Sasquatch Novel 
The Rising

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Sasquatch Novel The Rising is Book 4 in the Conversations With Sasquatch book series.  It is the author’s and Tecumseh's cross over through the Dead Horse Sink portal to where Exiled Bigfoot General Demarcus has established his renegade outpost.  The author and Tecumseh find humans here, humans working in conjunction with the General's Bigfoot army of young Sasquatch set on altering the path of the disturbing human technologies that are adversely affecting the ecologies of planet earth and the alternate Sasquatch dimension of Cross Over.   

As with all of my previous Bigfoot books, my Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising will be published in real time here on my website for your enjoyment.  As before, I hope to post weekly episodes, but in these strange times, along with my many trips back and forth to Cross Over, I do foresee possible interruptions in that schedule.  Sasquatch Novel The Rising and the final episode of Book 3, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Awakening are posted below.  

Currently there are 18 Episodes of Sasquatch Novel The Rising.

Final Episode of
Conversations With Sasquatch,
The Awakening
to refresh your memory from my previous book.

Sasquatch Novel The Rising Begins

     As the pond water enveloped us, everything went dark.  The water felt like warm pudding as it pressed my arms to my sides like a straight jacket. I clung to Tecumseh’s hand.  In the back of my mind I was beginning to wonder if I had made a serious mistake.  Could it be possible that Tecumseh would not be able to cross over and I had unwittingly led him into a death trap?  My lungs were beginning to burn and I was struggling desperately to find traction with my heavy boots.  I had the sensation that my feet were a pair of cement blocks stuck to the pond’s muddy bottom.  My grip on Tecumseh’s hand had loosened and I could feel his fingers slipping away when I was abruptly yanked from the water into the glare of a blinding light.  My stomach did a somersault as I gulped to suck in a lungful of fresh Cross Over air.

     As my eyes adjusted and came into focus I was looking directly at Demarcus.  His big hand twitched and swung me wildly up over his head.  He had hold of my ankle and I was soon dangling fifteen feet in the air.  I looked helplessly into his big brown eyes and saw my own worried reflection before he gingerly lowered me to the ground.  Tecumseh was directly deposited next to me.  

     As I stood shaking, I was immediately struck by a gathering of humans.  There were several men, women and children standing just beyond Demarcus in what looked to be a well kept vegetable garden.  They were wearing simple look alike clothes, straw hats, and smiles like a family of Amish.  In unison they all paused and raised their hands in greeting.

     Tecumseh and I waved back.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising Begins)

Episode 1 of
Conversations With Sasquatch
Novel The Rising

                             Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     The Dead Horse Sink portal did not deposit us into its Cross Over counterpart.  Our immediate surroundings appear as far from a swamp as one can possibly get.  We are standing instead, in the midst of a well organized and prosperous Cross Over farm.  I can see rows of mature vegetables that I have no difficulty recognizing as huge carrots, pumpkins, green peppers and squash.  There is an assortment of utility buildings and even more humans engaged in a multitude of crop harvesting tasks.

     The Amish looking fellow has broken away from his wife and children, and with long strides has descended upon us with a big smile.

     “My name is Dr. Anthony Walker,” he graciously announces  and reaches out with a large hand.  His grip is gentle, but sure.  His warm eyes have a profound twinkle that pulls you in like a magnet.

     “Richard,” I respond.  “And this is my dearest friend, Tecumseh.”

     “Nice to meet the both of you,”  he says with a hand gesture encompassing the farm and its activities. “Welcome.”  

     “Thank you, we are happy to be here.”

     “Demarcus has been telling us of your coming.  He says that you have been to Pariseema and have spent time with the Council of Elders.  He has assured us that you can be trusted with what you may see and hear while spending time among us.  I trust this is the case?” he questions with a raise of his eyebrows.

     “We have no agenda,” I answer.  “We are here at the invitation and behest of your Bigfoot host.”

     “Excellent.  You are a writer I understand, a messenger.”

     “Yes.  I have taken it upon myself to deliver much Sasquatch  knowledge to our world.  I have established a relationship with a Sasquatch by the name of Loquius and other members of the Council of Elders.  They have given me the role of a messenger as well as gifts that are being researched to help mankind.  I unfortunately, do not yet know the role that Demarcus has in this rather bizarre game.”

     “To quail any confusions or doubts that you may be harboring concerning our presence here, I want you to know that it is all voluntary.  There are no humans in Cross Over living under any Bigfoot Duress.  We are not slaves nor captives of the Sasquatch as some human Bigfoot hunters may have proposed.”

     “Why are you here, may I ask? 

     “To help.”  Dr. Walker states.  “We have chosen to be here as both students and teachers.  It is important for you to understand that the inflection point is upon us.”

     “What do you mean by inflection Point?” I ask.

     “The Rising,” he answers.  “It is the Age of Awakening for the masses of humankind.  It is imperative for man to realize the consequences of playing God with living genomes, electronic frequencies and artificial intelligences.  The Sasquatch have seen it all before.  They know where the road leads and ends, and it is not anywhere near Utopia.  That is why we are here.”

     A lightbulb goes off in my head.  “Ted Kaczynski?” 

     “His hypothesis to the dismay of many was correct,” Dr. Anthony Walker states with a nod, then adds.  “It may surprise you, but there are some of the greatest minds of our time that have come to Cross Over.”

(Sasquatch Novel The RisingTo be Continued)     

Episode 2 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising


“What are your thoughts, My Friend,” I ask Tecumseh after we have been deposited into a cozy but roomy dome structure to refresh ourselves.  We are bathed in diffused sunlight reminiscent of being inside a green house.

“Intrigued,” Tecumseh answers, looking about and absorbing the situation.

Each of us has been given dry clothes that are soft and light.  My guess is that they are woven from the plant kenaf that is so prized and prevalent in Cross Over.  On the table before us are plates of vegetables and spices similar to my first meal eaten in the land of Sasquatch when I had been the guest of elder Loquius and his family.  To satisfy our thirst there is also an ewer of steaming tea that smells of ginger and raspberry.

