Sasquatch Illustration
by Mary Rensberry

Cover image for book 1 in the Conversations With Sasquatch Series by Richard Rensberry.

Sasquatch illustration by Mary Rensberry, then watercolored by Mary as well.  This illustration became the cover for my first Bigfoot novel, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter.  I have received many good compliments on this image.  This image with the text on it has served very well in communicating and getting readers attention for wanting and purchasing the book.  

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter sold out in one weekend when introduced to local retail outlets in Northern Michigan.  I am thankful for everyone that has purchased the book from local businesses versus buying through Amazon.  Amazon has seemingly become a necessary evil for writers, but it is my desire to prove them wrong and support small businesses.  Amazon and other large corporations continue to put undue pressure on local economies as these money rich corporations attempt to take market share from our local small business entrepreneurs.  I, like the Sasquatch, urge everyone to support their local businesses by purchasing everything possible from those small businesses in your community instead of through the big on-line corporations and box stores like Walmart.  

I still remain to have my books available on Amazon, but have weaned myself considerably by building our own online store.  I used to have a better relationship with Amazon at its inception when it maintained the values of Create Space, but in recent years that relationship has disintegrated into one of more control and domination by their corporate culture and structure at KDP.  I am too often simply treated as a slave to be monetized, and that philosophy rubs me the wrong way. Corporations tend become more like machines instead of human. 

Sasquatch Illustrations 
by Michael Payton

The sasquatch illustration to Book 2 in my Conversations With Sasquatch series, Cross Over is the artwork of artist Michael Payton.

Cover to Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over by Michigan author Richard Rensberry

The Sasquatch art to Book 3 in my Conversations With Sasquatch series, The Awakening is also the artwork of Michael Payton.

Michael is a talented artist on many fronts.  Besides being the artist for my book covers, he has also illustrated my book called Big Brownie about the Michigan Brown Trout Festival.

Cover to Conversations With Sasquatch, The Awakening by Bigfoot author Richard Rensberry

Sasquatch Illustrations fill kid's Sasquatch book

Sasquatch kid's book illustration by Mary Rensberry

Sasquatch illustrations by Mary Rensberry adorn our Rhyme for Young Readers Sasquatch book.  This is a playful book with playful illustrations.  They are once again the light-hearted water colors of Mary.  She captures the benevolent and playful nature of these supernatural beings in their natural environment, the forest.  

Children's Sasquatch book cover