Sasquatch Gift Poem and Others

Stone given to Michigan author, Richard Rensberry, by a Sasquatch child.

I want to relate a Sasquatch gift....

I have heard and read stories of the Sasquatch throwing stones at people and their houses.  I, myself, have had my own experiences with Bigfoot and their stones.  The difference is, that the stones I have received have not been thrown, but given as gifts of respect and high value.  The image to the right is a picture of such a stone and is the title to the following Sasquatch poem written a few days ago. 


                                             The Gift


                                 A stone shaped like a heart

                                 was left on my doorstep.

                                 It came in the night

                                 without fanfare or noise.

                                 It came as a gift

                                 on little feet, by way of the forest

                                 via a child named Pureesis.  A princess

                                 of a smitten Sasquatch.


         Richard Rensberry 10/12/20

         Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter


Pureesis-  daughter of Sasquatch lovers Loquius and Loquiili 

smitten-  love struck 

Sasquatch Gift Stone in Book 1 of
Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

Cover to Book 1 in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series by Michigan author, Richard Rensberry.

Without giving the story away, Book 1 contains another wonderful Sasquatch gift from a Sasquatch encounter near Lewiston, Michigan.  This stone has power and purpose far beyond that of something to throw.  

There is much to be learned about the Sasquatch from this valuable stone given to the author by a Sasquatch named Loquius.




There’s a legend that speaks

of a stone called Reason.  A stone

without time in which Sasquatch resides

and speaks to us from

an outpost in eternity.

It is the stone of perceptions

and the quest of our visions.

It is the stone of our Earth

and her breath everlasting.

It is the stone of our burdens

that can’t be denied.


                      Richard Rensberry   1/17/21

       Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

Sasquatch Gift of Bigfoot Names

A brand new Sasquatch gift poem based on the writings from the second book in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series, Cross Over.

It's a stone of much import and significance to the spiritual well-being of the Bigfoot as well as the future of man.

Imagine a temple built of stones.


                                   Bigfoot Names


                                In the Temple Myrrh

                                each birth has its stone,

                                a permanent mark

                                and symbolic role

                                for strength, wisdom

                                and capability.

                                The stone is named

                                and placed in prayer

                                to bear the weight

                                of all eternity.   


               Richard Rensberry  1/19/21

          Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter 

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