“I wasn’t sure my body was going to survive its journey here into your land of the forest people,” Tecumseh says.  “But, here it is in one piece, and I admit that now that I am here, I have grown hungry.”   He rubs his belly, eying the vegetables and aromatic spices.  

I take hold of the ewer of tea in both hands and pour ourselves a steaming mug of pink liquid.  Like all the Sasquatch teas I have tried, this one is also zippy and zingy.

“I am a bit perplexed,” I tell him.  “I wasn’t expecting Dr. Walker or any other humans to be present here.  It contradicts the information I received from the Council of Elders.  As for the coveted spirits of your ancestors, they may or may not be here in Cross Over, but I can assure you that the place is very real and you will find the food much to your liking.”

“This Dr. Walker,” Tecumseh questions, “Are you sure he is not a ghost or a spirit?”

“I am sure he is as solid and human as we are,” I tell him.  “How he got here and what he is up to besides farming, I can’t say, but I believe we are about to find out in our meeting with Demarcus.”

“Ah yes, Chia Tanka not so friendly friend in the flesh,” Tecumseh says and sketches the Bigfoot’s shape with his hands.  After a moment, he nods and the lines on his forehead soften.  He closes his eyes and takes my hand, then invokes a sing song blessing of thanks to the powers and wonders of that which has brought him here and put fresh food and tea on our table.

“Dig in,” I say when he opens his piercing eyes and looks at me.  

“For some reason I feel we are going to need it,” he adds.

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising to be continued)

Episode 3 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising Episode 3

     Dawn is greeted with a chorus of spirited birds, chirping and singing in the trees surrounding our dome.  Tecumseh is already up and dressed, not in the clothes supplied by our hosts, but in his weathered blue jeans and red checkered shirt he'd been wearing when we arrived.  He has opened the door and propped it with a stick, letting in a rush of clean, cool air.

     I can already sense a flurry of activity stirring among the many buildings about the farm.  I am curious and wander over to the door to stand next to Tecumseh as he takes in the morning scene.  There are children moving briskly about, and to my surprise, I see several young Sasquatch are moving about as well.  Everything appears harmonious and well established by ritual or daily habit.

     "It's like a disembodied dream," Tecumseh says with a sweep of his hand.

     "I felt the very same way the first time I crossed over," I tell him.

     "There is magic here," he informs me.  "Many of the spirits of my ancestors have been here for an eternity of moons.  They rejoice that I have come with all those from the Dead Horse Sink that were unable to cross over.  They came and sat by my bed in the night.   They welcomed us with open arms, and told us there is nothing to fear from the Bigfoot Demarcus and his army of comrades, they only wish for the very thing humanity has been striving for since the beginning of time-- due respect for Mother Earth, the waters and the sky, to live in harmony with all things living in order that each has its rightful place and chance to flourish and prosper."

     Tecumseh gives me a moment to absorb what he has been saying, then adds.  "My Fathers and Mothers are not bitter, their spirits are free here, and now reside in the eyes of the children.  They are joyful as the song birds that flutter in the clean, fresh air.  They are thriving like the like the bees and butterflies flitting among the flowers and the trees."

     "I can feel it," I whisper, understanding the emotional significance of his Dead Horse Sink closure.  I put my hand on his shoulder and in silence we watch human and Sasquatch children scurry carefree in the dim light of a blossoming dawn.

 (Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be continued)    

Episode 4 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising by Richard Rensberry

     I get a sense that Tecumseh feels at home in the land of Cross Over.  Its connection to his past and present are multi-dimensional regarding his ancestry and the Sasquatch.  What the future brings is going to be interesting.

     I retrieve and don my own jeans and flannel shirt.  

     The morning is blissfully fresh but brisk as we make our way toward a large structure that dominates the farmyard.  A gaggle of human and Sasquatch youth are already congregating inside or heading resolutely in that direction. 

     We find ourselves swept up in a wave that deposits us inside a bustling cafeteria.  There are tables of fresh food and drink for the taking.  There is an abundance of chatter and laughter as human and Sasquatch mingle together to dine.  Demarcus and Dr. Walker are there to the side conversing with another Sasquatch of huge proportions, they pause when they see us enter, and Dr. Walker waves us over.

     “We hope you were comfortable and slept well?” Dr.Walker insinuates warmly.

     Tecumseh and I both nod with an appreciative smile.  “Your hospitality was very welcome,” I say.  

     “We have a busy day planned for you.  I want to acquaint you with the farm and its current operations,” the Doctor explains.  “I am looking forward to showing you around and then we will come back here for a meeting we have planned for this afternoon.  Demarcus and his advisor Kendo will be available to brief you at that time.”

     I can feel Demarcus and Kendo probing my thoughts, then seemingly satisfied, they let go, bow slightly and take leave.  That is the first overt mind intrusion that I have ever felt from my time with the Sasquatch, but there was no mistaking that is what I felt.  Their parchments had hinted at such abilities.  I sneak a look at Tecumseh and he nods in a way that lets me know that he felt it too.  

     “Please, join me for tea and breakfast,” Dr. Walker implores with a wave signifying a seat at his bench with his family.  There are generous baskets of blueberries, blackberries, granolas and nuts laid out, as well as wooden bowls and a pitcher of liquid that looks like nut milk to pour over whatever combination we choose.

     “Much appreciated,” I tell him as Tecumseh and I take a seat.  

     “I am sure you are full of questions,” Dr. Walker implies.  “But please, enjoy your breakfast.  There is plenty of time for business after we dine.  Absorb the ambiance, our children’s happiness is abundant and invigorating.”

     It is.  I see no inkling of any kind of discordance or underlying tensions in the happiness around us.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be Continued)

Episode 5 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising by Richard Rensberry

     After breakfast we are led to an open arena of compacted dirt.  Kendo is there with what I can only describe as a platoon of Sasquatch.  There are about twenty of them in a regimented V formation.  

