Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift

Asteroid Machine Shop

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift is book five in the Sasquatch book series.  Its follows Conversations With Sasquatch The Rising.  

It is being written live here on my website as I have done with all my other books in the past.  Thousands of visitors have been able to read along for free over the last several years and you will be able to enjoy this perk as well, until I decide otherwise.  I have been considering moving Conversations with Sasquatch The Night Shift to Amazon Vella and probably will in the not too distant future.


Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 1

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift episode 1

     Some people sleep eight hours a night, others suffer from insomnia, many go to bed and never wake up at all; I work the Night Shift in a machine factory for slave-wage dollars in order to survive outside the boundaries of our all intrusive Earth, artificial intelligence matrix.  It makes no sense, but that is the way it is.  It takes money and resolve to build and maintain a workable resistance movement, even with the Sasquatch fully awake and devoted to our efforts.

     The Sasquatch Council of Elders have made it perfectly clear that there are strict rules regarding their contact with humans, rules established and governed by the Galactic Federation of Planets.  On the other hand, and fortunately for the New Earth Resistance Movement, Bigfoot General Demarcus sees these governing regulations as being pertinent only to an ethical and productive civilization of which our human Earth populace has long lacked subscribers.   As said to me in my first conversation with Sasquatch elder, Loquius, “Mankind is blowing it.”

     I’d much prefer to go to bed and sleep like a normal human being.  I’d cherish waking up happy if earth’s governments and corporate-media conglomerates weren’t bought and paid for by drug money, but I’m afraid that is far from the truth.  The general population of humans is spoon fed only what the elite money-men care to endorse and profit from, the rest is AI monitored and discarded as untrue or deplorable conspiracy theories.  This kind of totalitarianism works wonders in a society of automatons brainwashed into believing whatever their masters decide to put into their dirty little spoonful of lies.

     I just happen to be a lifelong rebel.  I do not and will not subscribe to this matrix mindset, instead I spend my nights rubbing elbows with a strong lady who is covered with cartoonish tattoos and bright pink hair.  Her name is Ariah.  She somehow finds this choreographed existence comical and laughs almost all of the time.  I am less optimistic and even grumble when she overtly breaks the machine shop rules and talks to me in a loud boisterous voice.  I remind her to keep her attention and eyes fixed on the images and mind-speak of our matrix issued smart phone.  She laughs all the more.  It’s a miracle that neither one of us has been hog-tied and subjected to the COVID jabs that  the matrix has so diligently spiked with behavior altering viruses and spike proteins that respond to certain mRNA manipulated frequencies.   From what I can discern, Ariah and I could be the last of what’s left of the unvaccinated machine shop free spirits.

     Ariah says she’s a smoker of a lot of weed because the company is pro-marijuana and endorses such behavior.  Management does not consider it a hinderance to the menial work we have been assigned to do.  She says many of the shop’s other employees light up every night outside at break time near the flagpole.  Apparently, marijuana helps the employees to “freely” submit to the mRNA virus frequencies and allows them to believe that they are content and happy with their self-induced slavery.  I am invited to join her for a smoke break if I wish.  I politely decline.  I remain a purist, cherishing my mental and spiritual sharpness in the face of the matrix cards we have been so cruelly dealt.  I do not smoke dope or indulge in any proffered pharmaceuticals that would alter my reaction time or ability to think quickly on my human feet.  

     The Sasquatch used to laugh at our human weaknesses.  To their elders, man was no different than a swarm of gnats, a little bothersome, but of no real threat to Nature’s God nor the Bigfoot's serenity of existence.  Then came the human computer and its programmed disciples, animal and plant Bioengineering, chem-trail bio-weapons and intense microwave frequencies along with nano technologies that were no longer containable to just our physical Earth dimension.  These altered structures of matter and life have proliferated and begun to cross-over into Cross Over, that alternate, parallel Earth dimension created and maintained by the Sasquatch.   

     Just recently, the advent of the bioengineered weapon known as COVID, has thrown a monkey wrench into the whole evolutionary equation involving man and Sasquatch.  Bigfoot General Demarcus has no intentions of standing by and letting humanity prevail in such out-ethics shenanigans as bio-weaponry.  To Demarcus this behavior is unforgivable.  He has befriended a like-minded human comrade by the name of Dr. Walker, a Harvard educated scientist now working with Demarcus on the other side.  The good doctor and a clan of his human disciples are currently commingling with the Sasquatch in a portal compound known as the Dead Horse Sink Command Post.  This is the location where Demarcus recently took my dear American Indian friend, Tecumseh and I, to witness the human and Sasquatch training regimens that are becoming the heart of our Bigfoot and human resistance movement.  

     The Dead Horse Sink  Command Post is where I spent my recent absence from the public eye.  I haven’t been wasting time on Facebook or watching the absurd foolishness known as TV.  That is all matrix programming and social engineering by which the elite maintain strict social and financial control over Earth’s populations.  As stated in my earlier Conversations With Sasquatch writings, the flag of warnings regarding this mass technological control of humanity was raised initially by a Bigfoot messenger known as Ted Kaczynski, another Harvard genius.  Unfortunately, Ted became a matrix patsy when he lost his ethical bearings and resorted to getting attention as the character known as the Uni-bomber.

     Now with the Internet being centralized and overseen by Matrix Artificial Intelligence, our resistance’s communication network has been severely handicapped and is becoming a rather daunting problem to overcome.   The Sasquatch, as adept at telepathy as they are, cannot communicate telepathically with a multitude of unreceptive human morons.  The resistance is now reliant upon the old faithful “word of mouth” as its most effective means of recruitment. 

