Kenaf, Seeding the World

Kenaf Seeding the World

Copyright © 2019, Richard & Mary Rensberry

Written by Richard Rensberry

Illustrated by Mary Rensberry

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Published by: QuickTurtle Books LLC®

Published in the United States of America

This book is written in conjunction with Kenaf Partners USA.  They are providers of introductory and commercial quantities of kenaf seed.

In collaboration with others, Kenaf Partners USA are also on the forefront of kenaf research and development for growing, harvesting and product uses.

Kenaf Partners USA is located in Onaway, Michigan.

You can find more information on Kenaf Partners USA by visiting their Facebook page at: or website:


Kenaf Partners

Kenaf, A New Rotational Cash Crop for American Farmers.

This book is a stepping stone and a golden opportunity for farmers across America. In partnership with Kenaf Partners USA, farmers have a ground floor opportunity to plant, grow and harvest the hibiscus plant “kenaf” for its precious seed. Kenaf Partners USA’s Pilot Seed Growing Program is underway and should prove to be key to opening doors to kenaf as a rotational cash crop and contribute markedly to existing and new businesses across the USA.

In 2019, finding kenaf seed is like searching for gold. There is very little of it to be found in the USA and its sources seem to be as closely guarded as Fort Knox. Just try to acquire the requisite seed to plant a one thousand acre farm in any of the various latitudes of the USA.

Good luck.

Kenaf Partners USA has researched and formulated short and long range plans for farmers to cash in on this gold rush for 2019 and beyond. The first step of the formula is raising kenaf for seed. This is truly a “Seeds for Life” undertaking by Kenaf Partners USA in partnership with farmers with the foresight to look to the future for options. There is a vast need for seed production as well as providing fiber/wood/oil for current and new markets for this diverse plant. QuickTurtle Books® has scraped the surface of some of this plant’s diverse properties and uses in their first book titled Kenaf, Seeds for Life. It is available here on this website or as a free download from:

or as a paperback from Amazon.

As things currently stand, many of America’s farmers are unsuspectedly being ushered down a dead end road paved by false data, missing data and Special Interest’s recommendations labeled as “Best Practices”. The current recklessness of GMO seed patenting and seed manipulation, along with unnecessary pesticides, herbicides and limited soil nutrient recommendations should soon become a relic for the history books.

If you want to retain your precious land’s soil and seed for future generations, now is the time to act. It is time to start cutting the umbilical cord from these chemical giants that are working around the clock to manipulate and monopolize your seed and crop production.

These same organizations are the ones that lobby and bribe our government representatives in order to protect and promote their dangerous and unsustainable farming practices. Kenaf

Partners USA’s bottom line is your success and our paying it forward!

This book is the symbolic launch of the kenaf industry in the United States. Once we get started, we’ll never look back.

Seeding the World

Kenaf Seeds

No Lands should starve

on this precious planet.

We have hibiscus

and the means to plant it

Kenaf Seed Drill

We have farm land

and we have good will.

We have true knowledge

and the mental skill.

Investor to Farmer
Farmer to Farmer
Farmer to Processor
Processor to Manufacturer
Crop Rotation

We can harness the rain

with our plans unfurled,

KeyLine Plow

pry GMO’s grip

from seeds of the world.


Kenaf is resilient

as the human spirit;


we should never give in

though few will hear it.

No Pesticides

Let’s save our seeds

to grow our dreams

Seed Bank

to feed the world

its ways and means.

Tons of Kenaf

God staked the first

claim on our lands.


It is best to create

God’s will with our hands.


No man’s a slave

to a can’t or a should.

All men are brave

and all men are good.


We have farm land!

And we have good will!

We have true knowledge

and the mental skill.

Kenaf Partners

Kenaf is resilient

as the human spirit;

we should never give in

though few will hear it.

Kenaf Dollars

Kenaf offers a way out of the dwindling spiral of diminishing returns. As farmers, you can and should flourish and prosper, and by doing so, help the world flourish and prosper as well. Kenaf Partners USA has some very valuable information and answers for long-range help and implementation of sustainable seed growing and farming practices that all but guarantee prosperity through the Kenaf Seed Program.

This program is designed for creating farm prosperity well into the future through the production of kenaf and a build out of infrastructure for kenaf processing and product production. Kenaf is the rotational cash crop of the near future.

Now is the time to act!

Please visit and start a conversation with


stepping stone- anything serving as a means of advancing or rising

ground floor- a favorable position or privileged opportunity usually obtained by early participants —used especially in the phrase in on the ground floor

hibiscus plant kenaf- Hibiscus cannabinus, of the mallow family, yielding fiber, core and oil with over 25,000 known uses. It is related to cotton and okra, and is not as mistakenly characterized, hemp

underway- in progress

rotational cash crop- Crop rotation is the practice of growing a series of dissimilar or different types of crops in the same area in sequenced seasons. It is done so that the soil of farms is not used for only one set of nutrients. It helps in reducing soil erosion and increases soil fertility and crop yield. Cash crops are crops produced for their commercial value rather than for use by the grower

markedly- noticeably

requisite- a thing that is necessary for the achievement of a specified end

diverse- showing a great deal of variety; very different

umbilical- joined together by or as if by an umbilical cord; heavily dependent in a close relationship

decorticator- A decorticator (from Latin: cortex, bark) is a machine for stripping the skin, bark, or rind off nuts, wood, plant stalks, grain, etc., in preparation for further processing

unfurled- unrolled, opened up

resilient- able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

build out- the growth, development, or expansion of something

This book was created in partnership with Small Business Marketing Magic, an affiliate of QuickTurtle Books®, to help expand awareness and development for growing kenaf and for the production of kenaf products.

Founder of Kenaf Partners USA, Robert Lawrason, is home based in Onaway, Michigan. Robert is in collaboration and partnership with many others who are located in 26 states.

‘I put nature to work so that we have lots of different varieties of healthy foods to eat. I figure out ways to provide all the things in life we depend upon from our land. I work to make it look pretty. Once nature arrives in all of its various forms to co-habit with each other, they will stay, raise their families and provide for each other and us humans, too. When this happens we have lots of time to play, do art and other things we want to do.’

Mr. Lawrason is working with Artists, Scientists, Leaders,Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Investors as a visionaryguide and team builder for projects that can help makethis a better world.

Bob welcomes any and all questions that a person might have regarding the products produced from kenaf. His email address:

Richard and Mary Rensberry are writers and illustrators, who have partnered with and create children's books for smallbusinesses and worthy causes. Richard and Mary have written books for The Wild Frontier Fun Park of Comins, Michigan, Michigan Lighthouses, Artists For A Better World, Fairview Flower and Berry Farm, AuSable Valley Railroad, and The Michigan Brown Trout Festival. They are striving hard to help small businesses and great causes to gain more notoriety by creating books that will help personalize and generate far reaching interest about each businesses’ brand for generations to come. They can be reached at: for more information about their books and services.

Thank you very much.

Kenaf Seeding the World