     There is already an exercise in progress when we approach and there is a palpable energy radiating the air all about the platoon.  I can hear it and feel it as a high frequency vibration throughout my whole body.

     “Transmigration exercises,” Dr. Walker tells us.  “Kendo is an expert.  The ability was once natural to their whole race, but because of too much complacency, that ability has diminished in many of the young over time.  With Kendo’s help, we will soon have things back to snuff.  He’s training an army of super-soldiers with transmigration and other supernatural abilities fully restored.  In fact, some humans are also being schooled in these arts with much success.  We will see that in action shortly.”

     Tecumseh and I exchange glances.  I think both of us were expecting a dissertation on the wonders of growing vegetables and other farm related tasks.  Instead we look on as Kendo bows dramatically at the waist and extends his long arms forward in a preamble of vibrating fingers.  The vibrations of the Sasquatch platoon rev like a large mosquito as Kendo suddenly throws his arms into the air.  There is a series of discernible pops as displaced air momentarily sucks us forward.  The field is suddenly empty but for Kendo directing a flock of large black birds like a conductor leading an orchestra.   Several elaborate sky maneuvers are performed, then the maestro sends the flock on a wide circle before they turn and head back towards us at high speed.  With a drop of his arms, the birds skim the ground and we witness the reappearance of a thundering platoon of huge Sasquatch stampeding at a speed unimaginable to the human psych.  I can feel the ground shake as they rocket past only yards away.

     Their is something a little disconcerting about the averring look on Dr. Walker’s face, then the moment passes as his eyes come back and rest on mine.  He smiles warmly.  

     Tecumseh whistles.    

     “Let’s go see what the kids can do,” Dr. Walker extols.   “You’ll be surprised at what focused intentions are capable of producing.”

     He leads us into a large dome structure where a group of both human and Sasquatch children are chanting and doing what looks like deep breathing exercises.  Before them is a female Sasquatch inspecting and then moving to correct or adjust any child’s perceived outpoints.  

     “This is Louisa,” Dr. Walker Tells us.  “She is a master at focusing and directing attention.  These skills are a prerequisite to what you just witnessed in the yard.  Believe it or not, we are proving that humans are capable of similar feats.”

     Dr. Walker motions to Louisa.  She does a few more adjustments on some of the children and then begins the children humming the same note.

     The Sasquatch youth soon begin to alter in appearance.  They take on a wavering quality that makes you want to blink to clear your eyes.  I also notice some of the human children flickering in and out of focus like the snowy picture on an old TV my parents used watch when I was kid.  Then a couple of the Sasquatch children completely vanish before our eyes.  The remainder of the children wink and blur. My legs feel rubbery as my eyes blink in a desperate attempt to see what is and what isn’t in front of us.  The session only lasts a few minutes and then Louisa brings it to an abrupt halt with a guttural vibration that rattles my bones.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be continued)   

Episode 6 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising by Richard Rensberry

     “I know you are under the impression that we have been observing these exercises for only a short while, but in fact it has been several hours since we entered the grounds.  It is called lost time or collapsed space,” Dr. Walker explains.  “Cloaking, in near proximity, actually affects the human time space continuum.  I am sure you have heard of this phenomenon or even witnessed it yourself in your previous encounters with the Sasquatch.”

     “Once or twice,” I say.  “It happened in a portal.  Tecumseh first informed me I was gone for a much longer time than what I had perceived.”

     Tecumseh nods in affirmation.

     “Yes, that would make sense, though this is a little different.  These are lessons in bending space which results in altered time and perceptions.  The same phenomenon would certainly exist inside a portal that transports you from one dimension to another.  In this children’s exercise, however, the individual does not move in space, it is time and space that moves, and that is why the children waver and disappear before your eyes.”

     “Cloaking?” I question.

     “Bingo!  Child’s play for a Sasquatch.  They can alter time and space at will.  That is why these so called human cryptozoologists are chasing their own tail.  It’s a fool’s game,” Dr. Walker says with a chuckle.  “Possibly with the skills being learned by human youth in these exercises, one could follow another through a space warp.  We are not there yet, but I believe it is only a matter of time.  These children are very gifted and enthusiastic about these teachings.”

     “All voluntary?”  I question.

     “Very much so.  They can’t wait for these daily sessions.  Their thought waves are unburdened and unblunted by false teachings and electromagnetic frequencies from human televisions or cell phones.  This allows their thought frequencies to develop and remain on the wavelength of telepathy.  That is how they communicate with each other and their teachers.”

     “And you?” I ask.

     “I’m afraid I am a moron.  They think it is amusing that I cannot hear them unless they speak verbally.  At some point, I suppose they will be generous enough and give me lessons on telepathy and I will learn.”

     “Just who are you, Dr. Walker?” I question.

     “First things first,” he says.  “We need to get settled for our meeting with Demarcus and Kendo.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be Continued)

Episode 7 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising by Richard Rensberry

     Tecumseh and I are led inside what I can only describe as a bath house.  It is a dome structure with a natural thermal hot spring, steaming and redolent of sulfur and eucalyptus.  

     “You are welcome to disrobe and enjoy a relaxing mineral bath,” Dr. Walker tells us with a gesture at the hot spring.  “I will let Demarcus know you are in attendance.  There is tea and refreshments on the table.”

     Dr. Walker quickly exits through a large draped arch.

     “Your powers of medicine exceed my humble dreams,” Tecumseh extols and wastes no time shedding his cloths.  “Just what the doctor ordered to heal the tensions and worries that have befallen us.”

     “I am worried,” I say.  “This is not the first time that I have had the feeling of being played by the Sasquatch.  They always seem to be two steps ahead of me.”

     Tecumseh let’s out a deep sigh as he slowly immerses himself into the hot spring.  His long graying hair is tied back with a piece of rawhide and his sinewy body is ravaged with the wrinkles from a lifetime of sunning.  He slips into the misty heat until he’s a floating smile.

     I shrug and slip out of my shirt and jeans as well.  