     Until censored and shut down, the resistance is building and maintaining websites where people can still go to find support, reason and even some semblance of the truth.  

     What is the resistance?  It is first and foremost New Earth thinking.  It is focussing one’s altruistic intentions and acting independently outside of the matrix confines of mental and emotional programming.  It is opening one’s self to the Sasquatch Stream of Consciousness and waving goodbye to the matrix hive mentality with all of its materialistic amenities and entrapments.  I guess you could say that joining the resistance is tantamount to having your teeth pulled without being anesthetized.  Believe me, it takes more courage than most frail humans can endure.  That is where the Sasquatch are becoming a huge help.   They are showing us the way.  

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 2

Dead Horse Sink Command Post

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift episode 2

     How does one create one’s existence moment by moment like the Sasquatch and escape the habitual training routines programmed into us since birth?  There seems to be no ready answer to this question other than a rigorous session of Sasquatch Slap Therapy, or like in my case, just encountering a Bigfoot or two.  I have met several and those meetings have short-circuited almost everything founded on the false ideas of modern man’s current reality. 

     Also for me, working the night shift at a job dominated by continuous repetition has forced me into a mindset change in order to survive the monotony and constant mind tinkering of the matrix thought police.   By successfully learning to create my physical and mental motions in a stream of continuous new units of time, I have achieved a perpetual condition of hyper-awareness.   This present time awareness is an extremely valuable state, since it is the past’s stuck emotional masses and mental image pictures that one fails to be aware of at the moment of their creation that the thought police are able to control and use against us.  Our intentional thoughts and motions in present time are beyond their parasitical reach.  Sounds a bit complicated, but in reality it is a miracle of simplicity that makes it possible for our thoughts, whereabouts and doings to be virtually invisible and uncontrollable by these matrix mind control hacks.   

     The Sasquatch from the Dead Horse Sink Command Post are upping the game even more by teaching Cross Over humans involved in the resistance many other valuable abilities that in the future will come in very handy.  When push comes to shove, these abilities will be paramount in defeating our controllers both on the mental plane and in the physical universe.  The Sasquatch have also made it clear that creation cannot be achieved without some form of destruction.  It is delusional to think otherwise.  In this spiritual war, guilt has become a weapon of the matrix to get his enemies to believe that destruction or war is very bad and evil, thus rendering any resistance impotent for easy assimilation into their ill-conceived reality.  One must be on guard against such enemy tricks.  

     With the help of the Sasquatch, the resistance’s weapons will include New Earth creations that beget the least amount of destruction needed to out-maneuver and out-create this corporate/governmental aristocracy and its technological machinery.  This longer range goal is what has been set in motion at the Dead Horse Sink Command Post under the leadership of Sasquatch General Demarcus and human comrade in arms, Dr. Walker.  I have not been privy to any of the strategic plans they are developing in order to bring this ideal to fruition, but I have seen the rigorous training exercises conducted with humans dealing with telepathy, cloaking, transmigration and what I will call thought implantations.  These abilities are not only possible and actual for the Sasquatch, but were shown to me to be trainable skills that humans can acquire through practice.  I witnessed this first hand on my latest excursion into Cross Over and have no doubt it will happen in our world in the future.  

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 3


Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift episode 3

     My old friend Tecumseh has informed me that he will be joining the human resistance movement in Cross Over to undergo all the training regimens taught by the Sasquatch at the Dead Horse Sink Command Post.  We are meeting one last time before he embarks on his unprecedented journey and he is all smiles as he walks into the Lewiston Lodge where we are meeting for lunch and a toast to the future and the New Earth.  

     “The birds are singing,” Tecumseh praises and raises his arms.  “The trees are radiant with hope and the river is rapidly rising with the tempo of my heart! “

     “Hello, my friend!” I exclaim.

     He looks way younger than he did prior to our last trip through the portal into Cross Over with Demarcus.   The lines in his face are happy lines and his shoulders are square with purpose.

     “May the light always shine in your heart and eyes,” he proclaims.

     “I am delighted to see you, too.  You look more like a warrior than an old man with gray hair,” I tell him.

     We embrace.

     His eyes have a twinkle and a vast depth of warmth achieved only from a lifetime of living from the heart.  Tecumseh is a true free spirit, unfettered by the consumerism or social hierarchies that occupy so many of the doings of modern man.  His only career has been living an exuberant and natural life at one with the forest and all its creatures.

     “You should come, too,” Tecumseh prods, not for the first time.

     “I wasn’t invited.  It is not my time or place,” I tell him.  “I am an ambassador and a messenger for The Elders, not a warrior.  When the time comes, I figure you will act accordingly to get me up to speed on the skills I will need to defend myself from the likes of agent Smith.”

     Tecumseh nods, “It would be an honor, my friend.  I look forward to the day we never see the likes of that spook again.”

     “Likewise.  Let this be the beginning of our long journey as friends, not in any way the end.”

     I wave as Tecumseh turns his Indian motorcycle from the parking lot onto the blacktop.  I am excited for the both of us.  His ancestors will forever be thankful and proud of all he is doing for legacy of his people.

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 4

Ariah 2

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 4

      Ariah is at the top of her game when I show up for the night shift.  She is bullbaiting the boss with subtle wise cracks, and laughs at his lack of sparring wit.

