Sasquatch Christmas

A Sasquatch Christmas is full of fun and games.  It is a time of celebration and awakening from the short days surrounding the winter solstice.  The Sasquatch love their music and all their art, and Christmas time is the time for all things bright and festive in and around their homes.  There are many great thinkers and poets among the Sasquatch.  They have been around for centuries and know their craft.  Maybe even Shakespeare had a Bigfoot muse.  Poetry readings and concerts ring through the forest and into the new year.  

A Sasquatch Christmas Poem



On Christmas Day

put an ear to a maple

or birch and listen…. you’ll hear

the bells of Cross Over ring

through the trees of the forest

where the Bigfoot reign.


They are the bells from a hammer

and a chisel on stone, the bells of a miracle

being carved out of bone.

They are the bells of Leeitus

and the bells of Pariseema, the toll

of Awakening in a brand new world.


They are the bells of the Elders

from the Temple of Myrrh…. the bells of a harkening

and the bells to concur

the best is yet to come.  


                                    Richard Rensberry  12/21/20

              Author of Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter


Sasquatch Christmas Poem Glossary:

Cross Over-  The Sasquatch world

Leeitus-  Son of the Elder Sasquatch Loquius

Pariseema- Sasquatch center for Ethics and Common Sense

Awakening-  The Winter Solstice high frequency energy of enlightenment

Elders-  Council of the Sasquatch Elders who are many thousands of years old 

Temple of Myrrh-  Temple located in Pariseema for spiritual celebrations.  

Sasquatch Christmas With A Bigfoot Santa

A Sasquatch Christmas without a Sasquatch Santa would be no Christmas at all.  God and gifts are a universal language even the among the Bigfoot.  

A Sasquatch Christmas 
in Michigan

Michigan is a winter wonderland at Christmas time.  The forests are muffled by snow, and the Sasquatch make gifts from all of nature's treasures like pinecones and birchbark.  Miniature paintings on rocks are a favorite, as well as beach pebble landscapes on a parchment of birchbark.  

A Sasquatch Christmas in Michigan is much like ours.  It is the time of the Awakening into the beginning of a brand new year.

A time for great food and friends gathered.  It is a time for envisioning with grand goals set, and a time for reminiscing the sweet successes of the year just past.  It is a time to relax and enjoy the blessings of simply being Sasquatch.