    “Let us just enjoy the show,” Tecumseh tells me.  “Whatever they are conjuring is surely a gift to our world.  I feel blessed to be here.  For that I give thanks to you and our run-in with Demarcus.”

     The water is like a salve.  It has been many years since I have had the opportunity to partake of the geothermal powers emanating from the earth.  I am astounded at how easily I could forget such pleasures.

     “You are right, my friend,” I wholeheartedly agree as the water cradles me in the loving arms of Mother Earth.

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be Continued)

Episode 8 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising by Richard Rensberry

     Feeling relaxed with the hot spring’s heat pressing on every part of my body but my face and head, I hold my breath and slowly submerge.  Beneath the surface, the sound of the water hits me like an explosion.  The air is punched from my lungs and I am immediately struck by a moment of panic.  The solidity beneath my feet vanishes and is replaced by a whirlpool of current.  I know better than to fight it.  Instead, I reach out to feel if Tecumseh if Tecumseh is with me, but come up empty in my feeble attempt to find his arm or hand.  

     As the current sweeps me away, I am all too aware of my nakedness and human vulnerability.  Unclothed, I feel completely at the mercy of the environment and the presence of anyone or anything that will be there to confront me when I arrive at the portal’s exit.  It the water were not so hot, I’d feel the heat of my rising ire at being so trusting of a human doctor’s presence in Cross Over.  

     I feel a precipitous drop in temperature as solid rock once again manifests beneath my feet.  I push myself upward and emerge breathless in a glistening pool beside a thundering waterfall.  

     This is the Cross Over I have come to know, beautiful and alive with the heavenly scents and vivid colors of wildly tamed purity.  Dr. Walker is already there, standing on the pool’s bank holding my clothes.  He holds up a hand in a gesture of humble apology.  

     “Sorry about the abruptness,” he offers over the roar of the waterfall, “it was unintentional.  Please forgive me.”

     My immediate concern ifs for Tecumseh, who is nowhere to be seen.  As if reading my mind, Dr. Walker explains.

     “Your friend is relishing and relaxing in the sunshine near the farm.  He is meeting his ancestral children from his lost bloodline.  He is very thankful and wishes you the best in your discussions with Demarcus.  He will see you again back on the other side.”

     Though I am inclined to lash out, I bite my tongue.  I sense the man is being sincere.  I also know that Tecumseh is on his own quest and this battle is my own.  

     “What am I here for?” I demand.

     “This is your prescribed meeting place with Demarcus and Kendo.  They are on their way and will arrive momentarily.”

     As I dry myself with a towel handed to me along with my clothes, I take some deep breaths and further calm my frazzled emotions.  I dress as I take in my surroundings.  While doing so, two large crows swoop over the falls, expand their wing feathers and stall midair before dropping beside Dr. Walker.  There is a moment of disorientation as they waver in a swirl of dark shadows, then transfigure and solidify as Demarcus and Kendo. 

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be Continued)

Episode 9 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising by Richard Rensberry

     I’d like to be able to say that I am no longer surprised nor shocked by my encounters and experiences concerning the Sasquatch, but that is not always the case.  My heart at this point is a run away freight train.  The tension and adrenaline ravaging my body makes me want to bolt or strike out instead of calmly standing my ground to face off with these two huge Sasquatch.

     Demarcus immediately gives me the sign of the cross.  This sign has nothing to do with religion, it is a sign signifying a promise of trust.  I return the gesture, breath and feel my body let go of most of its primal emotions of fear and anger.  I smile and noticeably see tension also drain off Kendo as I do so.  

     “We make the sign of the cross,”  Demarcus accentuates.  

     “Yes, I am okay,” I respond, knowing full well they were reading my feelings and intentions.  “I come at your invitation to speak.  As you know, I have been appointed as a messenger for Loquius and the Council in matters regarding the future of Sasquatch relations with humans.  I had no idea there were other humans in Cross Over.  I was specifically told otherwise.”  

     There is a short discourse between Demarcus and Kendo as if Demarcus is translating what I have just said.  Kendo nods and Demarcus resumes. 

     “The Council in the past was purposely deceived as to the existence of our ongoing human and Bigfoot relations at the Dead Horse Sink Outpost.  It is technically neither inside nor outside our dimensional realm.  Cross Over is between worlds, not quite here, not quite there.  It is true the Council has always maintained a strict hands off stance in regard to humans entering our realm.  Dr. Walker and the others have not violated that directive.  They have not been fully inside our dimension, that distinction has only pertained to you.  That was until now.”

     “And now?” I ask.

     “They have been fully informed.  They know full well the imminent dangers that are accelerating at break neck speed from what your species has coined as a pandemic.  The Council agrees this is a human crisis that most be stopped at all cost, not the fool’s creation, but the fools who created it.”

     “Am I hearing what I think I am hearing?”

     Again there is a pause as Demarcus interprets what I have asked for Kendo’s knowledge and benefit. 

     “Yes, we underestimated the danger and the force necessary to halt your demise.  We cannot stand by any longer.  We are asking for your help in rectifying this matter.  That is why we have asked you here.  It is with the stamp of approval of the Council and Loquius.  Your participation is in no way violating your blood trust of help you previously made with the Council.”

     “Why do I feel I have been played?”

     Demarcus considers my question, then responds.   

     “Circumstances.  As Dr. Walker has so graciously counseled us, you and many other well intentioned humans have been irrevocably played by your own so called Council of Elders, played in fact, to the edge of human extinction.”

     I look long and hard at Dr. Walker, he finally responds.  

     “I believe what they have to propose is referred to in wartime negotiations as an ultimatum of last resort.”

     “We hope you will consider our request,” Demarcus says.  “Dr. Walker will be at your disposal to elaborate further on how you might be of help.  He can then act as an interpreter between you and Kendo when the time arises.”  

     Kendo nods and offers me his rendition of a smile.   

