Merry Month Giveaway
for February 2023

Free Fabulous

My merry month giveaway for February is Conversations With Sasquatch, Seeds for Life.  This is a primer book on Kenaf, a plant the Bigfoot have many, many uses for.  I have been growing and experimenting with this plant for 5 years now.  It has huge potential for the human race.

Along with my free book there will be free books from several other authors as well.

Beginning February 1st you can download a free copy of any of the books in the giveaway.  This giveaway ends February 28th. Just click the link below and it will take you directly to the books. 

Merry Month Giveaway 
for December 2022

FREE Magical Reads for the Holidays ~ PNR - Fan - UF - Sci-fi - Fairytale

“CONVERSATIONS WITH SASQUATCH, THE ENCOUNTER” and other books from many other contemporary authors are available in our MERRY MONTH OF DECEMBER BOOK GIVEAWAY.  This giveaway begins December 1st and ends December 30th, 2022.  

Beginning DECEMBER 1st follow this link for your free books: 

CoverforConversationsWithSasquatchThe Encounter

Merry Month Giveaway 
for April and May 2022 


“CONVERSATIONS WITH SASQUATCH, THE ENCOUNTER” and other books from many other contemporary authors in our MERRY MONTH OF APRIL AND MAY BOOK GIVEAWAY.  This giveaway runs from April 15th through May 15th 2022.    

Merry Month Giveaway
for January 2022 

Merry Month Giveaway for January 2022!            

Begins January 5th 

     Great opportunity to check out new authors at the above link and download a copy of their books or book excerpts.  You can also download my Bigfoot Series Book for free.  My free book for January is:

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter.  

     It is free beginning January 5 at this link: 

 Check out all my books in our online store here

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter eBook cover.

Merry Month Giveaway will be a Monthly Opportunity for Readers

     Each month you will be exposed to a slew of Indie Authors with free or discounted books.  We think this service is a great opportunity for readers and authors, alike.  

     As authors, it is greatly appreciated that if you download our book and like it, that you take the time to go to Amazon or our bookstore and leave a review.  Reviews are valuable tools for both readers and authors, as well.