Sasquatch Art

Sasquatch art can come in many forms.  On this page I would like to focus on the human experience of Sasquatch drawings and paintings.  Though my personal, main artistic focus is on writing, I am also an award winning painter but find it difficult to capture Sasquatch. I find them as illusive with my paints as they are in life.   

I don't often get my paints out, but when I do, I can go on a pretty creative fling.  Literally, painting has a lot to do with flinging. Someday I hope to capture these illusive creatures with my brushes and rags.  Maybe I will smuggle a brush or two into Cross Over the next time I go.

As for the human experience of Sasquatch art, the painting below is by Michigan Artist Mary Rensberry who illustrated my Sasquatch Kid's book.  This particular piece was painted because we thought even the Sasquatch could use a break and a good day at the beach at the end of 2020.  

We are so weary of all the Covid 19 hoopla and the constant misdirection created by the evil forces of our world.  The Sasquatch have long been above and beyond the human brain washing schemes, and they in no way buy into these human manipulations of greed and power.  

The promotion of this virus has gotten so pervasive that I have had several people ask me the question- Do the Sasquatch get the virus?

The answer is a flat-out no.  First off, their immune system is highly advanced and destroys any invasive organisms like COVID (a human made bio-weapon) at the snap of a finger.  But that isn't even what the questioner should be asking.  The real question should be- Where did this virus that has invaded and literally shut down the human dimension of Earth come from?

Believe me it did not come from a bat in a Chinese wildlife market as espoused by our bought and paid for media. It came from a lab funded by several billionaire clubs around the world.  It resulted from a collusion between University researchers and big, big money.  Covid 19 is a strain of virus (the Corona Virus) genetically altered and redesigned to infect humans.  This altered virus was meant to create a mind and life absorbing pandemic around the globe for the roll out of a so called mRNA vaccination.  This vaccination is filled with nanotechnologies for building AI operating systems into the human genome.  First it was a war for our minds and bodies, now it has advanced to a war for our free will and our very soul.  Be very careful folks, they are trying to control and and alter our DNA for top secret purposes that would make you cringe.  In accordance with The Bigfoot Parchments, what is happening is not an accident, it is intentional and well planned.  

As sentient and reasonable beings, we need to be more vigilant like the Sasquatch and stay clear of the Fake News Media.  Their standard operating procedure is create and spread lies, and we need to seek out and operate off truth.  Contrary to the CDC and big money's media narrative, there are many defenses and cures for this bio weaponized virus.  These cures and defenses are being suppressed by specialized marketing campaigns from elite special interests. This pandemic is the biggest germ warfare stunt ever perpetrated on the human race.  Exposing what it is is not a conspiracy theory dreamed up by deplorables, it is a real conspiracy minus the theory.

I recommend you subscribe to Judicial Watch and get attuned to all their lawsuits that have garnered real information through the Freedom of Information Act.  Tom Fitton is a master at digging out the facts.

But I have been rudely diverted from Sasquatch Art like all of us these days.  See how easy we are manipulated into putting our attention onto a storyline being pushed by billions and billions of special interest dollars.  COVID has been implanted into everyone's minds and surgically stitched to our tongues by a well organized and sponsored advertising campaign, and that is the real pandemic.   

So to end, this question of whether or not the Bigfoot are susceptible to the virus, the answer is an absolute no, they are immune on every level.   They are completely stunned by the shear ignorance and gullibility of the human race.  

Sasquatch Art watercolor by Michigan Artist Mary Rensberry.

The Sasquatch Art of Mary Rensberry

Watercolor of a Sasquatch by Michigan Artist Mary Rensberry.

This is the cover art for my first Sasquatch paperback novel, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter.  It was watercolored by my wife, Michigan Artist Mary Rensberry.  

It is a representation of the Bigfoot, Loquius from my descriptions of him after our first meeting on the ridge overlooking Big Creek.  

Cover to Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Richard Rensberry

Mary Rensberry also painted this Sasquatch family for my Sasquatch Children's Book.   

Sasquatch family reunion by Sasquatch artist Mary Rensberry

The Sasquatch Art of Michael Payton

This piece of Sasquatch art was painted by Michael Payton for the cover of my second book in the Conversations With Sasquatch series of Bigfoot novels, Cross Over.  

Sasquatch art by Michael Payton

Another Art Piece
by Michael Payton 
is the cover for my third book in 
the series called, The Awakening

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Awakening Book Cover

The Fourth Book in the Series
is the Rising
to be Published in the Near Future

The Rising Cover B&W