Conversations With Sasquatch, The Beginning

The Benevolent Bigfoot

My Conversations With Sasquatch stories have evolved from my own encounter as a child to a series of books and novels.  

Borrowing the words from one of America's foremost poets, Robert Frost, my experiences with Bigfoot have led me down the road less traveled. My Bigfoot encounter as a kid was not in the least antagonistic, so I took the fork in the road that leads to Sasquatch encounters of the benevolent kind rather than that blind rush down the well traveled road that leads to Bigfoot encounters of the scary kind.  There are plenty of attack mode stories to go around to fill Social Media groups and even books.  There is little attention paid to the fact that few people are actually harmed by Bigfoot, other than by their own fears and imagination.  I became interested in our relations with Bigfoot on the plane of positive interactions versus traumatic confrontations.  

For example, I'd like to relate a Conversations With Sasquatch story of an encounter that took place in the Thumb area of Michigan many years ago.  This story intrigued me for the very reason that it aligns with my own experiences that Sasquatch are sentient Beings of high intelligence and empathy rather than just animalistic brutes and adversaries in their relations with man.  That is the philosophical thread that runs through my Conversations With Sasquatch Series of novels and stories.

As one story goes, in a small town not too far from the shores of Lake Huron, two young girls ventured into the woods to pick berries and disappeared.  (I was not there, mind you, nor was I the one that interviewed one of the girls later on in adulthood.  I am simply a person relating the story as I have come to know it.)  Berries are wonderful treasures, not only to us humans, but to many other lifeforms of the wild.  You're likely to encounter all sorts of creatures sharing your appetite for these luscious fruits, animals like bears are exceptionally fond of berries as well as our other forest giants the Sasquatch.  As for the girls, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding delectable treasures and chasing their presence deep into the woods before even realizing you are lost.  I suspect that is what happened to the two young girls.  They chased a patch of berries and inadvertently got lost.

They ended up missing for a couple of days before they miraculously reappeared to the joy of their family and the towns search party.  It appeared the townspeople's prayers had been answered.  God had brought the girls home unscathed.

After the fact, it is difficult to know the true ins out outs of what the two girls actually experienced or what they might have had to say about their adventure.  If they told their parents at the time about the big hairy creature that offered them protection and ultimately led them out of the woods, we can never know.  Were things said but kept secret?  Possibly.  What I do know is that to adults, children have an overactive imagination.  Parents will listen to their kids but the don't hear.  We only have the reminiscent account of one of the girls who related her story to a newspaper reporter as an adult.  She told the interviewer that the reason they had not perished in the woods was because of the big hairy thing that had befriended them and had graciously led them out of the woods to safety.  

How many big hairy things are there?

A Benevolent Bigfoot was what the woman had come to divulge.  

Conversations with Sasquatch are not only possible, they have already existed on the road less traveled. 

Conversations With Sasquatch,
The Encounter

Book 1 in the Bigfoot Novel Series:   
by Michigan 
Author Richard Rensberry

Conversations With Sasquatch novel The Encounter paperback cover by Michigan author Richard Rensberry

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter is a Sasquatch novel like no other.  

How do the Sasquatch live? What are their beliefs? What are their intentions toward human kind? In Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter you will come face to face with Bigfoot and some controversial answers to these all important questions. 

In The Encounter, Book 1 in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series, our author meets Loquius, a talkative and persuasive Sasquatch while out in the forest hunting for morel mushrooms near the small town of Lewiston, Michigan. Their ensuing conversation and friendship leads to a dramatic and exciting adventure into and out of the land of Cross Over, a Sasquatch world that has been evolving parallel to that of the human race since the beginning of time.  

You will also meet Tecumseh, a Chippewa Indian with a deep friendship with the book's author as well as the vital goals and purposes set for by the Bigfoot Council of Elders.  Tecumseh is a warrior and interpreter of common sense and a simpler way of life.  

A Look Inside Conversations With Sasquatch The Encounter

Conversations With Sasquatch, Episode 1

     I have had to readjust my beliefs and rethink many an opinion since I met a Sasquatch while out hunting for morel mushrooms in Lewiston, Michigan. I had no idea that these mushrooms were high on their list of dietary delicacies. They prize and love them.

     I would have been afraid and crapped my pants if it hadn’t been for the long outstretched arm that offered me a half eaten morel. There was nothing aggressive or hostile in this gesture. He effused a welcoming aura of curious friendliness.

    I took the half-eaten morel and popped it into my mouth. As I shook my head affirmatively, I offered him my paper sack that contained about twenty morels and two or three beefsteaks I had gathered along a cedar ridge beside Big Creek.

     It was then that I noticed the pure silence that had fallen over the forest. The crows look-out caws had vanished, the squirrels had shushed their chatter and rattle in the trees. Not even a bluejay or a mosquito was daring a peep.

     I struggled to swallow the copper taste that had encroached to dry my mouth.

     Sasquatch smiled. He had jaws filled with yellow teeth and eyes that twinkled with delight.

     “Thank you,” he said, and jiggled his lips like a horse as it eats a sugar cube off your hand.

     “You’re welcome,” I replied with another swallow.

     “There’s a storm in the air,” Sasquatch offered with a gesture towards the sky, “the ozone is lifting my hairs.” He proceeded to run his hand a few inches above his upper chest where I could see the hairs stand up as if a magnet were being run over a cache of metal shavings. He abruptly slapped his chest and laughed. It sounded eerily like the shriek of an eagle guarding its kill.

