Merry Month of June
Book Giveaway 

Great opportunity to check out new authors at the above link and download a copy of their books for free.  There are over one one hundred authors to chose from, including myself.  My free book is Conversations With Sasquatch, the Encounter for the month of June.  

Cover Image for Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Richard Rensberry

Merry Month of May 
Book Giveaway

IF YOU LOVE BOOKS you can explore new authors in this Merry Month of May Fantasy and Science Fiction Giveaway.  There are 136 participating authors including myself.  My Sasquatch novel Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter is available as a free ebook along with ebooks by all the other PARTICIPATING AUTHORS here:   

You can purchase Book 2, CONVERSATIONS WITH SASQUATCH, CROSS OVER here:         

Merry Month Giveaway will be a Monthly Opportunity for Readers

Each month you will be exposed to a slew of Indie Authors with free or discounted books.  We think this service is a great opportunity for readers and authors, alike.  For May all the books are free for you to download.  

As authors, it is greatly appreciated that if you download our book and like it, that you take the time to go to Amazon or our bookstore and leave a review.  Reviews are valuable tools for both readers and authors, as well.  

My new Sasquatch novel now available on Amazon