The Bigfoot Parchments

Cover to The Bigfoot Parchments by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

The Bigfoot Parchments are some basic Bigfoot philosophy.  This knowledge was given to me during my journey and prolonged stay in Cross Over, the land of the Sasquatch.   Rutheeus, Member of the Sasquatch Council of Elders, entrusted me with the Bigfoot knowledge contained in these parchments as a means for helping mankind.  The nature of these parchments and their significance to helping mankind is the subject of Book 3, The Awakening, in the Conversations With Sasquatch series.  

Book 1, The Encounter is all about how that journey began.  

The Bigfoot Parchments book also includes many of my Bigfoot poems.  All these poems were written shortly after my return to Fairview, Michigan during the month of December, 2021.  You could say I had a Bigfoot muse as I set about to decipher the true meaning of what was contained in the sack of gifts that I had been given by the Sasquatch Council of Elders.  These gifts included seeds and roots beside the Bigfoot Parchments themselves.

Some results and knowledge gained from these gifts are also revealed in The Awakening.  Research is currently being conducted and quantified as to the breadth and importance of these gift's resultant purposes and uses.   This is an ongoing adventure.

Bigfoot Parchment # 1

The symbol for Bigfoot Parchment # 1

As an example, Bigfoot Parchment number 1 states:  The Secret of Time. This statement is followed by an illustration of a six-pointed star with a colored-in hexagon that is created by the base of each triangle descending from each of the star's points. 

After my return from Cross Over, my dear Native American friend, Tecumseh, told me this Bigfoot Parchment corresponded with a Chippewa saying about the magic of a TeePee.  It all makes sense to me now, but at the time I was doubtful and confused about what it meant.

“If you take the star points and fold them all vertically, you have a perfect teepee.  A teepee is sister to The Stone Without Time*.  It’s a spirit catcher.  It preserves our memories and passes them down to each generation in turn.  I have claimed the memories of my father and my mother from my family’s teepee, and the memories of their fathers and mothers before them.  Time does not exist in the realm of the spirit.”  Tecumseh, my Native American friend.  

“It is the law of how two worlds can occupy the same space.  In other words, space is not made of time.  Space is not bound, it is limitless, so it exists outside the realm of time.  That is what you humans have forgotten.  You are a race lost in time.”  Rutheeus, Master at Arms for the Council of Elders.

The Bigfoot Parchments Poem

The Bigfoot Parchments


There are no hieroglyphs 

nor painted rocks in caves;

no fossils of Bigfoot remains.


The Bigfoot exist

in the dimension of trees

and speak the language of rivers

and meandering streams.


They are seers and poets….

sculptors with gifts

from a world of dreams.  They are philosophers

of source.  They have

deciphered the secrets

of where our thoughts were born.


I have the parchments to prove it….

the inherent wisdom of their ancient souls,

their knowledge of seeds,

roots, and livingness.  They hold the keys

to the holy grail.  

                   Richard Rensberry 1/15/21

Bigfoot Parchments Poem
The Portal

The Portal

There’s an anomaly

where the compass fails

in the old woods

near Big Creek.  North ain’t north

and south ain’t south.  East and west

get flipped on their heads.

I, who never gets lost

got lost here…. where the water runs 

backwards, then repeats itself

over and over

like a line in a song.

It’s where the hairs

on your neck get tickled….

where your mouth grows dry

and you hold your breath.

It is the longitude

and latitude of Bigfoot—

my Sasquatch friends.  

                          Richard Rensberry

More Bigfoot Poems

The Bigfoot Parchments 
and the State of Humanity

The human race thinks extremely highly of their sciences.  We seem to love complexities that lead into a labyrinth of more complexities and away from simple truths.  It is as if truth cannot be confronted for exactly what it is, the simplicity of things.  

The Sasquatch have found and live by the power of simplicity and thus are able to harness the creative forces that allow them to appear magical.  This magic is constructed of simple truths that allow them to speak telepathically, transmigrate in and out of identifies and worlds, cloak, etc.  These abilities are not magic to them, these abilities are normal.  

The human ego has become a spiritual snare that seems to know no bounds.  Man is descending when they think they are evolving.  Building better machines and God forsaken universities to service and maintain them is not magic.  It is slavery.  Creating synthetic drugs from natural substances is not genius, it is more on the order of long term suicide.  Artificial Intelligence, is just that, artificial.  Genetically modified foods and organisms are without a doubt a very, very dangerous dead end street for life as a whole.  

The Sasquatch know of the words they speak.  They have seen this human scenario play out before.  They have seen the destruction of worlds many times over in the name of "science".  The matrix we have created constantly tells us over and over to believe in "science" instead of nature's simple truths.  Look, listen and inspect for yourself.  The only authority on you is you.  The Bill Gates', Anthony Fauci's and and Mark Zuckerberg's of the world don't know shit about what makes you or anyone tick.  They are soulless imbeciles when it comes right down to it.  All their money and notoriety will never get them a ticket to redemption.