links to your other works and websites.  I am keeping my website family oriented and G rated so I will accept and publish poems that are not intentionally degrading, derogatory or overtly violent.  I understand there are different realities than my own, but my reality does not include explicit sex, blood, guts nor vulgarity.  Scary without all the graphics is just fine.  I am keeping my website family oriented and G rated.  

If accept your poem I will immediately let you know.

If I feel compelled to not publish your poem or poems, I may offer a brief explanation and/or editorial advice.  I also may not respond at all, being I may be swamped with other projects.  

Poems can be submitted via my email at:  

  Please do not submit any more than 3 poems per month.  If I really like your work, I will most likely solicit more of your poems in the future.  I may also want to include your work in an anthology of Sasquatch Poems sometime down the road with your permission to do so.   


Richard Rensberry

Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter available on at:     

Conversations With Sasquatch Book Blog

Sasquatch novel book cover for Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

Sasquatch book blog presents-

Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over Book Cover for Book 2 of the Conversations With Sasquatch Book Series.

Sasquatch Book Blog presents- Sasquatch Poem, The Feast

                                    The Feast

                           When harvests are bountiful

                           and the horizon glows,

                           the Sasquatch gather

                           with fiddles and bows.

                          They chant and clap

                          each rhythm and rhyme,

                          gossip and sip

                          spiked juice of the lime.

                          They sing old songs

                          of passed down soothe….

                          nurture the hopes

                          of love struck youth.

                         They pat sore backs

                         of friends and foes,

                         snap their fingers

                         and tap big toes.

                        There’s plenty for all

                        when they stomp their feet,

                        hoot and holler

                        to come and eat.  

                   Richard Rensberry   10/02/20  Lewiston, Michigan

                   Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter


soothe-  truths

More Sasquatch poems on our poetry page.

Illustration for Sasquatch Poem, The Feast by Michigan Sasquatch book author Richard Rensberry.

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Book Blog

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter book cover.  This sasquatch novel is written by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

Sasquatch book blog announces Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter is now available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook format.  Purchasing it from Amazon and then leaving a review is a major compliment to any writer and helps others find the book.  If you would prefer to purchase the book directly from us here at QuickTurtle Books® you are welcome to do so in our store in both paperback and eBook.

Sasquatch Book Blog presents- Sasquatch Poem, Celebration




On Christmas Day

put an ear to a maple

or birch and listen…. you’ll hear

the bells of Cross Over ring

through the trees of the forest

where the Bigfoot reign.


They are the bells from a hammer

and a chisel on stone, the bells of a miracle

being carved out of bone.

They are the bells of Leeitus

and the bells of Pariseema, the toll

of Awakening in a brand new world.


They are the bells of the Elders

from the Temple of Myrrh…. the bells of a harkening

and the bells to concur

the best is yet to come.  


                                      Richard Rensberry  12/21/20

                                      Author of Conversations With Sasquatch

                                     Bigfoot Series of Sasquatch novels.                  



Cross Over-  The Sasquatch world


Leeitus-  Son of the Elder Sasquatch Loquius


Pariseema- Sasquatch center for Ethics and Common Sense


Awakening-  The Winter Solstice high frequency energy of enlightenment


Elders-  Council of the Sasquatch Elders who are many thousands of years old 


Temple of Myrrh-  Temple located in Pariseema for spiritual celebrations.  

Sasquatch art illustration by Michigan artist Mary Rensberry.

Conversations With Sasquatch Blog

We wish you a Happy New Year and for much better things to come in 2021.  

Sasquatch at the beach.  Illustration by Books Make Booms artist Mary Rensberry.