     On the lunch room wall hangs two huge TV screens that pump an endless stream of matrix propaganda into the lunch room where management and employees meet everyday to get last minute machine assignments.  Ariah and I are relegated to what I call the dungeon, a machine cell far in the back of the shop with no natural light or outside ventilation.  I actually enjoy it there because it’s secluded and we receive very little attention or interest from any of the foremen throughout the night.  

     When I was first hired on, I was paranoid of the thought police and checked everywhere for snoopy cameras and sound bugs, but have found that the shop has not yet stooped to that level of covert surveillance.  If I had found any such devices, I would have secretly disabled them with the one weapon I carry in my pen and pencil case, a small pair of wire snips. 

     Since the dastardly COVID bioweapon was unleashed on the world and then socially weaponized by governments to suppress free movement and free speech, there has evolved a loyal matrix snitch movement that surfaces in most organizations.  These people are on the complete opposite side of the Bigfoot and human awakening to which I subscribe.  Within the shop environment, I have become vigilant and careful with what I share and with whom, even Ariah.

     In order to prime Ariah for recruitment into the resistance, I have been relaying some of my encounters with the Sasquatch.   She has been quite intrigued, so I figured the next step in the recruitment equation would be to arrange a Bigfoot encounter to occur in her own environment.  There is no more severe reality adjustment than an up close and personal meeting with one of these huge and powerful other worldly beings.  

     Ariah lives in a relatively isolated cabin on the Au Sable River.  It is a perfect location for an encounter and I have arranged for such a Bigfoot meeting to take place with my Sasquatch friend, Bigfoot Knocks.  This meeting will take place in her driveway when she arrives home in the wee hours of the morning.  

     Bigfoot Knocks is a Sasquatch artist who gives voice to The Resistance with his songs and poetry.  He is an ambassador to humanity and a vigilant supporter of the Sasquatch messages I have been delegated to bring to mankind in my books The Awakening and The Rising.  His sense of humor and wit captured me from the very get go while I was on my Early winter visit to Cross Over. 

     I want to share with you a composition he performed on the evening of the winter solstice, 12/21/22.

  The Rising  by Bigfoot Knocks                                                                                                             

Open your mind

and join the laughter,

move your feet

and be a dancer

to the music

of the rising.   

Sing along

to the river’s roar,

clap your hands 

and stomp the floor…

scream like an electric guitar.  

Open the door

to a rainbow,

rinse your soul

in the halo of an Angel

and give your heart

to the rising.

Sing along

to the river’s roar,

clap your hands 

and stomp the floor…

scream like an electric guitar.  

Open your mind

and join the laughter,

move your feet 

and be a dancer

to the music

of the rising.     

     If that doesn’t give you goose bumps, then I am probably not properly getting through the maze of matrix propaganda to your soul.  I know I can be a bit blunt and in the words of many of my detractors, condescending, but that is okay, I totally understand that disagreeing with and quitting the matrix is akin to giving up the addictive powers of cigarettes or drugs.  It is hard to confront and easy to concede and agree with the matrix cowards.

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 5

Ariah's Cabin

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 5

      I bug out from work as quickly as I am able to punch out on the time clock.  I want to get near Ariah’s cabin well before she arrives home to encounter Bigfoot Knocks towering over her car in the driveway.  

     On McKinley Road it is drizzling and there are thick patches of ground fog all along the river when I approach and park my pickup in a turnout just past Ariah’s driveway.  It’s drippy spooky as I traverse a well worn path along the river that will put me virtually in her backyard.  

     I find the cabin is still dark with the exception of the outside porch light.  Her car is nowhere to be seen in the drive, but I figure she should be showing at any moment.  When she does, I intend to stay out of sight unless things start to go wrong.  People react differently to various stimuli, and I really don’t know how Ariah is going to respond to an encounter with an eight and half foot Sasquatch in her yard. 

     It is then I abruptly feel the presence of Bigfoot Knocks.  The hackles rising on my neck are followed by goosebumps crawling up my spine and over my arms.  

     A large hand gently touches my shoulder.

     I find it miraculous that such a huge being can move with such stealth.  Even cloaking and uncloaking is discernible with a displacement of air often followed by a resounding pop.  Maybe he had been standing there the whole time and I just failed to see his dark shape among the copse of birches where I have stationed myself.

     The Bigfoot doesn’t speak, but I can feel a comforting warmth radiate down my arm and into my chest.  Before I can acknowledge his presence, I see headlights approaching and slowing out on McKinley Road.  Bigfoot Knocks immediately disengages his hand from my shoulder and moves with beguiling speed into the shadows on the far side of Ariah’s drive.  As her headlights light up the sandy gravel, I catch a fleeting glimpse of the crouching Sasquatch through the drippy fog.  He is positioned and ready.  

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 6

The Night shift

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 6

     Ariah parks her Mini-Cooper in the glow of the porch light and I can see the colors flaring from her pink hair.  She shoves open her car door with her feet and reaches across to the passenger side to gather her lunchbox and other belongings.  The car’s dome light sends an arc of soft light across the yard behind her and lights up the face of Bigfoot Knocks.  He appears to be smiling.

     Ariah backs out of the car with all her belongings in tow, not yet facing the Bigfoot, but I wonder if she possibly has the antennae to sense him.   At first, she remains preoccupied with her stuff, but then a frown appears and then a thin crooked smile.  All her belongings tumble from her arms and she spins around in a defensive posture with her hands at the ready like a karate instructor.