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be Continued)  

Episode 10 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising


     I watch the transmigrated Sasquatch wing their way over the waterfall as crows, and disappear from sight, two seemingly harmless and benign creatures apparently capable of entering our earth dimension completely unnoticed in their feathered disguise.  How many times have I had the feeling that a crow or a raven was eying me from some perch on a wire or a treetop?  I can only wonder what they have in mind for altering the future in our world.  I shake my head and give Dr. Walker a wary look.

     “Really quite amazing, don’t you think?” he asks me.

     I perceive him as a gentle man, but I can discern something hard and unyielding at his core. 

     “Yes,” I respond.  “What I have witnessed today has actually left me awestruck, but it is also quite disconcerting as regards to my past interactions with my elder Sasquatch friends.” 

     “I can only imagine.  The Sasquatch are simple yet complicated beings.”

     “Let’s get to the point, Dr. Walker, who in the heck are you and what are you doing here?”

     “I am much like you, sir, a messenger.  I have been here for many years now, invisible to your elder friends.  I attended and graduated from Harvard in an era of rising hope and promise for the integrity and future of mankind.  I had lofty dreams.  Unfortunately, that era has passed with my idealistic hopes dashed.  I had to abandon my professional career and drop out of sight.  I serendipitously met a strange but intelligent man that led me here to Cross Over.  With his help, I found and brought others.

     “That strange man was none other than Ted Kaczynski, I assume? I ask with a sarcastic chuckle.

     “Yes, a troubled man, but his insight caught my attention.  Now Cross Over and the Sasquatch have caught my heart.  I once again have hopes for mankind.  Come,” he says and leads me away from the waterfall.

     We enter a teepee-like structure, and in a wink emerge back at the Dead Horse Sink Outpost.  I have become so accustomed to the watery ways of portal transport that I am shocked to simply find myself perfectly dry in what looks like an office.  It has a view of the transmigration field where exercises are once again in progress.  Kendo is there, no longer a crow, but a majestic Bigfoot directing his flock with the genius of Mozart.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To Be Continued)

Episode 11 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising


     “Have a seat,” Dr. Walker directs.

     I sit with a clear view of the Sasquatch training field where Kendo is running another group through a transmigration drill.  This time it is not a flock of crows that appear, but a clan of raccoons that go scampering across the training yard.  

     “I’ll be direct,” Dr. Walker begins.  “Demarcus and Kendo have convinced the Council of Elders that directed force may be the only option regarding man’s lack of reason and ethics.  Kendo is diligently training an army of Sasquatch super-soldiers for that very eventuality.  The Council has been devoutly intending a human awakening and is still postulating that force may be averted.  It is under their trust and confidence in your heart and skills that we are sitting here having this conversation.  You have not been played.”

     “I see,” I respond.  “I was probed by The Council when I was in Pariseema and our trust was established.  I wish to abide by that trust, but what is my perceived role regarding this super army Demarcus and Kendo are amassing?”

     “You have empathy and knowledge for both sides of the equation.  You are needed, not only as a messenger, but now as an ambassador to help avert this impending war between our two earth dimensions.  If you agree to help, you will be filled in on everything regarding General Demarcus’s plan and its possible implementation.  Think of it as that old TV program called Mission Impossible.  You are the agent being delegated to carry out the risky mission of saving the world from self-destruction.”  

     “And you say I am not being played?”

     “It is simply a choice, you are not obligated to participate.  Unfortunately, we have learned a little too late that Ted Kaczynski may have been right.  He was the only one of us that understood that dire actions of last resort might be needed to quell the technological beast.  It is still the Council’s intent to avoid such actions, but Kendo and Demarcus are preparing for the worst, and from what I have seen, they are very capable of widespread directed force against the technologies of humanity.  The plans and maneuvers that are being formulated are more than capable of major disruptions to the Internet, communications, energy, food and transportation chains into out of every major population center on earth, including the highly egotistical military industrial complex.  These ego maniacs have no clue what is in store for them.”

     “And how am I supposed to carry out such an ambassadorship?”

     “The elders have confidence in you, as does Demarcus.  General Kendo though, not so much, I think he relishes the idea of war.”

     “You didn’t answer my question, Doctor.”

     “Acts of war are clearly actions of last resort.  We want you to deliver an ultimatum to the FBI agent you are aquatinted with by the name of Mr. Smith.”

     “Mr. Smith, the weasel who came snooping around my house?”

     “That would be the one.  He has had some direct experience with the thought implants of which the Sasquatch are capable of using on humans.”

     “Ahh!  I had guessed that he had encountered something of the sort,” I chuckle.  “He told me I was in way over my head and give me his business card in case I had a change of mind.”

     “Exactly.  That is a major reason why you are needed as the ambassador for this mission.”

     “I can see I have willingly walked the path of preparation.  Was it my choice or was I nudged by a few thought implants?  I hope it hasn’t come to that.  I believe in the parchment that nothing happens by coincidence.  I also believe in self ordained purpose and know that both can feed off each other.”

     “I have not been implanted,” Dr. Walker assures me.  “The Sasquatch do not alter the self-determinism of any human unless forced by circumstances out of their control.  I can assure that you have not been the target of such abilities.”

     “I would like to believe that, and for now I do.”

     Dr. Walker nods.  “If you accept your mission, the Dead Horse Sink portal will self-destruct and you will be extricated from Cross Over via other means.”

     I give him my best cold stare.

     Dr. Walker laughs.  “Just joking,” he says.  “Insouciance is a better carrier wave for intention than seriousness!”

     I nod knowingly.

     Dr. Walker picks up a rolled parchment and holds it out to me.  “You will find Tecumseh safe at home.  He was overjoyed with his trip here to the outpost.  Will you accept your mission?”

     I feel I have no choice in the matter, but wonder if it is my concern for humanity or a super-soldier thought implant that makes me reach out and take the parchment.

     “Let me add,” Dr. Walker implores.  “Be very careful with this Mr. Smith, he is not as dim-witted as he pretends to be.”

