Bigfoot Art from the Land of
Cross Over

There are two kinds of Bigfoot Art.

The first kind is the human perspective of Bigfoot.  This is the art of humans as conjured up by their imagination of who and what the Bigfoot persona represent.  

The second kind of Bigfoot art is the art created by the Bigfoot peoples themselves.  That is what this page is about; Bigfoot Artists themselves.  

Bigfoot Art, Blue Moon Over Lake Pariseema

Bigfoot Art by Bigfoot artist Picassamo.  Moon over Lake Pariseemo.

This Bigfoot art painting measures 24" x 24" on kenaf-board.  Painted by Sasquatch Cross Over artist, Maurice Picassimus.  This piece is available to the human race. It is being sold for $800.00 plus shipping and handling.  US sales only.  

This work of Bigfoot art was sent via the Big Creek portal.  It was a gift from the Sasquatch Council of Elders of Pariseema, Cross Over.  I love the painting, but my need to make space in my tiny country home out-weighs my need to keep it.  

Secondly, I need the paycheck to keep my Bigfoot project alive.  I have been relegated some pretty stiff and important targets for the implementations of The Bigfoot Parchments here on Earth.  I am confined to spearheading and financing the task on my own time and wherewithal. 

There are some things I treasure and are not for sale.  The heartrock I received from Pureesis is one of them.  It takes up little space and is near and dear to me.  Nor will I part with the beautiful glass art from renown Sasquatch sculptor Paladius. 

But like I have just offered, you can purchase the Blue Moon painting HERE

Bigfoot Art, The Pansy

This Bigfoot art is an ode to flowers.

The meadows of Cross Over are splashed with their brilliance and this pansy painting by a Bigfoot artist was hanging in my quarters in the House of the Elders during my stay in Pariseema.  I was mesmerized by its brilliance and beauty.  

Trying to describe Cross Over is best left to the Sasquatch and their paint brushes dipped into the brilliant dyes from the very flowers they paint.  

This Bigfoot art is by Bigfoot artist and philosopher, Duetonius.  

Prints of this painting are available for sale upon request.  If you are interested please email me at 

Bigfoot art painting of a pansy by Bigfoot artist Duetonius of Cross Over.

Bigfoot Art, Conception

This Bigfoot art painting captures the inception or birth of an idea, a flower or the conception of a new Sasquatch.  I found it warm, comforting and inspiring.  I'd hang it in my house if I had a chance.  

Sasquatch art painting called inception by bigfoot artist unknown.

Bigfoot Art, The Oasis Bowl

Bigfoot art (with its depth and breadth) captured me by surprise while in the Council of Elders care in Pariseema, Cross Over.  This blown-glass bowl is quite beautiful and held the breakfast fruits served at my breakfast with Rutheeus, the Council's Master at Arms.  I was told that the Sasquatch artist responsible for its creation had named it-- The Oasis Bowl.  

Bigfoot blown-glass bowl as reported by Conversations With Sasquatch author Richard Rensberry.

Bigfoot Art, Fish Platter

Another piece by our renowned Bigfoot glass-artist and sculptor that goes by the name of Paladius.  His work is much prized in Pariseema and beyond.  The Sasquatch consume large amounts of fish and this platter is called a fish platter.  This Bigfoot art piece measures 26 inches in diameter.  

Fish platter by Bigfoot artist Paladius.