     Bigfoot Knocks ever so slowly stands and shows his full nine foot height with his face ensconced in the glow of the dome light.   His huge shadow climbs the spruces and white pines behind him.  He slowly raises his huge hands, palms outward in a gesture of supplication and peace.  

     Ariah gasps.

     “Ariah,” Bigfoot Knocks whispers, long and drawn out.  “I am Bigfoot Knocks.  Richard has told me about you, and presumably, he has told you about me.”

     Ariah has unconsciously pressed herself back against the car.  I can see her hand fumbling for something in the pocket of her coat.

     “I am a friend,” the Bigfoot says in a soothing tone, once again using his hands in a gesture of peace.

     Ariah, though though looking a bit distraught, seems to get a grip on her initial panic as Bigfoot Knocks continues to smile and stand his ground some ten feet away.  

     Finally, Ariah speaks.  “Are you for real?”  

     “Very,” the Bigfoot says.  “I normally don’t show myself, but Richard has assured me that you are a human of high awareness, humor and intelligence.”

     “I had no idea that a Bigfoot could talk,” Ariah responds.  “Actually, I never believed you existed at all, but unless I am hallucinating, here you are as real as real can be.  Part of me feels like screaming, part of me feels like laughing.”

     “No need to scream, I have no ill-intentions,” Bigfoot Knocks assures Ariah.  “I am here at the request of your friend Richard.  I am an artist in residence for the Sasquatch and human resistance that has begun to take root at the Dead Horse Sink Command Post that exists just beyond the entrance to a portal near here.  Surprisingly, I have already learned what I need to know about your presence.  You are a human telepath.  I know this because I have not spoken a single word to you aloud, you are hearing me with your heart and mind.”

     Ariah suddenly laughs.  

     Then the features on Bigfoot Knock's face scrunch and he bursts out with a huge guffaw of his own.  I can feel the vibrations and displacement of air emanating from his huge lungs all the way across the yard.  

     I also realize that I have heard his full conversation telepathically as well.  Though this phenomenon is nothing new for me, it’s still a bit of a jolt when it happens. 

     Both Ariah and Bigfoot Knocks then simultaneously move toward each other.  Ariah raises her right hand to meet the huge right hand of the Bigfoot.  Two quick high fives ensue before they both let loose with real belly shakers that surely bring tears to their eyes.  

     I quietly slip away into the shadows and boogie down the path by the river.  As I get into my pickup, I can still here them laughing like old friends sharing a drink and a good joke down at the Eagle’s Club.  

     Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 7

Episode 7 Night Shift

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 7

     Since the departure of my dear friend Tecumseh for his training exercises at the Dead Horse Sink Command Post, I have been a bit lonesome for some understanding camaraderie.  Not everyone can have or accept the idea that I have had conversations with the Sasquatch.  I am hopeful that Ariah’s encounter with Bigfoot Knocks could be the catalyst to change that scenario for the better.  She’s a dynamic person with a rebel streak I enjoy and can relate to.  Though I am hopeful, I know it’s not a slam dunk.  Ariah could very well negate the whole encounter as a drug induced episode brought on by her conversations with me combined with all the pot she’s been smoking and eating on and off the job.

     I am belatedly sensing some unease as I park my pickup in the machine shop parking lot.  I have arrived early in order to make sure I can catch Ariah at the entrance door.  As I sit anxiously in the truck with a cup of coffee, I slip a CD of Bigfoot Knock’s recently performed song called Prophecy into the CD player, drum my fingers on the steering wheel and wait.  

     Since we are waiting for Ariah, why don’t we all take a listen to Prophecy?     

           And as the lyrics chime, Ariah really does see me.  She pulls up next to my truck in her little Mini-Cooper and waves, her pink hair looking quite a bit wilder and freer than usual.  She’s wearing a flannel shirt and a shit-eating grin on her face. She moves to the passenger seat and whirls her hand for me to roll down the window. 

      I grin back and do just that.

     “You’re not going to believe this,” she squeals, “but I met your Sasquatch friend, Bigfoot Knocks!  He came to see me.  We spoke telepathically just  like you described in one of the encounters you told me about.  He was like a big teddy bear.”

     “That’s great, Ariah.  If you saw him and he spoke to you, then that means you are well regarded and trusted.” I assure her.

     “He told me to tell you thanks.  He really does like me and wants to see more of me in the future.  Just so cool.”

     “I am very glad it worked out,” I tell her with a big sigh of relief.  “Please be discreet, not everyone is going to believe you and the ones that do may have ulterior motives that Bigfoot Knocks wouldn’t appreciate.”

     “Believe me, no one would pay any attention to my rantings anyway.  My family and friends are so accustomed to my fantasies that Bigfoot Knocks would be just another in a long line of figments from my imagination.”

       It looks as if I actually have found my new comrade in arms.  

 Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 8

The Night Shift Episode 8

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 8

     Now I am asking myself, where do you go from here?  I hadn’t really thought it out in advance of arranging Ariah’s encounter with Bigfoot Knocks.  The only other person to have met any of my Bigfoot friends had been Tecumseh.  Now Tecumseh is getting high skilled training for the Bigfoot/human resistance along side the Bigfoot and Dr. Walker in Cross Over.  I am wondering what intent might Bigfoot Knocks be considering regarding his Ariah?  Might she be recruited for a Cross Over role as well?  It seems it would behoove me to find that out.