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To Be Continued)

Episode 12 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     My return trip from Cross Over to Lewiston is once again via the universe of a watery portal.  I rise up out of the same pond that Tecumseh and I used to enter the Dead Horse Sink Outpost.  Shivering, I quickly remove and wring out my sopping clothes, then stand naked, warming myself in the midday sun.  It is a pleasant day, about seventy degrees without a hardly a breath of wind.  

     After a short while, I reluctantly climb back into my clammy clothes in order to begin my trek out of the Dead Horse sink, to where I hope my truck sits undisturbed.  How long have I been gone?  In human time, it is always a guess.  Three or four days?

     Upon leaving Dr. Walker, any further discussion of the “plan” was postponed until after my first meeting with Mr. Smith.  The results of that meeting will apparently determine the forward thrust of actions or inactions by Kendo, Demarcus and their army of super soldiers.  I am in a tug of war, struggling about this Sasquatch turn of events and the abrupt change of viewpoint by the Sasquatch Council of Elders.   

     Then there is the matter of my having to interact with the FBI.  Not something I am looking forward to.  Their powers of surveillance and unbridled long arm of the law  could render me useless or even dead.  I am fearful of being forcibly detained and subjected to something on the order of pain/drug hypnosis, coerced and recruited to do their bidding, instead of my own and that of the Sasquatch.

     The walk out is thankfully great therapy, it gives me the time to decompress and look at the problem from a more causative perspective.  I am realizing I actually have the advantage if I am smart about it.  I need to play the part as if I’m on the FBI’s side.  I for sure won’t give them anymore information than is necessary.  I was instructed by Dr. Walker to let the parchment do the talking, so I will lean heavily on that scenario.  I also know Tecumseh will be more than willing to cover me, maybe even recruit a couple of his buddies as further backup should the FBI try to pull some covert shenanigans.  I vow to meet these creeps on my terms, not theirs.

     I feel much better and relish the comfort and joy of traversing the ridge above Big Creek.  As fascinating and intriguing as Cross Over may be, it is not my regarded home.  I am not willing to give up on humanity as easily as Dr. Walker seems to have by forsaking his allegiance to man’s independent future.

     As I near Decker’s abandoned deer blind, the forest reeks of a silence so quiet I am able to hear the trees breath.  This is an actual phenomenon I have had the pleasure of experiencing quite a few times in the past.  

     “Loquius?” I whisper.  “Are you here?”

     The questions bounce back unanswered.

     I have a strong sense he will be standing behind me if I turn to look in that direction, but then I hear a twig snap to my right.  I swivel in that direction to see nothing but an endless mosaic of tree trunks.  As I strain to find any further hints of his presence, a few more sounds begin surfacing from the dead silence.  A blue jay and a squirrel start up a tentative battle for forest dominance.  A mouse or a mole rustles the carpet of leaves underfoot.  

     I release a held breath and suck in another.  Reaching into my pocket, I retrieve the Stone Without Time.  I look into its blue depths, and sure enough, something is moving there.  The hairs on my neck come to attention and my stomach flutters with a swarm of butterflies.  It is almost as if an ancient memory resides somewhere in my genes and the imminent appearance of a Sasquatch signals a bodily response of gooseflesh.  Then my ears pop.  

     Loquius wavers and smiles as he solidifies a few feet away.  He immediately extends his right index finger in greeting.  I respond by returning the gesture of friendship and trust with my own.  The tips of our fingers touch and I am filled with a remarkable sense of warmth and peace.  Momentarily we are one.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To Be Continued)

Episode 13 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     With our fingers touching and eyes locked, our minds begin to meld.  I receive from Loquius, a vast tome of new information regarding the “super soldier plan” and file it away in my memory banks.  I am also able to comprehend that my thoughts have not been tampered with, I have not been thought implanted in any way during my stay with Demarcus, Kendo and Dr. Walker.  

     “I believe you have forgotten or purposely left behind something valuable,” Loquius says as our fingers disconnect.

     He extends the rolled parchment that Dr. Walker had handed to me prior to entering the portal for my return home.  Somehow I had neglected to keep tabs on it, and had left it behind, whereabouts unknown.  

     “You are not obligated to help, it is only a request,” Loquius adds.  “It was my intention to be present at your meeting with Demarcus, to hand you the parchment personally, but I was delayed in Pariseema.  If you have questions now, I am at your disposal to elaborate.” 

     “I have decided to help.” I say.  “The information you have telepathically supplied to me is more than adequate to answer the questions I was harboring.  I will do my best with the FBI.” 

     “If you need further information or assistance, consult the Stone Without Time.  I will post updates to it daily if anything changes.  I will also be present and available each day at dusk, here in your world, in the body of a sparrow hawk.  Look for me in the dead ash tree near your home.  Rest assured, you will not be alone in these endeavors.”

     “Very well, my friend.  But while we are talking, I am curious about something.  How long  has it been since our last meeting in Cross Over?”

     “Time is of no significance.  If I told you it has been years or just yesterday, would it make any difference?”

     “I guess not.”

     “No, the only thing that is important is now and what we intend for our worlds tomorrow.  Let your best intentions be your sole guide in your decisions.  Those intentions are what is worthy of a new human civilization during this evolution of earth.  The Sasquatch will interact in accordance with the laws of ethics.  Ethics are reason, they ensure more construction than destruction.  But, one always must remember, the failure to destroy in the face of an impending greater destruction, is a cowardly act against the laws of ethics and life as a whole.  The worst thing we could do, would be to do nothing.”

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising To be Continued)

Episode 14 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     I am having a rather difficult time getting motivated since my recent return from Cross Over.  The weight of our insane world keeps growing heavier and heavier by the minute.  We have an illegitimate President that talks gibberish and shuffles about the White House in a zombie daze, his feeble body and mind held up by puppet strings. 

     My simple assignment of calling the FBI operative, Mr. Smith, is about as appealing to me as a drink of swamp water. 

     I can see concern written across Tecumseh’s brow as I tell him, “I feel trapped between two worlds.”  