     The sky was clear, but I thought I could hear a distant rumble of thunder to the west. I couldn’t remember any rain being in the forecast. I had come dressed only in jeans, a polo shirt and sneakers.

     “You humans are such frail creatures,” he said. “I remember when you were more like us, hunters and gatherers of the health and fruits of The Creator.”

     I really couldn’t tell if he was speaking to me verbally or telepathically. There was such a sense of otherworldliness. I had a hard time getting a grip on my racing thoughts and emotions. In the absence of abject fear, I felt a combination of elation and serenity. I guess it was what you’d call dumbstruck.

     “Not much of a talker, are you?” he asked and popped a fresh mushroom into his mouth.

     “I have never met a Sasquatch before,” I managed.

     “Not many a human has,” he whispered conspiratorially. “You are one of the first in many thousands of years I have spoken to. You are the chosen one.”

     “I am honored,” I humbly croaked.

     “I am not so sure you should be. You humans are blowing it. You are blind to the world of the Sasquatch. You have lost the memory and instinct of your body’s genes and the very essence of your immortal soul.”

     A darkness crept stealthily over the ridge. Lightning flashed and a huge clap of thunder reverberated off and rattled my teeth. I began to shiver uncontrollably as the Sasquatch melted into the rain with a welcoming gesture meant for me to follow him there to wherever there was going to be.

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter is available HERE    

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Conversations With Sasquatch The Encounter

Shiri-adellie Ohara-green.... So i get up this morning and see a notification on my phone that the next part of conversations with sasquatch has been posted. Of course, in my excitement, i forget i was getting up for work, and dive headfirst into this next installment. What i read had me captured already, but then to read about ted kaczynski!?! My mind is blown, and i realize my eyes have literally widened with amazement... I have to find out more about this stunning revelation! As i finished reading, i remembered why i had originally gotten out of bed, and in a panic, start scrambling to get ready for work. But then i remember today is Saturday, we open an hour later on the weekends. So I've got an extra hour to play with! Not even 9am, so between waking up to an amazing read, and an extra hour to enjoy before my work day begins, it has been a great start to the day! Thank you Richard Rensberry

Linda Mecca Green..... Richard Rensberry your superb writing is so visual. I feel as though I can see, hear, taste what you are experiencing. Please continue to share your writing.  Thanks for accepting my friend request. I have a few authors in my friends list so I appreciate your name being added to that list. Before I retired a few years ago, I worked in the PR office at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania... that fact does not matter other than I recognize the marketing and writing value of what you do. Mostly, I just really enjoy your story telling about Big Foot! Reading your bio explains your way with words and how they paint a literal picture. It seems so real and from the heart, doesn't every author want to hear that? Thank you for sharing your writing/experiences on the various Big Foot pages. I'm ready for part 9! Take care.

Jo Bee.... Love it love it loveit! More please,

Im going to read from chapter one , as ive only read your last two chapters, as its an intriguing tale. And youve made me think im on the right track of sasquatch being more than just hairy and scary. I hope theres plenty more chapters to come on this sasquatch journey. Never stop beleiving!

Tammy Loomis.... Well, this is interesting...didn't expect to hear anything quite like this! Curious to learn more…?

Penelope Powers....How utterly and wonderfully fascinating. Can’t wait to hear more and learn!!! Have fun! Wow

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Robin Brou Antin.... Hi Richard FYI I’m in the flap-trapping healthcare provider. Category. And the reason I became so interested in this is because I heard a story told by a 40 something 20 years ago about his experience as a child in his grandparents property . He was all of 6 and fishing in a little backyard pond as he had done numerous times . He had a sandwich and 3 little fish at his side when a shadow casted over him . Thinking his grandpa snuck up behind him he turned around, dropped his pole and urinated on Himself as he saw a massive “thing” . He saw it looked at the fishes there at his feet and he instinctively threw his sandwich at him. The squatch leaned over grabbed the fishes and turned and walked away while we was stone still but when about 20 feet away the squatch turn back and threw back one of the three fish so he the little boy wasn’t left without anything ‘to eat ‘... wow compassion or something.. not sure what to call it .. sort of being not such as ass for stealing all your food .. but this story moved me to see the complex emotions that this animal must have . I was hooked ever since hearing this . Be safe out there

Lauren Elizabeth McCormick.... This is very well written. I have trouble getting into stories, but I think I could reread this over and over. I always think that the Forest people need an ambassador to speak for them. It would be interesting to know what they know, since they are so ancient and connected to the earth. I can’t wait to read the rest of your story!

Keith Slack.... What kind of shrooms were you eating???

Bob Lawrason....  I love this book and the way the Sasquatch use kenaf. Great book for fun with insights into social justice and more. Spread the word about kenaf while getting a unique gift for others to enjoy.

Jackie Imoff.... You definitely have a gift with words. Thank you for sharing. Did you do the illustration yourself? It is also very creative.    

Cover to book 2, Cross Over, in the Conversations With Sasquatch series by Michigan Author Richard Rensberry.

Conversations With Sasquatch,
Cross Over
 is Book 2 
in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series

Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over Book 2 is available in our store.  It has also been published to Amazon in paperback by QuickTurtle Books®.  

Cover to Bigfoot novel in progress.

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Awakening, Book 3 in the series has also been completed.  It is has not yet been published, but is expected to be available early in 2022.

Book 4, The Rising is now being written in weekly installments here on my website.  You read it for free until it is completed and ready for publication.  


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