     Finding an answer to that question isn’t going to be as easy as driving over to a friend’s house, for I am going to have to “cross over”.  “Crossing over” is the process I have designated to define the task of entering and exiting the Bigfoot world of Cross Over via a Bigfoot portal.  In this instance, Ariah and I, if I choose to take her, will need to cross over at the Dead Horse Sink Portal where Tecumseh just recently left our human world for the magic of Sasquatch mental and physical training.  

     I am torn about the prospect.  I do have affinity and trust in Ariah on certain levels, but not all.  Bigfoot Knocks likes her, but Demarcus may not feel the same affection for my co-worker as we do.  There is always the possibility that Ariah could flip out, as well.  Entering and exiting a portal, especially the Dead Horse Sink Portal, is a trying task even for me, what it might do to a novice like Ariah is a bit disconcerting to think about.

     After much ruminating, I decide to play it close to the chest.  Ariah and I are scheduled to meet for lunch at the Paddle Inn before reporting to the dark world of the night shift at 5:00 pm.  This is a good time to get a feel for how she might react to leaving this world for a blind dash into the great unknown.   

     I park and notice Ariah’s Mine-Cooper is already there.  I enter the restaurant and spot her alone in a booth.  

     “You look especially vibrant today,” Ariah chortles as I sit in the bench directly across from her.  

     Her hair is electric, as is her smile. “And you look very fiery,” I tell her. 

     “Bigfoot Knocks has been talking in my head,” she tells me conspiratorially.  “Does this happen to you?” She asks.  

     “On occasion,” I say.  “More often from my Bigfoot friend Loquius.”

     “Will I get to meet Loquius?” She asks with her Mona Lisa smirk.

     “Would you like to?” I offer.

     “Be awesome,” Ariah exclaims.  “My whole outlook on life has changed.  It is hard to explain, but so many things seem so trivial after speaking with Bigfoot Knocks.  Like going to this damn job tonight, excruciatingly boring.”

     “How would you like to skip work and visit Cross Over instead?” I ask, deciding she’s already in the bucket for the trip.


     “No time like the present,” I tell her.  “We can call in sick for the night.”

     “If you twist my arm, I’ll scream with exuberance.”  

     “Then let’s do it,” I say.

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 9

Night Shift Episode 9

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 9

     We park Ariah’s Mini-Cooper in a grove of cedars not far from the ridge that falls into the Dead Horse Sink.  It is already 4:00 pm and the sun is descending into the trees, leaving dappled shadows underfoot.   

     We are both sporting hip boots for traversing the swamp to the portal.  An unusually warm winter has left the sink heavily puddled and mucky between the spongy hummocks.  In the end, we will be sopping wet anyway, but at least the beginning of the trip should keep Ariah engaged and willingly trucking along.

     As usual the bluejays and squirrels come out in force, letting every creature within miles know we are coming.  I wonder if any of them are transmigrated Sasquatch standing guard over the portal.  The goose flesh that is tickling my neck tells me it is probably so.

     “Hope you know where you are going,” Ariah exclaims, as we circumnavigate a tangled deadfall of uprooted poplars recently toppled by the wind and rain.   

     “This ridge leads us right to the door of The Dead Horse Sink,” I tell her.  “No chance of getting lost here.  Once in the sink, I expect to be lead to the portal by either a Bigfoot wolf or maybe a transmigrated Sasquatch posing as a bird.  We’ll be okay, our friends from the other side will be watching.”

     Ariah’s eyes bulge fully alert.  “A Bigfoot wolf?  I’ve got the feeling someone or something is watching us right now.  I’ve got  goose bumps and my hair is dancing with electricity, spooky.”

     “That’s actually good, means you are attuned to their presence.  A Bigfoot wolf is nothing to worry about.  We want their guidance.  It’ll be about a quarter of a mile before we descend into the sink.  It’ll be a bit tough going once in the sink itself, but we’ll take it slow.  We have plenty of time before nightfall.  And thanks for not freaking out and complaining, it takes a real sport to trudge into a swamp at the drop of a hat.”

     “Beats the night shift by a country mile,”  Ariah chuckles and gives me a thumbs up. 

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 10

Night Shift Episode 10

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 10

     We reach the Dead Horse Sink without incident.  The swamp looks innocent and serene bathed in the soft golden rays of the setting sun.  The wind has all but gone to sleep, and the scents rising from the sink are thick and heavy with organic ripeness.

     “We’ll wait here for a sign,” I tell Ariah.  “If nothing comes of it in a few minutes, we’ll head on a direct line into the sun.  If I remember correctly, the portal is no farther than the distance we’ve already traveled from your car.”

     “What kind of sign exactly?” Ariah asks.

     “Anything that gets our attention,” I say.

     “You mean like that snake peering at us from beneath those toadstools?”  Ariah points to a spot about three feet in front of us.  Sure enough, there’s a snake with its head raised, looking directly up at us, his beady eyes aglow like tiny fire pits from the shadows of the rather menacing looking mushrooms.  

     “Maybe, ….”  I begin.

     Without warning a red-tailed hawk suddenly swoops in with  distended claws and sinks them viciously into the adder’s flesh.  The snake reacts defensively by curling and wrapping its body in a whirligig of twists.  Its muscular length undulates and wraps  around the legs and one wing of its unseen adversary.  The hawk looks at me with what appears to be a smirk and a twinkle in its golden wily eye, winks and with a decisive head stroke, snatches the snake by the neck with its razor sharp beak and clamps down.   The snake’s muscles constrict even more in a futile attempt at breaking a bone in hawk’s body.  The hawk hangs on. 