     “One can easily get trapped by indecision,” he tells me.  “The cure is to simply make up your mind.”   

     “I don’t believe it is quite that simple," I tell him.  "In my heart I know the Sasquatch reside in a realm much closer to the truth.  But, does that truth justify my betraying all my human loyalties?”

     “While you were meeting with Demarcus, I was busy healing the past,” Tecumseh responds.  “If I chose to remain loyal to that past and my Native American blood, I would probably be obligated to cut your throat and take your scalp.  After all, your world really did destroy ours, whether your world accepts responsibility for that disgrace  or not.  That is also a truth.” 

     “I see your point,” I say.  “I guess as unpalatable as it all is, I really have little choice If I want to live with myself.  Like the old saying goes, I can run, but I can’t hide.”

     “That is how I perceive it, my friend.  The Sasquatch, you and I are now warriors in the same dream.  That dream belongs to us and to those willing to help.  It does not belong to the past.”

     “I am so amazed at the awareness the Sasquatch have of us,” I tell him.  “I think it is their ability to transmigrate and move freely as other entities amongst us, like crows and such.  Have you noticed the huge flocks of crows that are cropping up in and around our big cities?”

     “I am proud to say I do not venture near your concrete prisons.  At least I am then spared the desecration of our culture and the Sacred Earth.  But if the crows are there, they are probably not crows.  Crows have much more intelligence than that.”  

     “You are probably right,” I chuckle.  “I do not know how many super soldiers Kendo and Demarcus have trained and deployed.  I don’t even have a clue as to how many Sasquatch exist, let alone how many are here in our world as soldiers; nor for that matter, how many would be needed to carry out their plan.”

     “Have you by any chance ventured to open the parchment that reveals the Council’s ultimatum?”

     “No, I have not.”

     Tecumseh gives me his patented, discerning stare.  

     “You’re saying we should open it?”   

     He grins.  

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising to be Continued)

Episode 15 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     We roll the parchment out on the floor of Tecumseh’s trailer and hold the corners down with Sasquatch throw stones the size of baseballs.  The words are boldly printed in English block letters.  It is a formidable looking document that reminds me of the awe and significance of seeing the Declaration of Independence for the first time, a document however, to Tecumseh would instill a totally different response.  To him it meant the end of his Native American Nation and nomadic culture.   

     “Read it out loud,” Tecumseh whispers over my shoulder.

     I begin:  
















(Sasquatch Novel The Rising to be Continued)

Episode 16 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     It is Monday, a day Loquius previously agreed to show himself as a sparrow hawk in the dead ash tree near my house upon my request.   I have asked for his counsel.  

     The wind is spilling out of the North with a sinister bite to it.  Winter is standing staunch and stubborn, unwilling to relinquish its long grip.  A few flakes of snow are spirally and stinging my cheeks as I sip coffee from my thermos and wait.  

     There is no beat of wings, no hawk screech to announce his presence.  He just materializes in my thoughts.  

     “I have come at your request,” he says.  “I heard you ask loud and clear.”

     “Thank you, my friend,” I acknowledge.  “I have been troubled.  Why do you or the council not go to the FBI directly, instead of using me as an intermediary?”

     “Your secret services have previously employed and are still employing every means possible to capture a council member like myself.  We cannot let that happen.  We have determined that you are not in any danger as our ambassador.”

     “Is that a guess or the fruits of your powers to read their minds and diabolical intentions?”

     “It is always a bit unpredictable.  Humans can change their minds on the flip of a switch, but as far as we are able to determine, you pose no real or imagined threat to the powers that be.  In fact, you are considered a valuable asset to be protected.”

     “Protected from what?” I ask.

     “It is not from what, it is what you are being protected for.  Your presence is the only direct line of information they have at their disposal.”

     “Don’t you have a presence here and watching?”

     “Yes.  Like your secret service, we have eyes in the sky.  We have ears the walls.   You are not alone.  The thing is, we cannot show ourselves as the Sasquatch we are.”

     “Very well, I will call Mr. Smith’s phone in a few minutes.  When I speak to him, I will set up a meeting to deliver your parchment.  Since he claims to be a card carrying Eagle member, I plan to schedule the meeting at the Eagle’s nest in Comins.  I do not plan to meet him anywhere suggested or recommended by him.”

     “The Council will be waiting for your confirmation of delivery.  Please tell Tecumseh, that like you, he is welcome back in Cross Over at any time.”

     “I will do that.  I am sure he will be pleased.”

     As before, I feel the fabric between our worlds being stretched.  When I reach out with my index finger, his finger is there pushing back.   I am enveloped in a serenity and trust necessary to make the call I have dreaded for days.  

     The phone rings twice and then there is an audible click.  There is no hello or a request to leave a message, just the void of an open line into which I feel compelled to speak.

     “Mr. Smith,” I say.  “I am not sure I have had a change of mind, but I do have a message from Loquius.  Please call me back at…”

     “I am here,” he says.  “No need to identify yourself.  This phone has one purpose, and one purpose only.  You are it.”

     “Is that supposed to make me feel honored?” I ask.

     “It can make you feel however you want it to.  Your feelings have nothing to do with me.  All I care about is your friend Loquius and what he had to say?”

     “Meet me at the Eagle’s club in Comins at six this evening,” I respond.

     “I was thinking the Sheriff’s Dept. would be much more appropriate, wouldn’t you say?”

     “The Eagle’s Club at six this evening,” I repeat, and hang up. 

(Sasquatch Novel The Rising to be continued)

Episode 17 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     Tecumseh as always has my back.  He and a couple of his trout fishing buddies are parked in an old rusty GMC pickup, secluded in a driveway just down the road where a farmer butchers his chickens.  I am very confident that Mr. Smith doesn’t know he has been followed, nor that my guardians have enough firepower at hand to make Custer roll over in his grave.  

