Sasquatch Gifts

Sasquatch jump game available in store.

Our Sasquatch gifts include this "jump to leave one peg game" with Bigfoot.  We also have Sasquatch cards and of course our books.  All make great gifts for the Squatcher in your life even if it is you.

One of our very special gifts are our Sasquatch Stones.  These stones are Sasquatch gifts from our Big Creek Bigfoot clan themselves.  They are stones that have been placed on our forest message board, a huge boulder  located in a feeder canyon to the creek.  Here the Sasquatch leave messages in the form of stone writings to communicate to those who can "see".  Many of these stones retain actual mind-speak images that can be viewed if one is open to such phenomenon.

The image below is one such stone.  This one, though not for sale, is the mate to my very special Stone Without Time, referenced in my books.  In this stone, you can see the indentation that is a perfect fit for my thumb.  This stone contains vast amounts of wisdom as well as images from the alternate universe of Cross Over.  It is cherished beyond compare.  

A second Stone Without Time.  Used by the author, Richard Rensberry, to contact the Sasquatch.

In addition to the obvious thumb receptacle, there are two smaller finger receptacles on the side.  If you thought the cell phone was advanced, it is nothing like the direct transfer from this magical stone.  

I cannot guarantee any such wisdom or pictures are available to you from the stones sold in our gift shop, but I can vouch for the wonderful frequencies that they emit from being in the hands of the Sasquatch.  These stones have been gifted by their touch for luck, love and longevity.

Sasquatch Gift Stone Images

Sasquatch Gift Stone given to the Author Richard Rensberry.
Message stones from the Sasquatch, left on the message boulder near Big Creek.
Heart Stone from the Sasquatch.  Gifts to the author, Richard Rensberry.

These are a few of our Sasquatch stones.  Besides the message and heart stones we have toss pebbles.  These are pebbles tossed by the Sasquatch in their little games with humans who are trying take pictures and/or videos of them.

Sasquatch toss pebbles tossed at camp when cameras are present.

Our Sasquatch Gifts are available in our Store

The vessel Sasquatch out of Thunderbay in Northern Michigan.