     Ariah has backed off in shock.  I can see she has probably never witnessed such violence emanating from the natural world so up close and personal.  I reach out and put my hand on her arm to steady her.  It is enough to get her to look at me and breath.  I can see color slowly returning to her cheeks.

     At our feet, the snake’s coils begin to loosen.  The hawk shakes and wrests its captured wing free, tests its mobility and unravels the snake from its feet with his beak.  With a final glance and a shriek he springs into the air.  The snake is limp, dangling from one claw as the hawk rises laboriously into the air, then spirals over our heads.

     “Let’s go,” I tell Aria.  “We have been gifted our guide.”

     The trek through the sink is slow but steady.   Our hawk friend drifts west toward the dying sun.   We follow and reach the beaver pond containing the portal as the sky flares a brilliant orange.  

     “This is it,” I tell ariah.  “I am going to take your hand, don’t let go no matter what.  Crossing over is disorienting, so don’t panic.  We’ll come out the other side unscathed.  Trust me.”  

     “Go for it,” Ariah tells me without even hesitating.

     “Take a good deep breath,” I say.  “Stay relaxed and envision a meadow full of Black-eyed Susans.”

(Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week)

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 11

Night Shift Episode 11

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Night Shift Episode 11

     After leaving our hip boots and backpacks containing a change of cloths for use upon our return, we gingerly wade into the portal pond.  The water is cold but not ice cold as it creeps up and over our waists.

     “Hang on,” I say.  “I am going to test the bottom.”

     I can feel the strengthening pull of the portal and Ariah’s grip has tightened on my hand.  Inching forward, I sense the pond’s bottom is beginning to slope steeply away from us.  The water reaches our armpits.

     “It’s time for that deep breath,” I tell Ariah.

     With the next step our feet are sucked out from under us. The portal’s pulling sensation gives me the strange idea I am being slurped down into a straw.  The pressure of the pull is all encompassing and we are squeezed tight inside the straw’s pressurized walls.  The blackness grows blindingly complete before our heads burst from the pond inside the compound in Cross Over. 

       I suck in a deep breath.  The air is warm and heavenly fragrant.  The camp site is alive and resplendent with the rising susurrus of tree toads and crickets, but there is no sign of the camp’s Sasquatch or human inhabitants.  There is no sign of Dr. Walker or his merry band of followers.  No one is there to greet us.  Not a single Cross Over child is out dancing in the meadow or singing songs around their hut.   

     “Beautiful,” Ariah whispers, her big eyes taking in the peaceful setting of the Dead Horse Sink Compound.  The surrounding conifers are huge and aglow in the last rays of the setting sun, the black-eyed Susans spattering the adjoining meadow have their heads bowed and are solemnly closing their sleepy petals for the evening.  

    The sound of a whippoorwill suddenly triggers a memory I had all but forgotten.   Dusk is crepuscule hour, a time when the Sasquatch are ensconced in a meditative state to intentionally envision and create their tomorrow.  Ariah and I have emerged in that splendid hour of transcendent peace. 

     “I wonder where the humans are,” I whisper to Ariah.  “I find it unusual that they are not out and about.”

     “Over there,” Ariah exclaims and points towards what I remember as being the compound’s mess hall.

     I spot Tecumseh walking toward us with a big smile.  Several children can be seen following in his wake.

     I give a shrill whistle and wave.

     “Welcome, my friend,” Tecumseh calls and closes the gap between us.  

     We embrace, chuck each other with our forearms on the chest and laugh.

     “So good to see you,” I exclaim, then turn to Ariah.

     “This is my friend Ariah,” I tell him with a head nod.

     “Pleased to meet you,” Tecumseh says with a slight bow.  

     “Pleased to meet you as well,” Ariah exclaims. “Richard has told me of your ancestral calling and your journey to get here.”

     “Thank you,” Tecumseh replies.  “But first things first.  We must get you a dry tunic and some warm tea.”

     Tecumseh and the children lead us up to the mess hall where lanterns are now being lit as more humans congregate for the evening’s meal and tea.  Trays of fruits and vegetables are lain out on the tables as if appearing by magic.

     “Demarcus and Bigfoot Knocks will be happy to see you,”  Tecumseh explains.  “They have been expecting you as much as I.”

     “I am looking forward to it,” I say.

     A young human girl of about eight or ten years old appears and pours us a steaming cup of tea from a wooden urn.  A young Bigfoot next to her, bows and presents us with towels and tunics.  Ariah thanks the youngsters and stealthily brushes the hair on the Bigfoot’s arm before he retreats. 

     Soon we are engulfed by a sea of descending Sasquatch.  The moon is glowing and the first stars are breaking out above our heads.  The influx of energy is like a magic carpet of joy and vibrancy.  I still have hold of Ariah’s hand as she takes in Cross Over like a child at Disney Land.  

(Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued next week)

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 12

Night Shift Episode 12

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 12

     Bigfoot Knocks certainly does look happy to see us here in Cross Over.  You can see and feel the joy pouring from his presence standing beside Demarcus.  Demarcus however, is much harder to read.  His debonair is one of stoicism and very business-like, after all he is the directer of the Sasquatch and human resistance plans that will be used against the evil inducing technologies that make up the social/industrial complex currently controlling our human reality.     