     I am waiting patiently on a bench outside the Eagles' Club side-entrance when the Escalade pulls into the parking lot and stops.  The FBI standard issue, tinted windows make it impossible to know if there is anyone else in the car or not, but I am pretty sure he’s alone.  I immediately stand and go inside before he exits the car.  

    Mr. Smith enters the club shortly, and tries to locate me as his eyes adjust to the darkened barroom.  He has on the same beige, Dick Tracey coat he had the last time we met.  He finally spots me at the bar and I wave him over.  

     “Have a seat,” I grudgingly tell him.

     The bartender is johnny on the spot, asking us how he can help.  

     “I’ll have an Alaskan,” I say.

     “Make that two,” Smith says, and holds out his hand for me to shake.  

     “Maybe another day,” I tell him, keeping my hands on the bar.  

     He settles into the stool next to me and shrugs.

     “I have something for you,” I say, and hand him the rolled Sasquatch parchment.  “It’s from your nemesis Loquius and the Council of Elders.  I suggest you and your cohorts take it seriously, I have seen what the Sasquatch are capable of, firsthand.  I also heard that you have had a little familiarity with their abilities as well.  when you are ready to respond to what they have to say, then get it to me in writing and I’ll make sure they get it.  Other than that, I have nothing else to say about the Sasquatch.”

     The bartender sets two mugs of beer on the bar.  

     “I thought maybe you had come to your senses, but I’m starting to think otherwise.  As I stated before, you are in way over your head.   We are not playing games here,” Smith warns.

     “You can drink mine as well,” I say pointing at the beer and get up off the stool to leave.  “I think you are going to need it.”

     I toss a five dollar bill on the counter.  “You can leave the tip,” I add, and walk out.

     (Sasquatch Novel The Rising to be continued)

Episode 18 of 
Conversations With Sasquatch 
Novel The Rising

Conversations With Sasquatch Novel The Rising

     Tecumseh and his fishing buddies tailed Mr. Smith as far as Rose City, then he called me from one of his friend’s cell phones.

     “This guy is hauling it without any intentions of stopping as far as we can see.  It appears as if that Sasquatch ultimatum put the fear of God into him.”

     “I’m thinking he’s headed for Lansing, then.  You can turn around if you wish.  I don’t think we have anything to worry about from him for now.  I’m more worried about probable reinforcements down the road.  I’d appreciate it if you would keep an eye out for any unusual check-ins at local motels in the near future.  If you see any cars with tinted windows, ring the bell and I will let Loquius know."

     “Got it.  We’ll definitely keep our eyes open for FBI spooks in the future. We’re turning around now, this old chunk of metal is a far cry from the smooth cruise I get from my bike.”

     “Tell the guys I owe them a fishing trip.”

     “They were happy to help, kind of excited to do something out of the ordinary for a change.  They say if you give this rickety old truck a good drink, they’ll consider it all square.”

     “Will do.  Tell them I’ll leave a hundred with Gil’s Gas and they can get what they need.”

     “Sounds good.  You need anything else, just let us know.”

     “Thanks, later my friend.”

     I am pleased it looks like the parchment’s message has gotten through, at least to Mr. Smith and his immediate superiors.  Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.  My guess is that a clan of agents will show up on my doorstep sooner or later.  I am hoping for later.  To our benefit, strangers around these parts stick out like an elephant in a ballerina’s outfit.  

     The violent collision of Sasquatch and human dimensions remains in stasis, like a moth forming inside a cocoon, at least for now.  When it emerges, where will humanity be?  Is the world going to awaken and metamorphose or sink and get shaken by an all out Bigfoot intervention?  We shall see.

     I am pressing on, hoping humanity advances toward the creation of a New Earth.  In this vital regard, a few giving souls and myself have taken it upon ourselves to create a Private Member Association (PMA) called New Earth Ministries.  The ministry has now launched the Seeding the World Project. Our Seeding the World is for growing and processing the Sasquatch plant kenaf, generously gifted to us by the Bigfoot Council of Elders in an effort to help.  

     The goal of this kenaf project is to help reinvigorate and bring prosperity to rural communities and beyond, through the regenerative farming, product development and processing of this multi-dimensional Sasquatch gift know as kenaf.  

     As stated in my previous books, much research about kenaf is now underway regarding its properties and the hundreds of uses afforded by its cash crop and its predicted role in shaping the future of farming and commerce.  Spearheading this research and development is Kenaf Partners USA located in Onaway, Michigan, just down the road from the Dead Horse Sink portals into Cross Over. 

     To acquaint yourself with kenaf and its many products, please visit:  You can also purchase my two basic ebooks about kenaf.  They are entitled:  Seeds for Life and Seeding the World and are available in our store at for one dollar each.  

     Most of all, The Sasquatch Council of Elders and I ask for your generous support of this project.  It cannot be done without good intentioned people taking action.

     Get involved!  

     Become a member of New Earth Ministries.  Give a cash donation in support of our Seeding the World Project.  You can also donate farm land, residential or business properties, portable buildings and farm equipment to the ministries’ efforts to bring this goal to fruition.

     Being a Private Member Association non-profit, all cash and non-cash donations are tax deductible.  New Earth Ministries is unincorporated and exists entirely in the private domain.  Because of our PMA status, we are unencumbered by government or corporate interests.  Mr. Smith and his cronies legally have no jurisdiction within the sovereign realm of New earth Ministries.  Like the Sasquatch, we remain free and sovereign beings.  

     So be it!

     The future is ours to grasp before it is too late.  To consult with me and get more information about the Seeding the World Project, to become a New Earth Ministries’ member, make a cash or non-cash tax deductible donation or take part in the project, please email me at: 

     Let’s hope Demarcus and Kendo have no need to enlist their super soldiers en masse.  I would prefer a little push here and a little shove there, hopefully a few index fingers reaching out from the other side to meet the tips of ours.  

     For now, it appears the portals have been closed.  The Stone Without Time is filled with a thunderous Sasquatch applause for those willing to step up and join our efforts.  You are the Chosen Ones.  

Richard Rensberry on behalf of The Sasquatch Council of Elders 

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