Bigfoot Band Rocks Michigan

A Bigfoot Band rocked Michigan with unusual musical instruments while playing in a meadow near Lewiston, Michigan on the evening of December 21st, the winter solstice.  

It was a rather brisk and starless night due to the thick cloud cover, but that did not seem to hamper the Bigfoot rockers.  Some of the notable instruments noticed in the eerie twilight were a huge blue guitar, an elaborate  bass guitar, a set of log drums and a pink high-pitched pink instrument plinked by a little Bigfoot about four feet tall.

The tune was a raucous stomp, reminiscent of a Native American war dance with whooping vocals loud and deep enough to make your chest vibrate.  Not something you see or hear about everyday.  These were not the usual men in monkey suits, these were true to life Squatches totally Just Squatching it.  

It appeared to be a family with big daddy, big momma and two children.  They were an imposing sight jamming like rock stars in an otherwise peaceful meadow covered in fresh white snow. They seemed totally absorbed in their cacophonous creation.  They showed no signs they were playing for anyone but themselves, however, they did have an audience of wary beavers as well as a bobcat and a moose.  Of course I was there as well, hidden among a clump of blue spruce dusted with fresh snow.  

As darkness descended, a bonfire was lit and the Sasquatch were soon joined by some dwarfish creatures that looked like gnomes with big heads and short limbs.  These creatures had a merry debonaire and performed dancing acrobatics around the open fire.  They also had resounding hand claps that punctuated the empty spots between the Sasquatch drums.  

There was a sudden respite when everyone put down their instruments and formed a chain.  In single file they swayed and meandered into a stand of white pine, all the while clapping their hands in time and vocalizing a cappella.   During this display, I had the opportunity to extricate myself from my spruce hideaway and dart into the open.  I was able to snap some pictures of the musical instruments with my iPhone in the firelight.  

I didn't have much time before I had to scramble back into hiding where I enjoyed one final encore with the rocking Bigfoot band and the gnomes flipping out.  

Oh, what a night!

Bigfoot band Pink Plinker

Sasquatch band Pink Plinker from Conversations With Sasquatch by Richard Rensberry.

Bigfoot band Pink Plinker used by a child Sasquatch while playing in a meadow in Lewiston, Michigan.


Bigfoot band Bass Guitar

Bigfoot Sasquatch bass guitar from Conversations With Sasquatch by Richard Rensberry

Bigfoot bass guitar from the Bigfoot Sasquatch Band in Lewiston, Michigan.

December 21, 2020

Bigfoot Band Blue Guitar
Played by Bigfoot Loquiili

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

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