     Over the last few years I have come to know these Bigfoot beings as masters of many mental abilities and take them seriously.  To most humans it is incomprehensible what the Bigfoot can do with their mentally directed intentions.   I am sure Demarcus has more than a few demonstrations he is anxiously ready to display for the consternation of Ariah and I.  

     “I have given to you the ultimatum by which the Sasquatch currently subscribe regarding humanity,” Demarcus explains.  “Do you have a reply of agreement from your human overlords?”

     “I am very sorry, Demarcus.  I have not received any communications from the FBI nor the CIA.  I have not seen hide nor hair of any of them since I delivered your important and decisive message to Mr. Smith.”

     “Tecumseh, come forth,” Demarcus demands.

     Tecumseh extricates himself from the group of children that have apparently been left in his care.  His place among the young boys and girls is immediately taken up by a very handsome looking woman of American heritage similar to his own.  

     “I would like you to show Richard a little of what you have learned in the short time you have been here in Cross Over.  Please have him take a seat at that table.”

     I did not hear Tecumseh speak nor see him move, but I find myself seated at the designated table.  I have no conscious memory of directing myself to do so.  I actually had no intentions of sitting down just because Demarcus was demanding it. 

     “You have just experienced a simple demonstration of directed intentions.  Your friend Tecumseh is becoming very adept at this discipline as are all the other humans residing in our care.  Teressa, please come forward.”

     A small girl from the group of Tecumseh’s wards moves forward.  She looks to be maybe seven years old.

     “Teressa, please have Richard spill his tea.”

     My hand snaps to the left as if hit by a jolt of electricity.  My cup of tea splashes a yellowish stain over the kenaf cloth on the table.  

     Teressa giggles and retreats back into the comfort of her peers. 

     I am flabbergasted.  I do not want to believe that I can be so easily manipulated by another’s thoughts.  If it can happen so easily and uncontested to me, I hate to think what could happen to the masses of humans already controlled by our matrix propaganda machine. 

     Tecumseh is smiling at me the way a cat smiles at human foibles.  I shake my head and smile back sardonically.  “I guess you’ve turned into that shaman after all?” I chide him.

     “We all have these natural abilities stored within our genes, my friend.  You too can relearn this magic rather quickly.  You just need to be shown the way.  Those of us fortunate enough to be unencumbered by a lifetime of matrix educational propaganda, drugs and/or alcohol are mentally adept enough to harness the frequencies of all the animate and inanimate matter around us.  The Sasquatch are simply teaching us how to retrieve lost abilities.”

     I notice Ariah is completely enthralled by our exchange.  Her lips have grown taut and her eyes are big, bright and fixated on Tecumseh.  

     “I am not sure I like what I just experienced,” I say.  “It was an invasion of my personal sovereignty and my will.  To me it was no different from all the man-made laws and technologies that are villainously attempting to usurp man’s soul.”

     “There is one major difference,” Tecumseh informs me.  “These powers will never be used to control those that can already use good control to control themselves.  Intentional waves will only be used to correct the injustices that have led man too ignore and betray his good conscience.  We have spoken of ethics many, many times and know power becomes blunt force if not formed and guided by ethics.  Ethics is reason, it is the gene’s spark of divinity that we all know of as our inner voice or intuition.  Without it, there is only chaos.  Without it, there is the all consuming reality perpetrated by the matrix.  What Teressa and I did was for demonstration purposes only.  These powers will never be used except for the purpose of creating a future devoid of non-survival intentions and criminal acts.  We will intentionally direct only those entities needed to create a world without criminality and wars.”

     “I hope you are right, my friend.  Power is a scary state without full responsibility.”  

(Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued on March 21)

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 13

Night shift Episode 13

(Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 13)

     After dinner Ariah and I are joined by Bigfoot Knocks.  I watch as the two of them rekindle their blossoming friendship over a cup of tea and a honey cake.  Feeling excluded from their infatuation with each other, my gaze wanders to where Dr. Walker is engaged in an animated discussion with Bigfoot Demarcus.  I stand, excuse myself and head on over to join them, now wondering if my thought to do so was one of my own or a Sasquatch implant.  

     Dr. Walker immediately turns and extends his hand. 

     “You’re looking good, Dr.” I say and shake his hand.  I then look up into the gleaming eyes of Demarcus.

     “I am happy to see you have brought another friend,” Demarcus offers.  “Bigfoot Knocks seems quite engaged by her.”

     “Yes,” I tell him.  “Ariah is her name.  We work the night shift together and after spending time with her I soon realized that she might be of help to our Bigfoot and human causes.  I decided to expose her to Bigfoot Knocks, and now Cross Over.  In my book, she has passed both encounters with flying colors.”

     Demarcus nods.

     “Dr. Walker and I were just discussing how she might be of help to the resistance depending upon her desires and wishes.  We have already come to an agreement regarding the future of Tecumseh’s role and now wonder if Ariah may very well be the final piece to your puzzle.  Tecumseh has informed us that he wishes to immediately return to your world.  He says he is very much a dedicated friend of yours and wants to be by your side to help move the New Earth cause forward.  We consent to this decision.  He is now a fully trained warrior with innumerable Sasquatch skills that will greatly enhance your abilities to accomplish our goals.  Bigfoot Knocks, is as we speak, enlightening your new friend as to what is at stake if humanity should fail to alter its technological path toward destruction.  We will honor the wishes of her response.  Let’s see how it goes.”  

