Sasquatch Smiling Stones

     I have been gifted the second of Sasquatch Smiling Stones by a Bigfoot youngster named Pureesis.  These stones are wish stones.  They are meant to bestow the wishes of others rather than one's own.  By wishing the best for others instead of seeking one's own selfish desires, one's karma is multiplied.  That is the Sasquatch way.  

     I love these stones.  As you can see in the photo below, the one on the left I have had for quite some time.  I have wished it smooth.  The one on the right, is the brand new stone I received in exchange for a peach pie.  Hopefully, all the best wishes I have for my Sasquatch friends, will rub it smooth as my well used wishing stone!  

Sasquatch Smiling Stones show
the wonderful sense of humor
possessed by Bigfoot

     Being magicians with a wide array of tricks, the Sasquatch often reveal their wit in the gifts they they leave behind.  Stones are a primary form of communication and humor.  Stones are also used as symbols for more serious declarations such as trust, love and even anger.  They have what I call the language of stones.  It is quite complex, often overlooked and disregarded as human fancy. 

     Stones are stones whether they come from our physical universe or the alternate dimension of the Sasquatch.  The thing that sets one stone apart from another is their inherent character and the placement of different thoughts and concepts within them.  These stones, imbued with Sasquatch thoughts can speak to those of us that understand this complex language of humor and wit.  To others they appear in their minds as just stones.  

     Now that I have brought it to your attention, I hope you can see and feel the humor and love that emanates from my Sasquatch Smiling Stones.  They are very special and contain much more than meets the eye.  They have entered our world through the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness.

Sasquatch Smiling Stones
are meant to help yourself
by helping others

     Just as there is said to be power in prayer, there is power in a Sasquatch Smiling Stone.  It takes belief, time, and attention to bind your best wishes for another into stone.  It is a gesture, when done with heartfelt purpose, that is as real as the stone.  Don't ever make less of your willingness and desire to bring more light into the world.  If you don't do it, who will?

     These stones are not given lightly, and I only wish I had more to gift to those that have the desire to help.