Conversations With Sasquatch, The Beginning

The Benevolent Bigfoot

My Conversations With Sasquatch experiences have evolved from my own encounter as a child to a series of books and novels as an adult.  

     Borrowing the words from one of America's foremost poets, Robert Frost, my experiences with Bigfoot have led me down the road less traveled. My Bigfoot encounters as a kid and as adult were not in the least bit antagonistic, so I took the fork in the road that leads to Sasquatch encounters of the benevolent kind rather than that blind rush down the well traveled road that leads to Bigfoot encounters of the scary kind.  There are plenty of attack mode stories to go around to fill Social Media groups and even books.  There is little attention paid to the fact that few people are actually harmed by Bigfoot, other than by their own fears and imagination.  I have become very interested in our relations with Bigfoot on the plane of positive interactions versus traumatic confrontations.  

     For example, I'd like to relate a Conversations With Sasquatch story of an encounter that took place in the Thumb area of Michigan many years ago.  This story intrigued me for the very reason that it aligns with my own experiences that Sasquatch are sentient Beings of high intelligence and empathy rather than the common think that they are just animalistic brutes and adversaries in their relations with man.  That benevolence is the philosophical thread that runs through my Conversations With Sasquatch Series of novels and stories.

     As one story goes, in a small town not too far from the shores of Lake Huron, two young girls ventured into the woods to pick berries and disappeared.  (I was not there, mind you, nor was I the one that interviewed one of the girls later on in adulthood.  I am simply a person relating the story as I have come to know it.)  Berries are wonderful treasures, not only to us humans, but to many other lifeforms of the wild.  You're likely to encounter all sorts of creatures sharing your appetite for these luscious fruits, animals like bears are exceptionally fond of berries as well as our other forest giants the Sasquatch.  As for the girls, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding delectable treasures and chasing their presence deep into the woods before even realizing you are lost.  I suspect that is what happened to the two young girls.  They chased a patch of berries and inadvertently got lost.

     They ended up missing for a couple of days before they miraculously reappeared to the joy of their family and the towns search party.  It appeared the townspeople's prayers had been answered.  God had brought the girls home unscathed.

     After the fact, it is difficult to know the true ins out outs of what the two girls actually experienced or what they might have had to say about their adventure.  If they told their parents at the time about the big hairy creature that offered them protection and ultimately led them out of the woods, we can never know.  Were things said but kept secret?  Possibly.  What I do know is that to adults, children have an overactive imagination.  Parents will listen to their kids but they don't hear.  We only have the reminiscent account of one of the girls who related her story to a newspaper reporter as an adult.  She told the interviewer that the reason they had not perished in the woods was because of the big hairy thing that had befriended them and had graciously led them out of the woods to safety.  

     How many big hairy things are there?

     A Benevolent Bigfoot was what the woman had come to divulge.  

     Conversations with Sasquatch are not only possible, they have already existed on the road less traveled. 

Conversations With Sasquatch,
The Encounter

Book 1 in the Bigfoot Book Series:   
by Michigan 
Author Richard Rensberry

Conversations With Sasquatch novel The Encounter paperback cover by Michigan author Richard Rensberry

    Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter is a Sasquatch novel like no other.  

     How do the Sasquatch live? What are their beliefs? What are their intentions toward human kind? In Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter you will come face to face with Bigfoot and some controversial answers to these all important questions. 

     In The Encounter, Book 1 in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series, our author meets Loquius, a talkative and persuasive Sasquatch while out in the forest hunting for morel mushrooms near the small town of Lewiston, Michigan. Their ensuing conversation and friendship leads to a dramatic and exciting adventure into and out of the land of Cross Over, a Sasquatch world that has been evolving parallel to that of the human race since the beginning of time.  

     You will also meet Tecumseh, a Chippewa Indian with a deep friendship with the book's author as well as the vital goals and purposes set for by the Bigfoot Council of Elders.  Tecumseh is a warrior and interpreter of common sense and a simpler way of life.  

Cover to book 2, Cross Over, in the Conversations With Sasquatch series by Michigan Author Richard Rensberry.

Conversations With Sasquatch,
Cross Over
 is Book 2 
in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series

     Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over takes us deeper into the fourth dimensional land of the Sasquatch called Cross Over.  Here the author meets with the Sasquatch Council of Elders and is gifted The Bigfoot Parchments as well as kenaf seeds and some special roots containing super minerals.  These gifts were granted to the author in order to help mankind rise into The Awakening.

Conversations with Sasquatch
The Awakening
 is Book 3 
in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series

Cover to Bigfoot novel in progress.

     Conversations With Sasquatch, The Awakening, Book 3 in the series has also been completed.  It is has not yet been published, but is expected to be available early in 2022.

     The Awakening is the authors journey as a Bigfoot messenger to help and awaken mankind from his technological road to disaster.   

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Rising
Is Book 4
in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series

     Book 4, The Rising is now being written in weekly installments here on my website.  You can read it for free until it is completed and ready for publication.  

     Bigfoot book The Rising takes us back into the Sasquatch dimension of Cross Over.  We get to meet with and understand the position of Sasquatch Demarcus and his trainer Kendo.  What lies in store for the future?  Can humans acquire the knowledge and powers to cloak and transmigrate like the Sasquatch? 

Cover to Bigfoot book Conversations With Sasquatch The Rising by Richard Rensberry

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Beginning

is Book 5
in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series

     Bigfoot book 5, The Beginning is also now being written in weekly installments here on my website.  You can read it for free until it is completed and ready for publication.

     The Beginning is the very roots from which the Conversations With Sasquatch series have evolved.  You can follow the authors journey from childhood encounters to the present in this novel of far reaching adventure.

Cover to Bigfoot book Conversations With Sasquatch The Beginning by Richard Rensberry

The Bigfoot Parchments
is a companion book
in the Conversation With Sasquatch Series

Bigfoot book series cover The Bigfoot Parchments by Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch Stream Of Consciousness
is a stand alone book
in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series 

Bigfoot book series book, Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness by Richard Rensberry

our Bigfoot Children's Book

Sasquatch, our Bigfoot children's book is a kid's rhyme about a delightful family of Sasquatch that like to have fun.

Sasquatch children's book cover.  Sasquatch is written by Michigan author Richard Rensberry and illustrated by Michigan artist Mary Rensberry.

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