     “I hope there is no hanky-panky going on with her self-determinism,” I say.  “You wouldn’t by any chance be thinking for her, are you?” 

     Demarcus chuckles.  “It was not my intention to betray your trust.  It was my intention to gain it through our directed thought demonstration.  We do not, as Tecumseh has assured you, interfere with constructive self-determined thought.  But you must understand, humans espousing destructive other-determined thought are another matter entirely.  By other-determined thought, I mean the very thought implants you have already been bombarded with via the implant stations in your world called televisions, smart phones, universities, doctor’s offices, corporate marketing and your mad dog media.  Very few humans are left with the capacity to think rationally outside the matrix.  So yes, we plan to begin altering those destructive implants on various fronts.”

     As Demarcus and I measure each other, Dr. Walker breaks the ensuing silence.    

     “Much has been accomplished since your last visit,” he gushes and spreads his arms in a world encompassing gesture.  “Please make yourself at home.  If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

(Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued)      

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 14

Night Shift Episode 14

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 14

     Ariah looks like a million bucks with her face aglow with joyous excitement.  She beams at me and grabs me by the arms.

     “I can’t believe what just happened!  Bigfoot Knocks has invited me to stay here in Cross Over for concentrated training in telepathy and transmigration.  Transmigration is an advanced skill whereby I will be able to molecularly change my physical body to appear as something else, or as I understand it, make it as thin and beautiful as I wish!”

     “The Sasquatch invisibility trick or what is called cloaking” I tell her.  “They use it all the time.  I saw demonstrations of it the last time I was here.  Some of the human children in training were beginning to get the knack of it before I left.”

     We are standing outside the entrance to my hut.  I am still in my damp cross over clothes and they have begun to make my skin itch.

     “Bigfoot Knocks says Dr. Walker will supply me with a letter for a medical leave of absence from work, so if you don’t mind delivering it to the night shift bosses, I’d appreciate it.  This is so cool!” 

     “I can do that for you upon my return,” I tell her.  “And I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm, it is uplifting and infectious.  I sincerely hope this all works out for you.”

     She gives me a hug and a big smile.

     “Now I suggest you get a good nights sleep, from what I saw of the transmigration training, you are going to need all the concentration and energy you can muster.”

     As Ariah heads for her hut, I am feeling a little knot of jealousy in the pit of my stomach.  First Tecumseh, and now Ariah have been given access to a training I have not been asked to do.  Why, I wonder as I retreat inside my hut to change my clothes.  

     A knock comes at the door.  It is my radiant friend Tecumseh.  He also grabs me by the shoulders and gives me a loving shake.

     “We are beginning to realize our dream,” he gushes.  “Bigfoot Knocks along with Ariah and I, will soon be at your side.  We are going to deliver a juggernaut to our New Earth quest.” 

(Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift to be continued)      

Conversations With Sasquatch
The Night Shift
Episode 15

Night Shift 15

Conversations With Sasquatch The Night Shift Episode 15

      Conversations With Sasquatch, The Night Shift has abruptly come to an unexpected turn.  I had no idea this was going to happen until today when Bigfoot Loquius delivered a message from the Sasquatch Council of Elders.  

     “The human Earth has reached a milestone,” he informed me.  “Man is no longer trapped under the strict control of the matrix.  The matrix has been slowly unravelling for years and your Earth is now the playground of the awakened.  The Sasquatch Council of Elders has voted unanimously that outside interference is no longer a violation of the prime directive.  You are not alone, you will be given our persuasive help.” 

     For me, his words hit me like a breath of fresh air, for every single person in this universe is unconditionally responsible for their own conditions and decisions; they alone are the inheritors of their own karma.  I nor the Sasquatch can change that.  That sovereign karma will manifest itself from their own now space to create or uncreate their future lives yet to come.  I can only hope everyone’s now space gets emboldened by the good spirit, and all of our destinies will be lived in a flourishing and prospering tomorrow. 

     Certainly with the Sasquatch on board, the odds have changed.   Humanity has too long stood on the threshold of darkness, looking into the abyss.  We now have the chance to leap into a brilliant new chapter of existence.  

     “You have been true to your word,” Loquius tells me.  “You have been a fine messenger and the Council of Elders continues to give you the task of reporting this coming transformation.  We would like you to call this new book, Conversations With Sasquatch, The Firestorm, for the sparks are about to fly.”

     This new chapter in the Conversations With Sasquatch series has already begun.  I have picked up from where the Night Shift has rounded the corner into the street called New Earth.  It is now available Here 

     Tecumseh, Ariah and I have passed back through the portal, eager to contribute until the New Earth is fully realized.  We look forward to advancing into a future of glory, unconditional love, magic, wisdom and prosperity.   How this transformation will be accomplished was hinted at in the Night Shift.  

     Once again, I am simply the messenger.  It is my hope and the hope of the Sasquatch, that many masses of mankind will awaken to the light, and may the light pierce unbroken through the lies and unravel the chains by which we have been bound for far too long.  May we heal our minds, bodies and spirits. May we sing the sweet song of our New Earth in the making.

April Dawns by Bigfoot Knocks

The sun begins to rise.  The bluebirds rejoice.  The voice of the cardinal warbles the joys of his vibrant wings.  The purple grackle demands we listen to the morning rustle of green tambourines.  The tiny wren opens her soul from a lavender stem of lilac dreams.  The geese sweet chime from way up high in the rosy sky, from way up high in the rosy sky.  

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