Sasquatch Message Rock

     Sasquatch message rock is a communication center between the Big Creek Sasquatch and myself.  It is located near the Big Creek portal of Cross Over.  I have had many messages left in leu of a direct meeting.  

     The most used communication articles are Bigfoot stones that have an abundance of different significances in their use of colors, shapes and sizes.  Their arrangement is often a major part of the message.  

     None of the stones are random.  They are often beautiful in their own right, even the warning stones and throw stones are not just plain run of the mill rocks.  They are well chosen and communicate the high aesthetic wave that the Sasquatch operate from.  

Black and White Heart Stones 
Left at Sasquatch Message Rock

     These Heart Stones were left at Sasquatch Message Rock as a gift of friendship.  One white and one black, I believe they represent that friendships have no boundaries in relation to the difference between races.  We are all one in trust.

     I have never had an encounter with a Bigfoot where it has been otherwise.  These beings are extremely intelligent with powers that exceed the mistrust and lack of respect that many humans have for each other and the diverse life forms that make up our reality.  All life works with other life on many different levels and each deserves to be granted their due respect.  The Sasquatch have learned this most valuable lesson and have communicated this message in abundance.

Love Stone
Left at Sasquatch Message Rock

      This beautiful love stone in hues of soft red, pink and purple was gifted to me at Sasquatch Message Rock just before the onset of winter 2021.  It represents the sacred tie that binds our hearts to Mother Earth.  This is a very special stone in that I have never seen nor been given another of its caliber.  I have received a couple that were similar, but in black and white.  I have a strong agreement in our friendship to deliver certain information that the Sasquatch have entrusted me to deliver to mankind.  I take this duty wholeheartedly as a purpose to help.  That is what I have agreed to do without any qualms nor expectations.  

     To deliver the valuable information the Sasquatch have provided for our benefit, does require in our universe what is known as money.  Money is simply the exchange of goods and/or services.  It provides a means of energy to be, do, or have something.  My Sasquatch Series of Books is my only source of carrying out imparting that message.